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Pet Gift Baskets

Show a Furry Friend Some Love with a Gourmet Dog Gift Basket Full of Treats!

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Gift Baskets for Dogs

Dog owners know that there is a special bond between human and canine, and our dogs become a part of our family as soon as they give us kisses with their little wet noses.  What better way to celebrate a milestone than with a dog gift basket made just for the playful pooch!

If you know someone who has this special relationship with a dog (and let’s face it, most of us do…) then sending a beautifully crafted dog gift basket full of toys, treats and special items will delight doggies and humans alike!

For a new addition to the family, choose one of our peanut butter puppy bones in a beautiful gift box, wrapped perfectly and with a personalized message from you. For the dog with a little dash of diva, the Bark Avenue gourmet dog gift basket contains delicious treats in a reusable tin canister, apple spice doggie snacks, a squeaky plush bone, and so much more in a beautiful box container that can be used again and again. There are so many different options to choose from, no dog – or owner – will soon forget the thought and love you put into choosing the perfect dog gift basket.

No matter what you choose, taking the time to recognize the furry members of the family is important to both the dogs and their owners.  Celebrate milestones, or just let them know you’re thinking of them, with unique dog gift baskets from

Cat Gift Baskets: Meow You’re Talking!

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We give our dog gift baskets quite a bit of love here on the Bisket Baskets blog, but today we’re letting cute and cuddly kitties take center stage! It’s no secret that cat videos have taken the internet by storm for years now, so it goes without saying that fun felines are a much-loved family member in countless households. Who can resist their pleasant purrs, adventurous spirit, and hilarious antics? Not me!

If you or someone special in your life has a kitty they simply adore, consider one of our cat gift baskets as the perfect present! (You thought we were going to say purr-fect, but we didn’t!) While our selection of cat gift baskets is smaller than our dog gift basket selection, we’re confident you’ll find them just as charming. You can even opt to have a pet gift basket sent 4 or 6 times a year to keep the treats and toys coming!

Just looking for a one-time gift for now? Here’s a closer look at our Crazy Cat Gift Basket and Cat Fish Cat Gift Basket…

Crazy Cat Gift Basket: If your handsome or pretty kitty is in need of some serious spoiling, this is just the gift basket to do it! Whether it’s to celebrate his or her birthday, or just because, the toys and treats inside will keep your fluffy friend happy for a long time. This generously-sized gift basket includes a jar of Pounce treats, Party Mix treats, Little Lulu’s Fish & Chips treats, a lobster cat nip toy bag, and more!

Cat Fish Cat Gift Basket: Does your kitty go crazy for all natural cat treats and crinkle balls? This is the basket for you! You’ll also find Natural Sensations cat treats inside, an adorable furry mouse toy, 2 cat nip toys, and a cute-as-a-kitten reusable box. And yes – if you empty the box, chances are good your cat will try to climb inside!

Dog Gift Baskets: Because The Love They Give Has No Limits

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If you’re a regular reader of the Bisket Baskets blog – which we hope you are! – you’ve likely noticed that we write about our dog gift baskets quite a bit. The reason for that is a simple one: I am the one who writes the posts most often, and I am the quintessential ‘dog person’ through and through.

There are few things about dogs I don’t adore. I love their expressive eyes, I love their wagging tails, I love how affectionate they are, I love the way they look when they excitedly run through a park. And those sounds they make when they want a bite of your food so badly? While some people find them annoying, they endear dogs to me even further. If it was socially acceptable to make those sounds when I saw something I wanted, I’m sure I would!

I’ve loved dogs as long as I can remember, and just when I think it’s impossible to love them more than I already do, I somehow find a way. I’m that lady who stops every single person walking their dog that crosses my path to ask if I can pet him or her. I’m that lady who follows countless dog-centered pages on social media sites just so I see pictures of pooches every time I log on. I’m that lady whose dog is her phone screensaver, computer screensaver, and whose picture is most prominently displayed on her desk. I’m a crazy dog lady, and I’m OK with that! Because as much as I love people, there is no denying the friendship you form with your dog is one-of-a-kind. I’ve had other pets in my life, and as much as I loved them all, I never felt that dog connection.

It likely comes as no surprise that I spoil my dog a bit. But honestly – he spoils me even more! If I accidentally wake him up when he’s having a snooze, he doesn’t get mad at me. He makes sure everything is OK before going back to bed. If I’m having a stressful day or I’m just not feeling well, he’s always ready to be a goof and make me smile, or to keep me company on the couch. If I get caught up at work, he doesn’t get mad that I’m home late. He’s too happy to see me to waste time on a grudge. And it’s for these reasons and many more that I make sure he gets the toys, treats, and dog gift baskets that he so deserves. Dogs have taught me that even on a freezing cold winter day, you have to see the sun for the clouds and play in the snow! The least I can do for the amazing animals that have made and continue to make my life so much better is give them treats. 🙂

Celebrating the Dog Days of Summer with a Dog Gift Basket!

