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Say ‘Happy Birthday!’ with a Spring Gift Basket or Bouquet!

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While the temperatures in many parts of the country are still a bit too chilly to feel like spring, we have to believe that warm weather truly will win the battle against the icy grip of winter. It seems that this year more than any in recent memory, the low temps and snow just aren’t willing to give up easily. We’ve decided that we simply can’t wait any longer. Maybe we aren’t too keen on wearing a heavy coat in April, and maybe it broke our hearts a bit to turn the heat back on once we jumped the gun a bit too early one warm day, but there are certain spring things that we can embrace, and we’re doing it!

I haven’t yet taken my ice scraper out of my car trunk, and I haven’t yet switched my winter comforter for my spring quilt. I’m trying to keep the weather in mind where it makes sense to, even if I wish I didn’t have to. But what I have done in spite of unseasonably cold days is started ‘springing’ up my home, office, and gifts. I’m going by the calendar and my mood on these things, even if I have to pay attention to the thermometer for others!

If you’re looking Winter square in the eyes as well, telling her that, ‘Enough is enough, already!’, consider sending along one of our spring gift baskets or floral bouquets for the next gift-giving occasion on your list. We’re hoping warmer days will be here to stay very soon, but no matter how long that takes, we’re saying ‘yes’ to spring in every way we can from here on out!

Let People Know Where Their Donated Money Will Go!

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The simple fact is, people are being asked for donations now more than ever. We are called on the phone, asked at cash registers, contacted via email, and shown compelling commercials on the television. It can be financially impossible to support every cause we believe in, but most of us are still very charitable people who want to help the best we can, as long as we know where the money is going.

Will you be hosting a raffle this spring? We wish you the very best! And if we can offer one tidbit of advice, we encourage you to simply let people know where their money will go. You don’t have to get super specific – a general overview should suffice! If buying raffle tickets benefits a school sports team, supplying them with money for new equipment or uniforms, put that right on your flyer beneath the picture. Is your raffle money going toward a new air conditioner or carpeting for the church? Let people know! We truly believe there is more good in this world than is often noticed, and that people simply want to know what they are putting their money toward before they do it. And, of course, having an awesome raffle prize is an incentive as well!

Many of our gift baskets and cookie bouquets are ideal for spring raffles. They are eye-catching, colorful, packed with tempting treats, and have near universal appeal. We hope you’ll consider including one or two in your next raffle, and wish you the best of luck in surpassing your goals!

The Why Isn’t Always Important!

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We have become a people dependent on ‘good reasons’ for doing things. We want to know ‘why’ perhaps now more than ever, and in many cases, that is a very good thing! When it comes to the foods we eat, for example, we are more informed about what we should eat and why it’s good for us than we’ve ever been. However, always looking for a solid reason to do something ourselves, or in wondering why something was done, can also be a bit exhausting.

Just a few days ago I couldn’t stop singing Christmas songs. I was singing them around the house, around the office, in the car – pretty much everywhere I went! Why was I singing them? I have absolutely no idea, to be honest. But everyone around me kept asking, and it was starting to take the fun out of it!

If you go to the mechanic and he tells you that your car needs $5,000 worth of work, by all means ask him why. If your computer requires a technician take a look at it, ask her exactly what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. If you wake up tomorrow to find your neighbors camping in your backyard, I think you’re more than justified to ask them why they’re doing that. But before you go questioning everything that happens, whether it’s a silly video someone posted online or someone at work singing Christmas songs in March, ask yourself if it might not be more fun for everyone involved to not question it and just enjoy it.

One of the best things about cutting back on ‘why’ is that it’s replaced in your brain by an unspoken ‘why not?’ Driving home from the gym and notice a new store you’ve never seen before? Might as well stop – why not? Suddenly feel compelled to reorganize your bathroom or bedroom, or paint the walls a totally offbeat color? Go for it – why not?! See a fun gift basket or beautiful floral bouquet you know a friend would love, but it’s not her birthday, or her anniversary, or a holiday? Send it along, anyway. ‘Just because’ can be two of the most beautiful words when they’re attached to a gift from the heart, and they don’t leave any room for ‘why’!

Easter Gift Basket Bouquets: Chocolate Gets Us All Hippity Hoppity Happy!

