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Halloween Gifts

It’s the time of Ghosts and Goblins!

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In about two weeks your neighborhood will become filled skeletons, ghosts, goblins and perhaps even some Snoopy Red Barons!

Fill their dreams and goodie bags with a special Halloween gift from Bisket Baskets and YOU!  We have Halloween gifts for dogs, pet lovers and even Halloween gifts for friends, family and co-workers.  All our gifts deliver right to their doorstep and are sure to make even Frankenstein smile.

3 Boo-quets to Send on Halloween

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Halloween is a time for fun costumes and sweet treats. Instead of sending a card or a bag of candy tobb_blog2_oct16 your favorite ghoul, send them something fun! Bisket Baskets candy and cookie bouquets have been given a Halloween makeover. We’re sure you’ll have a hard time choosing just one, but here are our three favorites.

This Haunted Fun House Candy BOO-quet has a mix of chocolaty treats fit for any treat bag. Hershey Kisses, Reeses Cups, and Hershey Bars galore make up this bouquet. It would make a great centerpiece for home or as a conversation piece at the office.

You can’t find this trick or treating! The Halloween Cookie BOO-quet combines our classic cookie bouquets with the fun of Halloween. These Jack O’Lantern and Frankenstein royal iced cookies are festively arranged and ready to eat!

Do you have a trick or treater who really loves M&M’s? Well we have the BOO-quet for them! The Halloween M&M’s Candy Bouquet has an assortment of M&M flavors to cure any sweet tooth. It’s also arranged with a little bat who wants to wish you a Happy Halloween.

These BOO-quets are perfect for any Halloween lover. Be sure to order one soon so it arrives in time for Halloween! For more Halloween treats and gifts for all occasions, visit today!

Get Spooky & Treat them with a Halloween Gift Basket!

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Double, double, toil and trouble – do we have a wicked spell for you! Trick-or-treaters will come knocking, but what about thespecial little ghouls in your life? Give them the ultimate treat this October 31st with a Halloween Gift Basket! Here are some of our most spook-tacular treat baskets to give to the trick-or-treaters that are near and dear to your heart this Halloween.

Halloween M&M’s Candy Bouquet – The best of this deliciously chocolate Halloween candy is arranged perfectly within this basket. It’s perfect for the little ghoul or monster who loves this traditional Halloween candy!

Oreo Cookie Bouquet – This Halloween gift basket is great for the non-traditional Halloween treat lover, and is a great basket to give to someone who maybe isn’t into candy. It’s also the perfect Halloween gift to give the person who loves snacks.

Ghost Crossing Halloween Gift – This delightfully scary treat box is filled to the brim with sweets! Complete with M&M’s, Reese’s, and plenty more – it’s sure to make the special trick-or-treater in your life feel even more special!

Want to shop all of our Halloween Gift Baskets? Visit us today at!

October Means Spooktacular Halloween Gift Baskets!

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It’s not only one of our favorite times of year here at, but it’s only of the best times to send your loved ones a


Give them a deliciously sweet fright this Halloween with one of our Halloween Gift Baskets!

selection from our Halloween Gift Baskets! Want to know what kind of gift baskets we have to offer that will really be a spooktacular gift? Check out some of our favorite baskets below!

Witch’s Brew Halloween Gift – “Double, double, toil and trouble” is what you’ll be whispering as you send this deliciously sweet potion gift basket to one of your friends during the Halloween season! This basket includes a Halloween-themed snack, hot chocolate mix with marshmallows, and an adorable Halloween cookie. It will have your friend cackling with delight when they receive it!

Trick or Treat Pumpkin – Know a little one that’s celebrating one of their first Halloween’s all dressed up? Send them this Trick or Treat Pumpkin filled with delicious name-brand candy and snacks this year. It’s the perfect way to send them on their way this Halloween, even if you’re not able to see them in their costume!

Haunted Fun House Candy Boo-quet – There’s nothing quite like walking into a dark, scary, haunted house not knowing what’s right around the corner. With sending them this spooky looking Haunted Fun House Candy Boo-quet, you’ll be sure to give them a good surprise full of delicious Hershey’s candy!

Want to see what else we have to offer in our Halloween Gift Baskets? Visit us today at and see what else is in store for our Halloween-themed goodies!

Halloween Treats for Ghosts and Goblins of All Ages

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Halloween isn’t over when your child declares they are “too old” to dress up or moves away for college. It doesn’t even have to end when they bring their own children into the world or move halfway across the country to start their career. Halloween gift baskets for adults allow you to spook your favorite ghosts and goblins no matter where life takes them.

You may even consider sending a Halloween candy care package to your office to keep employee morale high. There is nothing like a sugar high to increase productivity levels over the holiday season! Our Halloween care package is also the perfect gift for college students who secretly wish they were dressing up like Batman instead of hitting the books.

Halloween gift baskets for adults are often appropriate for younger children if you don’t want them dressing up and roaming the streets to collect candy from strangers. You can give them all of their favorite treats in a festive bouquet, including a decorative container that kids of all ages enjoy.

From Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey Kisses to Starburst and candy corn, Halloween gift baskets, bouquets and care packages excite the sweet tooth of every spook in your life. Think of your best friend, your sibling or your favorite aunt going back to their childhood when they receive your Halloween treat. Take a look through our delicious offerings for Halloween gift baskets and send one to someone you love spooktacularly today!

Halloween gift basket

Make Your Haunted Attraction Even Better This Year with Halloween Candy Bouquets!

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I was fortunate enough to grow up in an area where Halloween was a very big deal. Starting toward the middle of September, and sometimes running into November, Halloween attractions big and small cropped up in surrounding towns like wildfire. While there wasn’t always something exciting to do most of the year, for a month-and-a-half there were more haunted houses, haunted hayrides, pumpkin patches and corn mazes to visit than we could keep up with!

My friends and I all had our favorites based on a multitude of factors, and every weekend our parents took turns driving us to the next one on our list. While admission wasn’t always cheap, most of these haunted or Fall-themed attractions were run by local non-profits, including volunteer fire departments and animal shelters. The money we paid helped them with their yearly expenses, and we got a good scare, or just some seasonal fun, in the process.

In order to raise even more money beyond the cost of a ticket, some of these haunted attractions hosted raffles, with the winner being chosen on the last day of the season. And those raffles are exactly what our Halloween candy bouquets would be perfect for! If you’re part of an organization that will be running a Fall or Halloween attraction or event this year, consider adding a raffle for one of our Halloween candy bouquets. You might be surprised by how many extra donations you can scare up!

Halloween Gift Baskets for Grown-Up Kids!

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While the tradition of trick-or-treating involves going door to door in search of sweets, sending a Halloween gift basket flips that upside down, bringing the goodness right to someone special, no costume required!

Halloween is very near and dear to me, and I know that I am far from alone in my love for this holiday. Not only is Halloween during my favorite time of year, but some of my fondest childhood memories were established on and around this holiday. I remember the excitement of visiting Evelyn’s house – a friend of my mother’s who created some of the most adorable costumes you’ve ever seen. Not content to send me on my hunt for Reese’s Cups and Skittles in a store-bought costume, but also not being a seamstress herself, my mother purchased couture costumes from Evelyn that I wish I still had today. It’s not every lady who remembers her measurements being taken head to toe for a velour lion costume, but I do!

I remember a lot of other things, too. I remember how fun the parades were at school; I remember the sound my safety glow stick made when I cracked it immediately before heading out into the dark. I remember the neighbor who was always away on business during Halloween, but left a giant bowl of candy on the porch with a note – they were sorry they couldn’t be home, but please take a few pieces and have a Happy Halloween. I remember how excited my grandmother was to see us all in our costumes, and I remember the thrill of rounding a corner to see oh-so-many porch lights lit ahead of me. And, of course, I remember the candy.

The fun of dressing up for Halloween has never dwindled. It’s been more years than I care to count since it was socially acceptable for me to wear a costume and hit the trick-or-treating trail myself, but I swear on Peanut M&M’s that if it weren’t strange, I would! I miss the thrill of approaching a house with a scarecrow on the porch, wondering with every slow step if it was someone dressed up to scare us. I miss the over-the-top decorations that many of my neighbors had, and the eerie music they played. I miss the last house I stopped at Halloween night being my own, trudging tiredly up the stairs, exhausted from all the singing and candy carrying. I miss plopping down on the living room floor and dumping my treat bag onto the carpet, separating the candy from the money and telling my parents all about everywhere I’d been. But you know what? I get to remember it forever. Even if it takes a box of Mike and Ike to get the memories flowing!

Chances are good that someone special to you finds Halloween more nostalgic than scary, more fun than frightful. This year, send them a Halloween gift basket to help them relive the excitement that can only be brought on by having more candy than you can possibly eat in one night. Give them the sugary fuel to dust off their own memories, and be sure to reminisce right along with them! They might be a few years too old to go trick-or-treating, but thankfully, there’s no age limit at all on Halloween gift baskets.

A Gift Basket for Yourself? Why Not!

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Most of us have at some point experienced the conundrum of trying to stay focused on shopping for a gift and instead finding something we wanted for ourselves. I know it happens to me several times every year when I’m out Christmas shopping, and I always feel guilty coming home with presents for me! But hey – it’s only natural to find things we personally like when we’re browsing several sites or shopping in several stores. And if we happen to pick up something small here and there, chances are good we deserve it.

Despite my coming to terms with the fact that when I shop for friends’ and family members’ gifts I am likely to treat myself to something as well, I had never really considered buying myself a gift basket. Being surrounded by gift baskets every day, you might think we take home our favorites all the time, but we don’t! We do send our favorites as gifts fairly often, but I had never gifted myself with one. Until last Halloween, that is.

As I was going on and on about the cuteness of a Halloween cookie bouquet for what must have been the tenth time that week, a coworker simply asked, “Why don’t you get one for yourself?” It was a simple enough question, but it caught me off-guard. A gift basket for myself, I thought? It seemed so indulgent somehow! But the more cookie bouquets I put together that season, the more that particular one appealed to me. I loved it, and I wanted one of my own. So – I did it! I got myself a Halloween cookie bouquet. And I set it on my kitchen counter, and I admired it, and I ate it. And I can’t wait to do it again this year!

