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Christmas Gift Baskets

Shop Our Gift Baskets with Free Shipping – Today Only!

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If you’ve been waiting for a free shipping offer to place your gift baskets order, the time is now! We are offering free shipping on some of our most popular gift basket selections, perfect for the holidays, or as a wonderful way to ring in the New Year. Each of these grand, luxury gift baskets makes a memorable gift suitable for more than one person, and are perfect for sending to families or offices. Check out a couple of our favorite gift baskets with free shipping below…

Santa Sweets and Treats Christmas Gift Baskets – Send warm wishes for a holly, jolly Christmas with this spectacular selection, currently on sale for $20 off regular price! The hand decorated cookies are as cute and colorful as can be, and the adorable Snowman spoon rest will be fun to use all winter long. But what makes this gift basket so special is the mixes – all 8 of them! From the decadently indulgent Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bar Mix, to the crowd-pleasing Double Chocolate Cupcake Mix with Chocolate Frosting, the lucky giftees will have plenty of sweets to share.

Refined Elegance Holiday Wine Themed Gift – A chic and sleek gift perfect for clients, or anyone you want to impress! The Italian Amaretti Cookies are impossible to resist, not to be outdone by the Fontazzi Butter Toffee Pretzels or the Camembert Cheese. And did we mention the award-winning Wine Glace, or the impossibly posh Caviar? Because you’ll find all that and more, artfully stowed inside a reusable faux leather container.

There’s just a few hours left on our gift baskets with free shipping offer, but we have plenty of great gifts to choose from! ‘Tis the season for sharing and caring, and our gift baskets make it marvelously easy no matter the miles between.

Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Their People!

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If you’re a dog lover yourself – like me! – you already know that a gift for your precious pooch is just as much a gift for you. Just as our dogs love to see us smile, their tail wags have a direct line to our own heartstrings. Whether you’re shopping for a dog Christmas gift for your own barking best friend, or for another dog lover on your list, we’ve got some definite wag-worthy gift baskets for dogs (and their pet parents!) to consider…

Best Buddies Dog Lover Gift Basket – Our most popular pet lover holiday gift basket with good reason! This attractive treat is packed with plenty of goodness for dogs and their owners. While humans can happily snack away on butter toffee cashews, a hand decorated cookie, Colorado Kernels caramel corn and more, their best bud will be too busy to beg for a bite as they’ll be oh-so-preoccupied with Barkaroo Bakery gourmet dog biscuits and hand iced biscuits. Nothing but the best! The high quality basket makes a perfect place to stow away dog treats on the counter year-round, keeping them at your fingertips but out of paws’ reach.

Pizza Pals Dog Lover Gift Basket – I can’t say with certainty that everyone who loves dogs also loves pizza, but I can say I certainly do! And every time I come home with a piping hot pizza pie, my dog just about loses her mind in anticipation of sneaking a bite. Our Pizza Pals set makes a perfect Christmas gift basket for dog lovers for a few reasons, not the least of which is that the contents are red and green. But that’s not the most important part, of course – flavor is more important than color, and this delivers! Inside each you’ll find a pizza kit that includes crust and sauce, as well as adorable pizza shaped dog biscuits. After a long day at work or shopping, pet owners are sure to appreciate having this easy kit at hand to whip up a quick dinner. And while they’re savoring every slice, their favorite furry friend will be at their feet enjoying hand iced pizza treats of their own. There aren’t too many things better in life than relaxing with yummy pizza and a happy dog!

Christmas Gift Baskets for Families – Something for Everyone!

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The holiday season brings with it many wonderful things: spending more quality time with family and friends, that first white blanket of snow on a frosty morning, more cups of cocoa than you can count, and some of the most memorable, feel-good songs you can imagine. But it also brings with it some very stretched purse strings! There are snow tires to buy, winter coats to have dry cleaned, heating bills to be paid, and of course, presents to buy.

As our Christmas shopping lists only seem to grow with each passing year, and our desire to share in the spirit of giving with loved ones grows along with them, for many of us the time has come for a change in the way we shop. There are many ways to help keep your holiday shopping budget in check, and here we’ll be offering up one of our favorites – Christmas Gift Baskets for Families!