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Have we told you lately how much we love chocolate? We try not to say it too often, as it’s pretty much a universal love. Apart from eating chocolate alone, people find all manner of ways to incorporate it into their everyday lives. There’s chocolate flavored ice cream, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, chocolate cakes and pies, chocolate syrup, and chocolate dipped fruits. There are of course millions of other chocolate creations, but you get the drift!

Chocolate is a decadent, divine, delicious thing, and most people melt at the mere mention of the word when offered a piece. So in this post we’ll be highlighting some of our chocolatiest Easter gift baskets, perfect for sending some of the sweetest stuff on Earth to someone special on your list…

Reese’s Easter Candy Bouquet – Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Candy is Better, Don’t You Think So, Too? Because we do! And to say this Reese’s gift brings on the peanut butter and chocolate in spades is an understatement. Artfully arranged to replicate a flower bouquet, this candy bouquet is made up of sweet stems of treats. Available in 3 sizes, it’s easy to find the one that best fits your budget or the recipient’s appetite.

Easter Candy Bouquet Assortment – Does your favorite chocolate lover also count non-chocolate candies as a must-have? This charming and colorful variety bouquet certainly serves up some chocolate, but also works other Fun Size treats into the mix. Candies might include Butterfinger Eggs, Starburst, Skittles, M&M’s Minis, and more.

Extreme Reese’s and M&M’s Easter Basket – Can’t decide if you want to send M&M’s or Reese’s? With this basket, there’s no wrong answer! Bursting with plenty of both, to include both full size and fun size packs, this Easter basket is perfect for the chocolate lover who likes to mix things up. Like all our basket bouquets, this style is designed to look great from the front and the back. It also tastes great from every angle!

Get Well Gift Cookie Bouquets Send a Smile on a Cloudy Day

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It’s an unfortunate fact that during this time of year, many of us are going to be forced to endure some manner of illness or minor injury. Working in an office setting, school, or any other confined space typically results in one person catching something and inadvertently passing it along to everyone else. Similarly, shoveling mountains of snow more often than anyone would like leaves backs and shoulders feeling less than awesome! That said, I thankfully don’t get sick as often as I did when I was younger and worked in a retail environment. Being a cashier during cold and flu season was not fun at all, with every other customer sniffling, sneezing, or looking as though they could benefit from some medicine and a nap.

The simple fact is, unless you don’t leave your house at all, chances are good that you’re going to battle a bug or two that will throw the brakes on your busy schedule and demand some rest and relaxation. And as much as that is not a fun thing to tackle, it’s oh-so-much better if you’ve got something sweet to eat. That something sweet is exactly what our delicious Get Well cookie bouquets offer! If you’re feeling less than swell yourself, treat yourself to some Get Well cookies. Know someone who is spending more time curled up on the couch than their cat does? A Get Well cookie bouquet will be a welcome ray of sunshine for them as well. Cookies may not be the cure for all the woes in the world, but they certainly help!

This Valentine’s Day is for Secret Singles!

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When the Christmas season rolls around, one of the events I get most excited about is ‘Secret Santa’ at work. If you aren’t familiar with Secret Santa, which is similar to a white elephant gift exchange without the swapping, the rules are simple. Everyone who wishes to join in the fun puts their name in a bucket or basket. Once everyone’s name is in, everyone draws a name and buys a present for that person. Of course, if you get your own name you choose again. Then, at an agreed upon day and time, all gather together to exchange gifts. Sometimes people will opt to say who bought what before the gifts are opened, but often it is more exciting to put the person’s name on the present and not let anyone know who bought what until the exchange is over. In short, it’s great fun for all, and the perfect excuse to order a few pizzas!

So what does all this have to do with Valentine’s Day, you’re likely wondering? Thinking about how much fun Secret Santa is got me thinking of a similar concept for February 14th. Most often regarded as a holiday for couples, Valentine’s Day can leave singles feeling a bit lonely. Even if you aren’t really upset about not having a special someone on Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to feel a bit down when it seems everyone else is receiving Valentine’s gift baskets, Valentine’s flower bouquets, boxes of chocolates, or even a new puppy or kitten! But I have an idea that should help make Valentine’s Day more fun for singles. And it’s similar to Secret Santa.

