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3 Holiday Gourmet Food Baskets for White Elephant

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Holiday Gourmet Food Baskets for White Elephant | BisketBaskets.comHoliday gatherings at work can be fun, but the White Elephant gift giving usually isn’t. There are usually one awesome gift, a handful of ok ones, and one or two not so great gifts in the bunch. Don’t get caught giving a less than great White Elephant gift! Bisket Baskets holiday gourmet food baskets are a great gift to give for any occasion, but especially for White Elephant. Here are three to choose from that will be the talk of the party:

Everyone loves a nice glass of wine after work, so this basket makes sure that they have plenty of snacks to pair it with! The Wine Country Christmas gift has cheese spread, caviar, crackers, and drink mixes. When they open this gift, they’ll be racing home to pop open their favorite bottle.

Everyone loves a good selection of gourmet treats to enjoy, so this basket is great for both experienced and novice foodies. The First Class Gourmet Gift has everything from sweet, to salty, to savory snacks to satisfy every taste bud.

For the co-worker who can’t wait to spend time with their family, the Grand Christmas Basket will be a welcome addition. This basket is packed with cheese, crackers, teas, cookies, and more that are perfect for sharing.

There are plenty more holiday gourmet food baskets to choose from at! Shop now to find your White Elephant gift early.

Why You Should Send Christmas Food Baskets This Year

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It’s already fall, which means that Christmas is right around the corner. While you are occupied with gifts for your family, you may forget about gifts Christmas Food Baskets | for your friends or coworkers. Plan ahead with one of our Christmas food baskets! They’ll save you time and money, which are two crucial things over the holidays. Not convinced? Here’s why you should order a food basket:

It’s a unique gift. What do you normally get your friends or coworkers? A gift card? A trinket? While these might seem like great gifts, the novelty quickly fades. A food gift basket is a unique take on a traditional gift basket that will leave them speechless. Plus, it will have a meal or two covered during the busiest time of year.

It saves you time. Gift shopping can take hours. Not to mention all the time it takes to nicely wrap that gift once you’ve found it. When ordering one of our food baskets, it will arrive fresh and perfectly wrapped. They’ll think you spent tons of time assembling and wrapping when it only took a few clicks of your mouse.

It’s completely personalized. Bisket Baskets has tons of baskets that fit a variety of recipients. Or, if you really don’t see what will be best for your recipient, build your own and we’ll assemble and wrap it for you. Plus, you can leave a hand written note wishing your recipient well for the holidays.

Check out all of our Christmas food baskets today and get some of your friends, co-workers, and even a family member or two crossed off of your list!

Wine Lover Gifts from Bisket Baskets

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Wine Lover Gifts | BisketBaskets.comA good bottle of wine is always a wonderful gift to give when you’re in a pinch. But what do you give the wine connoisseur in a pinch? Our wine lover gifts have more than just the standard bottle of wine in them, making them a great gift for the wine armature or expert. Here are two of our favorite wine lover gifts that are sure to make a big impression:

What has two bottles of wine, tons of gourmet goodies, and is wrapped up in a big chest? Our International Wine & Gourmet Chest! This chest has two bottles of rich red wine, crackers, cheeses, smoked salmon, and salami for a delicious cocktail hour. It also has plenty of sweet treats for after, like toffee bites, citrus gems, and caramels. All of these snacks pair perfectly with the bottles and are gift wrapped and ready, making it an effortless gift for you to plan.

The Wine and Gourmet Extravagance gift is a beautiful, yet simple gift that any wine lover will appreciate. This basket has two bottles of red wine, caviar, smoked salmon, crackers, cheese spread, cookies, mixed nuts, and plenty of other extravagant goodies. All of this has been wrapped up in a faux leather container that can be reused by your recipient. Plus, all of these wine lover gifts are made into a basket at the time you place your order, ensuring they are fresh. This is a great gift for those that are new to wine pairing and gourmet foods.

These simplistic wine lover gifts are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, thank you gifts, weddings, and so much more. There are plenty of other wine gift baskets at for you to choose from. Regardless of how much your recipient knows about wine, these baskets are sure to add to the occasion. Shop now and get your wine glasses ready!