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Summer is here, folks. Well – almost! But compared to the oh-so-cold winter, spring is feeling a lot like summer. And as much as we enjoy these opportunities to relax outdoors, feeling the sun on our faces and the warm winds blow through, if there’s anything I’ve learned watching my own dog and the neighbors’ dogs, it’s that they blow my love of summer out of the water.

To be fair, this is my dog’s first spring. He’s heading toward 9 months old, and hasn’t felt warm weather for most of his young life. As a smaller breed, winter was especially tricky. There was no climbing snow banks or hiking through the woods, though he did do his best to frolic when there was just a dusting. But in these past few warmer weeks, he has experienced the freedom and fun that a sunny backyard has to offer. He can run, jump, roll around, and bound to and fro with wild abandon. And as much as he loves every second of it, he’s falling asleep a lot earlier at night! That’s why I’ve been giving him extra treats to make our relaxing time extra special.

As much fun as my little guy is having, he’s also pretty tuckered out by the time we’re done playing in the yard. Spring and summer definitely offer more opportunity for doggy good times, but when you’re covered in fur they can also be exhausting. I’m taking extra care to be sure my pup is drinking enough, and making coming inside not only something he has to do after a couple hours outside, but also something he wants to do. How to lure in a pup who still wants to play even when he’s clearly ready for some snoozing? With treats, of course! And for the best, most tail wag-worthy treats, browse our dog gift baskets collection.

Not only do super special treats help me encourage my little fella to come inside and relax, but sometimes I give him a few pieces before we go outside as well. Once he gets running around it’s hard to get him to sit, stay, or give paw, so I’ve made it a ritual to work on some light training before heading out. As a puppy, even playtime can be hard work, and a yummy reward for being so good at living life to the fullest makes a doggy’s day even better.

Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Their People!

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If you’re a dog lover yourself – like me! – you already know that a gift for your precious pooch is just as much a gift for you. Just as our dogs love to see us smile, their tail wags have a direct line to our own heartstrings. Whether you’re shopping for a dog Christmas gift for your own barking best friend, or for another dog lover on your list, we’ve got some definite wag-worthy gift baskets for dogs (and their pet parents!) to consider…

Best Buddies Dog Lover Gift Basket – Our most popular pet lover holiday gift basket with good reason! This attractive treat is packed with plenty of goodness for dogs and their owners. While humans can happily snack away on butter toffee cashews, a hand decorated cookie, Colorado Kernels caramel corn and more, their best bud will be too busy to beg for a bite as they’ll be oh-so-preoccupied with Barkaroo Bakery gourmet dog biscuits and hand iced biscuits. Nothing but the best! The high quality basket makes a perfect place to stow away dog treats on the counter year-round, keeping them at your fingertips but out of paws’ reach.

Pizza Pals Dog Lover Gift Basket – I can’t say with certainty that everyone who loves dogs also loves pizza, but I can say I certainly do! And every time I come home with a piping hot pizza pie, my dog just about loses her mind in anticipation of sneaking a bite. Our Pizza Pals set makes a perfect Christmas gift basket for dog lovers for a few reasons, not the least of which is that the contents are red and green. But that’s not the most important part, of course – flavor is more important than color, and this delivers! Inside each you’ll find a pizza kit that includes crust and sauce, as well as adorable pizza shaped dog biscuits. After a long day at work or shopping, pet owners are sure to appreciate having this easy kit at hand to whip up a quick dinner. And while they’re savoring every slice, their favorite furry friend will be at their feet enjoying hand iced pizza treats of their own. There aren’t too many things better in life than relaxing with yummy pizza and a happy dog!

Christmas Gift Baskets for Families – Something for Everyone!

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The holiday season brings with it many wonderful things: spending more quality time with family and friends, that first white blanket of snow on a frosty morning, more cups of cocoa than you can count, and some of the most memorable, feel-good songs you can imagine. But it also brings with it some very stretched purse strings! There are snow tires to buy, winter coats to have dry cleaned, heating bills to be paid, and of course, presents to buy.

As our Christmas shopping lists only seem to grow with each passing year, and our desire to share in the spirit of giving with loved ones grows along with them, for many of us the time has come for a change in the way we shop. There are many ways to help keep your holiday shopping budget in check, and here we’ll be offering up one of our favorites – Christmas Gift Baskets for Families!