Without further ado I present… Secret Singles! The rules are simple. Send an invite to your single friends and/or coworkers and see if they’d be interested in picking their secret Valentine’s name from a basket. Since it’s just a friendly thing, it doesn’t even have to matter if the person they choose is male or female. Just like they would for Secret Santa, they’ll buy a special Valentine’s Day treat for their Secret Single, knowing someone is buying one for them as well. Some of our favorite ideas from Bisket Baskets would be the Red Hot Valentine Care Package, Cupid’s Delight Gift Tower, and Be My Tweet Heart Cookie Bouquet. All are packed with goodies, less than $40, and not overly romantic.

What do you all think? Is Secret Singles something you’d be interested in trying?

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets: A Perfect Pick for Parents!

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Once upon a time, perhaps many moons ago, there were two people who caught each other’s eye and stole each other’s heart. They did that very thing that feels better than any other thing in the world. Yes, they fell in love! And as their good fortune would have it, in time they had a baby, and that baby grew up to be the best son or daughter they could ever have hoped for. In case you haven’t figured it out, that baby is you!

This year, why not take a moment to celebrate the love that truly started it all for you – the love of your parents! There are so many unique ways to honor their relationship, whether you are lucky enough to still have both of them here on Earth, or you’re lucky enough to have one of them. Here are a few ideas for making Valentine’s Day a special day for one or two of the most special people in your life. And if you have ideas of your own, we hope you’ll share in the comments!

Create a Photo Album: One of the most heartwarming (and oh-so-affordable!) gifts you can give is a photo album. Truly a collection of marvelous memories, photo albums allow us to relive our favorite times again and again, often sparking conversation that carries on for hours, full of laughs, smiles, and perhaps a few tears here and there. For a Valentine’s Day photo album, keep the focus on love. Add the earliest pictures you can find of your parents together, and don’t forget to include pictures of you and your siblings as well. You can opt for a digital album, or compile old pictures that may just be sitting in boxes into a traditional album. You can also have the album (photo book) printed by one of many companies, such as

Plan a Romantic Getaway for Them: While weeklong vacations can be very expensive, with a little digging around online it’s easy to find one or two-night getaways for a very reasonable price, many within a couple hour’s driving distance. There are many good sites to check out, including some that may be local to you or your parents, but a good place to start is Simply can’t squeeze it into your budget? These sites also post great deals for fun activities and restaurants your parents might want to try, with most costing just 50% of their value.

Send them a Valentine’s Day Gift Basket: You didn’t think we’d forget our favorite gift of all, did you? We could never! We have dozens of delightful Valentine’s Day baskets to choose from, including cookie bouquets, candy gift baskets, baskets with chocolates and teddy bears, and traditional flower bouquets.

New Year’s Resolutions: Get Organized with Pretty Baskets!

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Hello, everyone! We hope you’re all gearing up for a most festive New Year’s Eve, and had a wonderful Christmas. As we head toward 2014, we all seem to have a mountain of spoken and unspoken (except to ourselves!) New Year’s resolutions. The usual suspects include exercising more, eating more healthfully, spending more time with family and friends, and cutting down on how much time we spend with our televisions. There are usually more specific-to-our-lives resolutions as well, one of which for me is to get all my old family photos stored digitally and shared with everyone who would love to see them. And – as it is every year – one of my biggest resolutions is to get better organized.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I fail at this resolution. I accomplish it in some ways, just never completely. When I finally get my paperwork in order, I realize the hall closet is a mess. Once that’s complete, I find there’s a mountain of magazines next to the couch. It’s an ongoing work-in-progress that may never fully realize completion or proper management, but I work on it! Just the other day I was noticing how many little whatnots clutter my bedroom dresser, hall table, kitchen table and bathroom counter. There are receipts, lip balms, spare keys, sunglasses, hand creams, nail polishes and more here, there and everywhere. I want to keep these things within easy reach, but I’m tired of them rolling around, falling down, and just generally cluttering up the place. The obvious solution, that if anyone should be employing it’s me? Gift baskets, of course!

