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Trusting Man’s Best Friend With Friendly Visits

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We’ve been posting recently on some of our favorite Colorado dog services – we’re all about our pets and of course our wonderful state of Colorado, so we wanted to take some time to highlight another Colorado pet facility we recently came across! Friendly Visits pet-sits in the North Metro Denver area of Colorado, and offers great services including regular vacation visits, with each visit being about 30 minutes and including a walk/playtime, feeding, fresh water, any needed medications, and litter box cleaning! They also offer daily walk/potty break services, and even overnight stay services in your home, so your pet can rest comfortably where he’s most familiar.

Pets love the comfort of home, and Friendly Visit”s experienced team offers professional, caring services for your pet. They’ve worked with dogs, cats, fish, even reptiles! Take a look at their Referrals section to see what their clients are saying! We hope you’ll head on over to their site and say hello!

Introducing Mile High Mutts, Doggie Day Care

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We love everything about the state of Colorado – we have towering mountains, beautiful hiking trails, bustling cities, and now, Mile High Mutts! Mile High Mutts is located in Denver, CO, and offers dog daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, and even more services – check out their Denver Dog Services to see all they offer. They have an 8,000 square foot facility, with a 20,000 square foot lot. Their facility even has swimming pools, tons of fun dog toys, jungle gym equipment, and of course the wonderful people who make up Mile High Mutts!

It’s hard enough leaving your cute pooch when you go on vacation or a business trip, but you’ll have such a better peace of mind knowing your canine companion is in the talented and very caring hands of the Mile High Mutts Staff. They’re a lovely bunch, and by the many happy dogs they care for each year, they certainly have a happy future in front of them. We wish them only the best of luck in their business, and if you’re searching for Denver dog boarding, Mile High Mutts is sure to impress!

First Class Dog Training With Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel!

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Ted Hoff is the talented face behind, the Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel’s website! We’re so pleased to find so many experienced dog trainers and dog boarders in our wonderful state of Colorado, and we’re here to share them with you. After all, we got started crafting pet gift baskets, so we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to help pets lead wonderful lives!

The Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel has been thriving for the last 20 years, hosting dogs from all over the world, even New Zealand and Venezuela! Ted specializes in hunting dogs, but also has a wealth of experience in all all types of dog obedience and behavior training. The ranch is located on 322 acres of land, with open fields, ponds, and beautiful views of the West Elk Mountains. It’s truly a breathtaking place for both you and your dog, and an environment that can help your dog’s training succeed even more!

Having Fun With Playful Pooch, Denver Dog Boarding!

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We’re all about supporting other Colorado businesses, especially ones working for the good of our furry friends! Playful Pooch is a dog daycare and dog boarding center located in Denver, CO. With over 7,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor dog care and training areas and one very talented and friendly staff, you know your pooch will have quite the smile on his or her face!

The staff absolutely loves dogs, so you can rest assured knowing your dog is in good hands while you’re out-of-town. They’re even a member of the Pet Care Services Association, with various-sized kennels so both small and big dogs will be so comfortable. Your dog will feel just like he or she is right at home! We’ll hope you’ll visit the Playful Pooch site and take a look around, and perhaps board your dog there the next time you’re out of town.

Give Your Dog A Vacation At The Adventure Dog Ranch

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If you have a dog and live anywhere near Marysville, WA, you must take your loyal pooch over to Adventure Dog Ranch! Adventure Dog Ranch is technically a kennel for when you need to board your dog, but it’s so much more – it’s a cage-free alternative, dog daycare, and dog training facility. Your dog will be able to have fun playing in a total of 21,200 square feet, supervised by the professionals at Adventure Dog Ranch!

Adventure Dog Ranch is a member of the American Boarding Kennel Association, and prides themselves in strictly abiding by the Quality Canine Care Agreement. Their goal is to treat each and every dog like the dog is on vacation, providing it with fun and great care, leaving you with the peace of mind to also enjoy your vacation!

We hope you’ll browse around their site and check out their Board & Train Packages! Their new idea for an alternative to dog kennel cages is such an inspiring idea, and goes a long way to ensuring our pets have exceptional lives!

Getting To Know Gone to the Dogs

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We had the pleasure of recently meeting Lisa from Gone to the Dogs, a dog blog with tons of personality and spirit! The blog is a great read for any dog owner out there, covering daily dog activities and even dock diving events! The blog specifically talks about Autism dog services and the various ways dogs work and train to become a service dog.

We hope you’ll check out Gone to the Dogs – the author of the blog is one lovely lady we’re glad we said hello to, and the posts are full of heart and inspiration!

Beautiful Pet Photos At Nizhoni Pet Photography

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We all love and cherish our pets. Sure, we may get frustrated at them when they munch on our favorite shoes and don’t always listen, but they’re a part of our family and give us so much love and warmth. We treasure our pets and work to care for them from being a puppy to an adult dog.

Nizhoni Pet Photography understands how important our pets are, and works to capture the unique personality of your pet in their beautiful pet photos. Amanda DeMarree is the very talented photographer behind these great pet photos, and Ken DeMarree is the assistant photographer at Nizhoni Pet Photography.

Take a look around the Nizhoni Pet Photography website, and the pet photos in their “Galleries” section are sure to have your eyes glued to your computer screen! The photos capture the nature of the pet in every snapshot, and their photos are so crisp and vivid. Check out their Blog for more pet photos and stories on the photo shoots! They’ve got our tail wag of approval!

Staying Up On Your Canine News With Doggy Blurb

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We all lead very busy lives, and it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of dog-related news as much as we’d like. Doggy Blurb takes care of that – this very engaging dog and pet blog posts several times each day on dog events happening online and across the U.S. They also frequently post on important canine-related news stories that will surely spark some convo at the office watercooler, and are great to link to in your own blog posts!

Doggy Blurb does an excellent job of educating us on what’s going on in the dog world, a “dog newspaper” of sorts, and oh do we love it! Congrats Doggy Blurb on creating a space for us to read canine news, share our thoughts with other readers, and learn about events where we can meet other dog owners.

Kay’s K9s – Handcrafted Canine Miniatures

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Kay’s K9s are some of the cutest and most unique dog collectibles you’ll see! Artist K. Stahler creates beautiful custom needle felted pet sculptures, brooches, magnets, keychains and more that just about perfectly resemble your pet’s look and features, and are so adorable.

These make great holiday gifts for all the pet lover’s in your life this holiday season (along with our pet gift baskets, of course!). They’re so unique, and the recipient will love that they’re handcrafted to match their dog, and not just another store bought gift. Kay’s K9s miniature replicas definitely have that “wow” factor when the recipient sees it, and they’ll remember your very thoughtful gift for years to come!

We applaud Kay’s K9s for creating such a unique canine collectible, and designing each and every one to be absolutely breathtaking!

Celebrating All Dogs At The All Dog Blog!

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We have yet another great dog blog to tell you about – the All Dog Blog! Erin is the author behind these wonderful posts, and her goal is to bring readers the most informative and interesting dog news, great dog products, and canine health information, and she won’t settle for a blog less than the best! She’s certainly attained “great” status in our book, we love her posts, and especially her dog “Books” section on the blog – an excellent resource for dog owners and perfect gifts for dog lover’s this holiday season.

Definitely check out “Five Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween Day, By Paul Mann” – a very timely post for all dog owners to read before Halloween night! We hope you’ll check out All Dog Blog, and their Dog Shop, too.

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