Many of the Christmas gift baskets at were designed with families in mind. These presents are packed full of indulgences everyone can enjoy, from your best friend to her husband and their kiddos. Rather than buying separate gifts for everyone on your list, opting for a group gift whenever possible can help you give something truly useful and attractive while still being able to keep the heat on in your house! You can also choose to give the gifts with someone else or several people. If you and others will be buying a Christmas gift for the same person and you know they’re looking to keep costs down this year as well, invite them over for coffee and browse our Christmas gift baskets for families together. Not only will you get some quality time in, but you’ll get some names crossed off your shopping list without ever having to leave the house!

Looking for the best place to start? Consider our meal gift baskets, packed with all the necessary ingredients for a memorable breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacking session. Gifting a couple who enjoys a glass of wine from time to time? Our wine gifts start at just $24.99! Know a family who would much rather spoil their precious pet for the holidays than themselves? Our Christmas gifts for dogs and Christmas gifts for pet lovers selection offers options that are sure to earn two paws up! If it’s sweet treats you’re after, you’ll also find plenty of cookie and candy gifts in our Christmas gift baskets collection.

We hope you’ll find that saving money with a family or group gift is the right choice for you to spread just as much holiday cheer as ever without sacrificing an ounce of seasonal spirit. After all – Christmas bells are always better than Christmas bills!

We’re Celebrating Spring with Great Gift Baskets on Sale!

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While we strive to keep our prices as low as possible year-round, we do like to offer up some attractive sale prices on select baskets whenever possible. And, it just so happens some of our most popular picks are on sale right now! We spread our sale across a variety of options so everyone can enjoy some savings. When browsing our site, keep an eye out for bolded sale prices. Or, check out the 3 favorites below to get started!

Get Well Cookie Gift Box – Regularly $44.99 – On Sale for $38.99! Have a friend or family member miles away that you’d love to give a reassuring hug to, but simply can’t make the trip? Send your ‘Get Well’ wishes the sweetest way possible with this cookie-packed gift. Each box is bursting with 7 ounces of white chocolate macadamia cookies, 7 ounces of oatmeal pecan cookies, and 3 adorable hand decorated gourmet cookies, one shaped like a doctor’s bag, one like a nurse, and one spelling out ‘Get Well’ amidst colorful sugar flowers.

Gourmet Gift Box – Regularly $36.99 – On Sale for $31.99! This supreme sampler makes a gorgeous gift for birthdays, anniversaries, to celebrate a new job, or just about any occasion. It is both attractive and tasty, with a diverse assortment of treats tucked inside. We fill each box with CaPeachio’s crackers, Wine Vineyard cheese spread, Dolcetto chocolate pastry, and 3 hand decorated cookies.

Dog Gift Basket – Regularly $39.99 – One Sale for $34.99! Know a precious pooch who is a bit under the weather, or could simply use a little pick-me-up? This adorable set comes complete with a stuffed ‘Chill Pill’ toy and generous bag of yummy Harry Barker treats (we haven’t actually tried them ourselves, but our dogs love them!) Baked in the USA, these all natural treats are perfect for dogs with sensitivities or allergies.

Top 5 Woof-tastic Gifts For Dog Lovers

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We all have the friends who treat their pets as their children – you know, where Baxter has an actual seat at the dinner table and a whole other twin bed just for him. If you are pondering what to get them for this holiday season, we are here to the gifting rescue to give you our top 5 gifts for the dog lover in your life. Perhaps you’d even like to treat the pup with one of our dog gift baskets?  Of course! Check out our top 5 gift picks that make great matches with your dog gift basket:

Dog Gift Baskets

1. Personalized Dog & Owner Photo Frame – for the owner’s favorite pic of their pooch and themselves, decorate a frame and add both of their names on it.
2. Pet & Owner Stockings – Buy two stockings and fill one with treats and toys for Fido and the other with a cute gift for their owner!
3. Treats for Owner and Pup – Bake some homemade cookies for the owner and then make or purchase decorated cookies for their pooch! Both will be appreciative of your hard work and thoughtfulness! Hint: Many of our dog gift baskets feature dog-friendly “cookies” and treats.
4. Treat Mix – Give your dog-loving friend a dog treat mix for them to bake their own creations for their pup! You can find items like this in our dog gift baskets!
5. Personalized Dog Lover Mug – get a plain white mug and a sharpie. Decorate the mug with a saying or drawings then bake the mug in the oven for 30 min at 350 degrees Allow to cool completely before washing or using! Also, please tell the pet lover these are hand wash only!

We hope this helps when deciding what to get for the pooch lover on your holiday gift list. We know both dog and owner will be putting two paws (er, thumbs) up for dog gift baskets from!

Don’t Forget Your Favorite Pet This Halloween!