As someone who gives a lot of gift baskets and receives a lot of gift baskets, I surely should have employed this method of organization earlier. But hey – I can be a slow learner! I have several empty baskets tucked into a closet that were simply too pretty to donate or toss away, and I’m breaking them out January 1st and cleaning up my act. I’m going to keep one on my vanity for makeup, hair supplies, perfume and such; another near the door for gloves, keys and sunglasses; another on the kitchen counter for dog treats, bag clips and the like; and another still on my nightstand for my novel of the moment and other sleepy time essentials. The best part is that I already have the baskets, so it won’t cost me a thing to get better organized and make my home look a lot better put-together in the process.

Did Santa bring you any gift baskets for Christmas, or do you have some from the past tucked away? Clear out your closet and add functional style to whatever spaces serve as a catch-all in your life! And if you have any tips to share for ringing in the New Year with some simple, positive changes, please share in the comments.

Shop Our Gift Baskets with Free Shipping – Today Only!

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If you’ve been waiting for a free shipping offer to place your gift baskets order, the time is now! We are offering free shipping on some of our most popular gift basket selections, perfect for the holidays, or as a wonderful way to ring in the New Year. Each of these grand, luxury gift baskets makes a memorable gift suitable for more than one person, and are perfect for sending to families or offices. Check out a couple of our favorite gift baskets with free shipping below…

Santa Sweets and Treats Christmas Gift Baskets – Send warm wishes for a holly, jolly Christmas with this spectacular selection, currently on sale for $20 off regular price! The hand decorated cookies are as cute and colorful as can be, and the adorable Snowman spoon rest will be fun to use all winter long. But what makes this gift basket so special is the mixes – all 8 of them! From the decadently indulgent Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bar Mix, to the crowd-pleasing Double Chocolate Cupcake Mix with Chocolate Frosting, the lucky giftees will have plenty of sweets to share.

Refined Elegance Holiday Wine Themed Gift – A chic and sleek gift perfect for clients, or anyone you want to impress! The Italian Amaretti Cookies are impossible to resist, not to be outdone by the Fontazzi Butter Toffee Pretzels or the Camembert Cheese. And did we mention the award-winning Wine Glace, or the impossibly posh Caviar? Because you’ll find all that and more, artfully stowed inside a reusable faux leather container.

There’s just a few hours left on our gift baskets with free shipping offer, but we have plenty of great gifts to choose from! ‘Tis the season for sharing and caring, and our gift baskets make it marvelously easy no matter the miles between.

Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Their People!

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If you’re a dog lover yourself – like me! – you already know that a gift for your precious pooch is just as much a gift for you. Just as our dogs love to see us smile, their tail wags have a direct line to our own heartstrings. Whether you’re shopping for a dog Christmas gift for your own barking best friend, or for another dog lover on your list, we’ve got some definite wag-worthy gift baskets for dogs (and their pet parents!) to consider…

Best Buddies Dog Lover Gift Basket – Our most popular pet lover holiday gift basket with good reason! This attractive treat is packed with plenty of goodness for dogs and their owners. While humans can happily snack away on butter toffee cashews, a hand decorated cookie, Colorado Kernels caramel corn and more, their best bud will be too busy to beg for a bite as they’ll be oh-so-preoccupied with Barkaroo Bakery gourmet dog biscuits and hand iced biscuits. Nothing but the best! The high quality basket makes a perfect place to stow away dog treats on the counter year-round, keeping them at your fingertips but out of paws’ reach.

Pizza Pals Dog Lover Gift Basket – I can’t say with certainty that everyone who loves dogs also loves pizza, but I can say I certainly do! And every time I come home with a piping hot pizza pie, my dog just about loses her mind in anticipation of sneaking a bite. Our Pizza Pals set makes a perfect Christmas gift basket for dog lovers for a few reasons, not the least of which is that the contents are red and green. But that’s not the most important part, of course – flavor is more important than color, and this delivers! Inside each you’ll find a pizza kit that includes crust and sauce, as well as adorable pizza shaped dog biscuits. After a long day at work or shopping, pet owners are sure to appreciate having this easy kit at hand to whip up a quick dinner. And while they’re savoring every slice, their favorite furry friend will be at their feet enjoying hand iced pizza treats of their own. There aren’t too many things better in life than relaxing with yummy pizza and a happy dog!