Many of the Christmas gift baskets at were designed with families in mind. These presents are packed full of indulgences everyone can enjoy, from your best friend to her husband and their kiddos. Rather than buying separate gifts for everyone on your list, opting for a group gift whenever possible can help you give something truly useful and attractive while still being able to keep the heat on in your house! You can also choose to give the gifts with someone else or several people. If you and others will be buying a Christmas gift for the same person and you know they’re looking to keep costs down this year as well, invite them over for coffee and browse our Christmas gift baskets for families together. Not only will you get some quality time in, but you’ll get some names crossed off your shopping list without ever having to leave the house!

Looking for the best place to start? Consider our meal gift baskets, packed with all the necessary ingredients for a memorable breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacking session. Gifting a couple who enjoys a glass of wine from time to time? Our wine gifts start at just $24.99! Know a family who would much rather spoil their precious pet for the holidays than themselves? Our Christmas gifts for dogs and Christmas gifts for pet lovers selection offers options that are sure to earn two paws up! If it’s sweet treats you’re after, you’ll also find plenty of cookie and candy gifts in our Christmas gift baskets collection.

We hope you’ll find that saving money with a family or group gift is the right choice for you to spread just as much holiday cheer as ever without sacrificing an ounce of seasonal spirit. After all – Christmas bells are always better than Christmas bills!

Christmas Gift Baskets – There’s No Time Like the ‘Present’ to Find Your Faves!

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Ahhh, summer! The sun is shining well into the evening, the warm breezes are blowing through at night, laundry is drying on the line, and the cold days of winter couldn’t seem further away. With all that in mind, it might seem strange to be thinking about Christmas shopping, especially when there are amusement parks to visit, pools to swim in, and ice cream to eat. But – it’s all those things and more that make summer the ideal time to get a jump start on your holiday planning!

As we all know too well, for all the wonder and merriment the holiday season brings, it can also be an extremely hectic and stressful time. The days are shorter than ever, the weather can make getting around (or even out of the house!) next to impossible, and there are more things to do than most of us can get a grip on. We still have all our usual chores and work to tend to, but added to the list are cooking, baking, gift shopping, shoveling, and more. While you can’t exactly get ahead on some of those things, the shopping is an area where you most certainly can!

Take advantage of the relaxing days ahead by devoting a bit of time to Christmas planning now. Don’t give up a minute of lazily lounging poolside – just take your laptop, smartphone or tablet outside with you and browse around online to get started on your holiday shopping list. Of course, we think our selection of grand Christmas gift baskets is among the best places to start, with options for everyone from your boss to your favorite pet lover! And don’t be afraid to stop at planning your Christmas gifts. You can also start looking for cookie recipes, decorating ideas, party ideas and more. By the time everyone else is in a holiday panic, you’ll have your gifts wrapped or sent, decorations planned or up, and food pantry stocked with all the necessary dinner and baking essentials! Think of it as a gift to yourself. 🙂

Great Gifts You Don’t Have to Wait In Line For!

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As I relax here on Thanksgiving night in my favorite chair with a tummy full of terrific food, I find myself browsing online to see which stores will be offering Black Friday specials on their sites. I am not one to spend hours in line to score some savings, though I know many people who are! But – as long as I’ll be awake anyway, watching holiday movies and just generally soaking up the goodness of the day, I thought it could be fun to get some great online buys. Much to my surprise, I found that I’m late to the game!

While some stores are sticking to their 12am, Friday schedule, many began their Black Friday sales days ago. And while it looks as though I’ve missed out on some sales I would have been happy to take advantage of, I must admit I’m even happier that I didn’t know about them. The past few days for me have been full of food shopping, slow cooking, catching up with family and friends, and lazy cups of coffee. In short, I wish more days were like them. Surrounded by good people, good eats, and some much-appreciated time to relax, life has been…well…good! And I’m grateful that goodness wasn’t compromised by taking time out to track every early Black Friday sale, inevitably taking the focus off this most special holiday. Because let’s face it – once you start, it’s hard to stop!

If you enjoy the thrill of the Black Friday hunt, I hope you’ve been having a great time this week and are primed for even more awesomeness later tonight! And if you’re like me, and are trying your best not to let the temptation of limited time prices and limited quantity items rob you of sleep and sanity, I hope you’ll consider our Christmas gift baskets when you do decide to shop. In fact, I think one of the things I love best about gift baskets is that they allow you to gift something wonderful without all the rush. You can shop on your own time, browse at your own pace, and send something to someone special that is slightly indulgent, impressive in appearance, and importantly, fun to receive! After all, in the Christmas season especially, more mail than we’d like turns out to be bills. And a gorgeous Christmas gift basket beats bills any day of the week – not just Black Friday. 🙂

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