Unique Gift Baskets for Halloween

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Unique Gift Baskets for Halloween | BisketBaskets.comHalloween is on its way and what’s a better way to say Happy Halloween with one of our unique gift baskets! Bisket Baskets has plenty of gift baskets, cookie gifts, and candy to spread some Halloween cheer. Whether you’re looking for a sugar rush from candy or for a well-rounded gift basket, here are a couple we really love for the season:

Make sure you have your broomstick ready to deliver this gift! The Witch’s Brew Halloween Gift has a hand iced cookie, snack mix, and hot chocolate mix that’s ready to enjoy before you go haunting. These unique gift baskets are decorated and ready to go to your recipient. If you need to say thank you this Halloween, this gift basket is perfect.

Is someone going to miss out on the trick-or-treating festivities this Halloween? Then send them this Trick or Treat Pumpkin so they’ll at least have some candy to enjoy. These unique gift baskets are packed with a variety of chocolate and gummy candy. It also comes in a pumpkin container that’s perfect for keeping your candy haul.

If your recipient loves snacking on chips while eating candy, these unique gift baskets are the best. The Halloween Candy Gift has a great selection of candy classics while including a bag of chips and a cool, hand iced cookie. All wrapped up in a festive box, this gift makes a great Halloween care package to send to your college student.

If you’re ready for Halloween like we are, head over to our Halloween section and pick out a few unique gift baskets to share this year. From candy gifts, fun cookies, and even pet gift baskets you can find a spooky treat to a loved one. Shop now and get ready for all of the Halloween festivities!

Building the Perfect Gift Basket

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Gift baskets are a perfect gift for a number of occasions. While many of our themed baskets are great to send, a more personalized basket is the way to Customized Meal Gift Baskets | BisketBaskets.comgo when you have the time. Luckily enough, you can build a gift basket on! That way, you can build the perfect basket for your recipient. These are a couple tips on what you should consider when building:

  • Have a theme in mind: A theme will narrow down the decorative aspects of what you should include in your basket. It shouldn’t decide what food and treats go into your basket, but mainly how the basket should look.
  • What kind of basket is this: Do you want to give your recipient treats to snack on or a full meal for them to share or enjoy? Meal gift baskets are great for close friends or family members, while gourmet snack baskets are great for acquaintances or as a thank you to a client.
  • Don’t forget the personal touch: You can build the most beautiful gift basket, but the most personalized touches are in the smallest details. A gift message, preferably hand written, can be the biggest indicator that you care and took the time to give an awesome gift.

Building a gift basket can really show your recipient you care. Start building a wonderful gift for someone you love today! Whether it’s one of our meal gift baskets, a pet friendly basket, or a basket with gourmet goodies, it is sure to be a hit.

Celebrate Your Pup’s Birthday with a Dog Gift Basket!

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When celebrating your dog’s birthday, it is sometimes hard to choose a gift. Sure, they might have a BB11special treat or a favorite toy, but finding them something different can be difficult. Save yourself the time of finding a great gift and spend more time with the birthday pup. Here are a few gift options to help you celebrate.

Is your dog happiest when spending time with its favorite human? Then go with our Dog Birthday Pet-zzazz Gift. Treat them with special biscuits and a squeak toy. Don’t forget the birthday cake! Each one of these gifts comes with a box of puppy cake mix. It even has dog-friendly icing!

Looking for that perfect first birthday gift for your puppy? Including two types of treats and two gourmet dog biscuits, your puppy is sure to have a delicious time with our Happy Tails Dog Gift. Also included is an “in case of emergency label”, which is perfect for new dog owners.

What about the dog who loves treats? The Leader of the Pack Dog Gift Basket is sure to keep them satisfied! Packed with cheese, chicken, and duck flavored treats, your dog is sure to love snack time. This basket even comes with a tin of biscuits, all natural treats, and even a special iced treat. Even if you run out of these, you’re covered with a box of biscuit mix and a bone shaped cookie cutter.

Dog gift baskets are the perfect way to get your furry friend an enjoyable and different gift.  For more basket options, visit You’re sure to find the perfect present for any dog, cat, or furry-friend loving human!

Celebrate National Wine Day Early with Bisket Baskets’ Wine Gift Baskets!