If you want something bad enough, sometimes you just have to go out and get it for yourself, whether it’s a degree, a new job, or a gift basket! I hope you’ll consider treating yourself to one of your favorites as well. It feels pretty great to get exactly what you wanted from someone special. 🙂

Remember the Less Fortunate This Halloween

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It’s no secret that many, if not most, of the people in our country are experiencing tougher financial times than they possibly ever have before. For those who were fortunate to start out this struggle with above average income, the impact might not be as severe. But for those who were already just getting by, counting their pennies to make ends meet, the consequences have been much more dire. Many of these people are hardworking individuals who never imagined they might need government assistance or outside help at all, yet they find themselves in a position where turning to others for help is not a choice, but a necessity.

If you are like me and among the fortunate among us to be blessed with a good job, safe home, and full belly, I ask you to consider trying something this Halloween that we often reserve for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. I’m asking you to think back on your own childhood, and if Halloween was as central a player in some of your fondest memories as it was in mine, to imagine how much a bag of candy might mean to a child whose family can’t afford such indulgences. A bag of candy is something you and I might take for granted, tossing it in the cart with the rest of our groceries without a second thought. But for children whose parents truly can’t afford to purchase anything beyond the essentials, that bag of candy is just one of their many wishes.

The best route to take in donating candy might be to contact your local food bank and ask if they would be open to receiving candy donations, explaining that you would love for families with children to be able to take a bag home along with their food. If they are open to the idea, you might want to call on coworkers, neighbors or members of your Church to help you raise enough money to ensure as many families as possible get some sweets this season. A fun way to increase interest and offer others added incentive is to sell raffle tickets for one of our Halloween gift baskets. Everyone loves taking a chance on winning something fun and festive, especially when the money donated goes to such a great cause.

To make the most of your candy money, keep an eye out for Halloween candy sales and coupons. You can also help stretch your budget further by checking out the offerings at stores like the Dollar Tree, which can have a surprisingly varied and tasty selection! Additionally, if you or someone you know has some Halloween costumes you no longer need, consider donating those as well. Costumes can be quite pricey, and not everyone can afford them for their children, which can prevent them from having the memorable and candy-filled opportunity to go Trick-or-Treating. Just think – you can clear some clutter from your closet, and help a child have a night filled with smiles and sugar in the process. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us!

Think Outside The Treat Bag: Unique Halloween Gifts

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Hasn’t the summer just flown by? Halloween will be here in the blink of a witch’s broom, but we can’t say we mind! Fall is a beautiful time of year, full of unique colors and refreshing Autumn scents. We’ve all filled our treat bags with heaps of candy on Halloween nights over the years, but isn’t it nice once in awhile to change it up and give a gift that has a bit more meaning – and substance – to it? We think so too, and that’s why we’ve dreamed up our Halloween Gift Baskets and Halloween Pet Gift Baskets, along with some additional creative Halloween gift ideas for you and yours!

  • Halloween Earrings: Have a fashionista in your midst? Look for cute Halloween-themed earrings in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts, and spooky cats. Wrap them in orange or black tissue paper, and give this spooktacular unique Halloween gift to your stylish friend or family member!
  • Halloween Crafts: Candy is certainly delicious, but crafts can be used Halloween after Halloween! Do a quick Google search for “Halloween crafts” and look for simple, low-cost Halloween-themed crafts, such as a candy corn wreath. Spend an afternoon crafting, and surprise your friends and family members with cute Halloween craft gifts!
  • Halloween Gift Baskets: Halloween gift baskets combine the best of both Halloween worlds: candy and gifts! Our Halloween gift baskets are beautifully arranged to delight all the ghouls and ghosts this Halloween, and are filled with delightful treats and Halloween-themed gift boxes and totes. You’ll discover your favorite Halloween candies inside, like Butterfingers, Kit Kats, Snickers, Reese’s, and more! Fido and Miss Kitty can’t exactly enjoy chocolate this Halloween, but they can enjoy the healthy pet treats inside our Halloween pet gift baskets – woof!
  • Orange Cake Pops: Cake Pops are the popular dessert these days, so add a Halloween twist to them to surprise your family and friends with! Search for a recipe online, and make them with orange icing, and roll in Halloween-themed sprinkles. We know they’ll be sinfully delicious!
  • Jack O’ Lanterns: Carving a pumpkin is fun, but oh, does it take work and create a mess! If you have a few hours to spare, get your family together to safely carve a few pumpkins for family members who simply don’t have the time to carve a Jack O’ Lantern or can’t this year, such as elderly grandparents or a new Mom and Dad. Stick a battery operated flameless candle inside, and drop it off to them. They’ll be so happy you took the time to help them share in a Halloween tradition this year!

Halloween is one fun holiday, and has only become more popular over recent years. Think outside the treat bag this year and spread the Halloween spirit by gifting your friends and family with eclectic Halloween gifts, from Halloween earrings to Halloween Gift Baskets! Feel free to add in a heaping dash of your own creativity, and start conjuring up your favorite Halloween gifts to give.

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