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Meet Our Friends At The Dancing Dog Blog!

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We love friendly dog blogs, and the Dancing Dog Blog is the epitome of a welcoming, friendly blog! This great dog blog is all about posting entertaining and inspirational dog stories, and working to raise awareness of crucial dog issues around the world. We love the personality and unique voice of the blog – writer Mary Haight’s posts are always fresh and engaging, and we’re happy we came across such a great blog.

We urge you to read the inspiring story of Ella in “A Dog’s Story of Loyalty”, and check out the Dancing Dog Lists for very useful information on our canine friends!

We hope you’ll check out the Dancing Dog Blog and say hello to Mary! Keep up the inspiring and creative posts – two paws up for you!

Celebrate Fall with Doggie Gifts!

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Fall Pet Gift Basket

Fall is all about celebrating the season, so why shouldn’t your dog have the same chance to get to enjoy the fun? At, we’re all about finding ways to include your dog in holiday festivities, especially when Halloween and Fall get closer. So don’t just let your dog spend the fall like any other season. Make sure that he’s part of the celebration. Give him something special – like one of the Fall Pet Gift Baskets from

Filled to the brim with yummy tricks and treats for both you and your dog like candies and biscuits, the Dog Gift Baskets from make the perfect gift for when you want to celebrate something special with your dog – just be sure he doesn’t get into any chocolate.

All that’s left to do after you give him a gift is to take him outside to enjoy a run in the freshly fallen leaves!

We’re Happy About Healthy Pets, Happy Owners

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Wouldn’t it be nice if our pet could tell us how they’re feeling? Baxter may not be able to bark his cold symptoms yet, but the Healthy Pets, Happy Owners blog is here to shed some light on common pet illnesses! The blog was started in June, and has tons of great pet treat recipes and information on diseases that could affect our pets!

Take a look at the Healthy Pets, Happy Owners blog, and we know both you and your pet will be happy you checked out the site (especially after your pooch samples the Frozen Peanut Butter Yogurt Treats).!

Listen Up To!

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Looking for a dog blog that prides itself on being just a bit rebellious? Then you’ve found a friend at, a canine blogger named Bo with quite a lively life and even a book of memoirs called Bad To The Bone. All of us at BisketBaskets find Bo to be quite the interesting canine, and we enjoy reading his entertaining blog entries!

Bo Knows Online

Take a look at all of Bo’s Blog Entries and photos of his adorable friends! He also has whimsical Videos, featuring dogs and cats in humorous situations that will surely brighten your day!

We’re happy to say that Bo has a new book out, which would make a perfect Christmas gift for the dog owners in your life! Check out Bad To The Bone: Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger!

We love to see a dog blogger with personality, and Bo has quite the spark in him! We can’t wait to read more of Bo’s entries, and we hope you’ll check out!

We’re All Smiles For Smile Like A Dog

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Whenever we’re having a so-so day, we have a penchant for looking at cute animal photos to perk us up a bit. Smile Like a Dog is one of our favorite pet photography blogs and always puts a smile on our faces! Mark Rogers is the author of the blog and a very talented San Francisco pet photographer.

Pet Photography

Our pets are like members of our family, and it’s great to see an expert photographer acknowledge that animal owners want beautiful mugs of their pets, too! We love Mark’s photos of Eva and Maya, two German Shepherds. He captures the fun loving, friendly nature of these dogs, and the camaraderie among this pair of pups!

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, we encourage you to check out Mark Rogers Photography – his services include pet photography and portraits of people, as well. We love his photos, and we hope Mark sees only more success in the future!

Celebrating National Dog Day With the Polka Dot Pup Blog

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Happy National Dog Day! Celebrate with the Polka Dot Pup Blog, another of our our favorite dog blogs! The blog, with creative posts written by Becca Plummer, is centered around her lovely 4 year old Labrador Retriever, Vixen. The blog is a great resource for dog owners, and features posts on everything from national dog events to dog pool party ideas!

Check out their post, “Celebrating National Dog Day” to learn more about this always exciting annual event! There’s so many dogs out there that need our help, and today especially highlights the need to focus our attention on dog rescue.

We’re big fans of Becca’s post, “Doggie Pool Party”. This fun post explains how to host an entertaining, safe pool party for our canine friends. We know a dog pool party isn’t exactly easy to host, so Becca’s tips can definitely help!

Be sure to read Becca’s great posts at the Polka Dot Pup blog, and tell Vixen we said hi!

Introducing the Big Paw Designs Blog

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We love and pamper our dogs here at Bisket Baskets! Our dogs are part of our families, and we strive to always ensure our canine friends are healthy and very happy. We’re always looking for fun dog supplies, and Big Paw Designs has quite the collection! We love their Dog Collar Charms, the “Power Tail” charm definitely describes our dogs! They also make great charms for humans, too, they’re very pretty.

Big Paw Designs

I think it would be hard to find a dog owner who doesn’t have photos of their pets all around, and having adorable Pet Picture Frames is a must! Their pretty frames come with graphics of dog bones, fish icons, and hearts.

Big Paw Designs

Not only is their online store awesome, but they have a Dog Blog, too! The Big Paw blog has posts on dog health issues and dog awareness.

Calling All Dog Lovers! You’re Welcome Here

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Want to talk dog? Then you need to visit the Welcome Dog Lovers blog! The blog is renowned for it’s excellent coverage of dog health issues and dog care. After all, we want our canine friends to be healthy for life, and Welcome Dog Lovers is here to help us understand our dog’s health, mental state, and ways to keep our dogs happy!

You’ll definitely want to check out all their posts, and we especially love “Dogs Color Vision: Can Dogs See Colors”, where Welcome Dog Lovers sheds some light on the real story behind whether dogs can see colors! “Identify Your Dog’s Emotions – Dogs Have Emotions and Feelings” is another great post that helps dog owners identify when their pooches need a little extra love.

We encourage you to take a visit to Welcome Dog Lovers – you’ll surely be impressed by their extensive canine knowledge and advice!

Introducing The Houston Dog Blog

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If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you probably know how much we love our dogs, and of course reading dog blogs! One of our new favorites is Houston Dog Blog, a Houston-based canine blog that you absolutely must see! This great blog is filled with news on Houston-related dog events that are undoubtedly a great time for dog owners to mingle. Plus, the blog is dedicated to helping dogs find homes and raising awareness for dog rescue organizations, a cause we supremely support.

We love the blog’s mascot, Isabella, their very cute pooch! Check her out in “Isabella Makin’ the Rounds!” and the adorable photo of Isabella in “Assistant on Break!”.

We applaud Houston Dog Blog for helping both Houston readers and the online world understand that dogs need our care and respect, and working to help more dogs find a loving home. Be sure to read Houston Dog Blog and take up the cause of helping our canine friends!

A Dogs View, With A Side of Aromatherapy

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We came across, a dog blog written by Dr. Kim Bloomer and Shadrach, her Neo Mastiff. The blog is committed to educating dog owners on proper dog health and nutrition for their dogs. After all, our dogs are our loyal, constant companions, and we want our adorable canine friends to be as healthy as possible!

A Dog’s View also emphasizes using aromatherapy treatments to deter fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and for soothing itchy dog skin, among a myriad of helpful treatments. Check out for information on the soothing aromatherapy treatments!

We believe in ensuring our dogs are naturally healthy, without the use of harsh chemicals. A Dog’s View feels the same, and is a great resource for dog owners. You can tell Dr. Kim cares a great deal about the well-being of our canine friends, and is dedicated to providing readers with dog health information.

Be sure to check out, and tell the always interesting Dr. Kim we said hello!

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