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National Wine Day may be a couple months away but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate a little earlier! At Bisket Baskets, every day is Wine Day, with our gorgeously crafted wine gift baskets. Each one are filled with scrumptious cheeses, biscuits, and cookies that make the perfect pair with your favorite red or white! Here are some of our personal favorites:

Refined Elegance Wine Themed Gift: This lavish basket is filled with Buttercrunch Popcorn, Sesame Crackers, Chocolate Wafer cookies, Wine Glace (makes the award winning Wine-a-rita!), Amaretti Cookies, Wine Biscuits, Wine Vineyard Cheese Spreads, Caviar, and so much more! The wide selection is perfect for sampling!

International Wine and Gourmet Chest: This gorgeous chest holds delicious treats for the more adventurous palate! Enjoy creamy Auberge Brie Cheese on some Aaron Bell Crackers topped with a mouth-watering slice of Chianti Wine Salami.  Want an even more intense flavor to tickle your taste buds? Top the Saraivanov Smoked Salmon with some MT. Vikos Red Pepper and Feta Spread! These wine gift baskets also come with two selections of wine, Tomaresca Red Blend and Louis Jadot Beajolia-Villages Gamay!

Nothing says wine appreciation like Bisket Baskets’ wine gift baskets! Order them today at!

Give the gift of health with a Healthy Gift Basket!

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Any marathon runner will tell you that a month leading up to their big race is one of the hardest – both physically and mentally.

Make sure to check out our new Healthy Gift Baskets!

Many hours are spent training for their biggest run yet, along with strenuous exercise and dietary restrictions. Here’s the good news – you can now give them a gift before their big day and have it be something they can eat with our brand new selection of healthy gift baskets!

It’s the perfect way to show you care before your loved one runs a race, has a strenuous swimming meet, or is working on keeping their body slim and fit for competition. These healthy gift baskets have just arrived to our already extensive gift basket selection and are a great alternative to sending a basket of snacks for someone who can’t indulge quite as much as we’d like them to!

Make sure you check out our collection of healthy gift baskets today at!

Summer Recipe Series – Key Lime Pie

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Baking in the summer doesn’t always seem like a good idea – especially when it’s a hot, sticky day. At Bisket Baskets, we can

Don't stress on summer desserts - check out our recipe for Key Lime Pie!

send treats to your door – like any one of our meal gift baskets – so you don’t have to fire up the oven. However, if you’re looking for a no-bake recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth, check out our recipe for Key Lime Pie below!

Key Lime Pie


  • 1 Graham Cracker Crust Pie Shell (pre-made)
  • ½ Cup of Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 block of cream cheese (room temperature)


Place the block of softened cream cheese in a large mixing bowl, and mix either with your stand mixer or a hand mixer until it is creamy and smooth. Once your cream cheese is smooth, add in your condensed milk and mix both together until silky. Next, add your fresh lime juice to the cream cheese/condensed milk mixture and mix until all ingredients are combined. Once it’s all combined and the juice isn’t separated from the cream cheese mixture, you can pour it into the graham cracker crust shell. Leave the pie in the refrigerator for about two hours or overnight. Once the pie is set – enjoy it with a whipped cream topping and freshly grated lime zest for an easy, sweet treat!

Want to see the rest of our meal gift baskets? Visit us today at!

Grab a last minute gift with one of our Meal Gift Baskets!

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When you’re in a crunch during this busy time of year, chances are that you are bound to forget that someone when you’reshopping for gifts! Don’t fret – at Bisket Baskets, we’ve got a variety of meal gift baskets for you to choose from to give when the holidays are near. Here are some of our favorites –

Barbeque Time! Meal Gift Basket – For the grill master that you know and love, this deliciously jam-packed meal gift basket is a great gift to give during the holidays! Complete with different seasonings, grilling apparel, dish towels, and other necessities for a barbeque, you can give them a gift that will keep on giving throughout the holidays and into the summer!

Souper Owner & Kitty Gift Basket – Here’s a gift for the pet owner you know! There are plenty of warm and cozy goodies in this meal gift basket for the human and kitty that you know and love. Complete with catnip toys for the feline friend and soup mix for the person you’re giving the basket to, you’ll be sure to give a gift that gives them that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling with this basket!

Cinnamon Bun Breakfast Gift – What’s better than making homemade cinnamon buns on Christmas morning? We’re not too sure there’s anything more delicious, so gift that someone you know with this Cinnamon Bun Breakfast Gift basket! It’s filled with cinnamon bun mix, cinnamon vanilla cookies, and plenty of other tasty treats to warm their heart this holiday season!

Want to see the rest of our Meal Gift Baskets? Visit us today at!

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