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Birds are beautiful, geckos are gorgeous, cats are cuddly, cute and quite charming. But for me, there is only one animal that upon sight alone causes me to break into a smile, and that animal is the delightful dog.

From the enthusiastic wag of their tails to their wide, happy eyes full of wonder, I think dogs are as close to perfect as living beings get. For starters, they are adorable. And they stay adorable their entire lives, from plush puppyhood to the time their fur turns gray. They are also loyal, compassionate, always up for enjoying the simple pleasures in life, and oh-so-excited to see you. Every. Single. Time. Now, I know there are exceptions to the rule, as there are with all other animals and people as well. But for the most part, in my many years on this planet I have been lucky enough to meet oodles more awesome dogs than grumpy dogs or mean dogs. And one of the things that I find cutest about them is one of the things that is also most annoying: their propensity to beg.

Before you go thinking I’m a bad pet parent, please know that whenever I’ve had a dog, I have done my best to train it well and treat it with respect at all times. As much as a dog begging at the table can make for a tricky lunch, it’s also really not fun for the dog, especially if they never get a piece of whatever it is they’re after. But in my experience, even when they have stopped leaping at the table and barking for a bite – even when their training has been as successful as you hoped it would be – if you glance in their direction while you’re eating something tasty, you can see that irrepressible hunger in their eyes. Maybe it’s because I am most often in the company of beagles, and they are notorious food hounds. But whatever it is, that look of longing for a taste tugs at my heartstrings. Certainly if it were me sitting at the foot of the couch and my human was noshing on something nummy, I would want some!

Every now and then, I do give my pooch a sampling of my meal when it is dog-appropriate food. I am careful not to feed her when I am eating, or from my plate, instead putting the food in her dish. And on holidays especially, a time for sharing your love with those near and dear, I make a special dish for my dog. Always careful to keep it simple and dog-friendly, I know she enjoys this break from her usual fare as much as I enjoy giving her something really good to eat. For those of you who aren’t ‘dog people’, you might think I’m crazy. But I think the fellow dog lovers out there understand where I’m coming from!

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween, and as such I like to go all-out. That said, it’s not your traditional food holiday. I don’t prepare anything extravagant in the way of a meal as I’m usually handing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters or attending a Halloween party. But that doesn’t mean I don’t do anything special for my beagle baby – after all, she would surely win any competition for ‘cutest costume’ before I even put on her Halloween collar! So instead, I’m always sure to bring home some Halloween dog treats from Bisket Baskets. She doesn’t always like when I bring my work home with me, but when it’s Halloween dog treats she doesn’t seem to mind at all!

Make An Effort To Go Organic This Earth Day

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We couldn’t be more excited for Earth Day, on April 22nd, this year! We’re based in picturesque Parker, Colorado, and although living in a location surrounded by beautiful mountains makes it a little easier to appreciate Mother Nature, we’ve been long supporters of Earth Day initiatives. In fact, we made a commitment to ourselves that in the 13 years we’ve been in business, we would make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible – after all, even simple commitments, like recycling paper goods, can result in a big impact on our environment over time. We’ve also put a focus on including Organic Gift Baskets on our website, filled with organic products to help you stay healthy and enjoy these gourmet goodies and products the way nature intended.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of our much-loved organic gift baskets:

  • Picnic Basket with Cider: Filled with sumptuous assorted fruits and cheeses, this organic gift basket boasts Theo Organic Mint Dark Chocolate and Theo Organic Orange Dark Chocolate.
  • Dog Pound Gift Basket: Dogs should be healthy, too! Treat a pooch (and show a dog owner you care) with the Zukes Superfood Organic Dog Biscuits and Organic Banana Sweet Potato Dog Treats in this dog gift basket.
  • Monkey Business Baby Gift Basket: Encourage an organic lifestyle from the very start for the new baby in your life! Created by Kara Nessian, this super cute gift basket is made from 100% Organic Cotton products.

Thinking about integrating more organic products into your life? Earth Day is the perfect way to kick this lifestyle change off! Besides choosing organic gift baskets, here’s a few easy ways to think organic:

  • Milk: A recent study done by the United States Department of Agriculture found that pesticides existed in about 30% of regular milk. Don’t chance it – switch to organic milk.
  • Peanut Butter: Do you pack a PB&J sandwich for your child? More than 99% of peanut farmers use fungicide in their crop treatment – something you certainly don’t want in your child’s lunch box!
  • Apples: Pesticides run rampant in apple production, and as they’re a very popular fruit and juice, skip the risk of pesticides and go for organic apples.

We’d love to hear from you – leave a comment on how you plan to add more organic products into your everyday lifestyle!

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