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Gourmet Gifts

Send Your Wedding Wishes

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Wedding season is still in full swing and as we approach August, more and more wedding guests are starting to scramble to find the perfect gift. As you skim through catalogs and shop through stores, remember that you can always ask the special couple about a registry, which could really help you along in your search for the right gift. Most couples tend to register at various department stores so that wedding guests can avoid duplicating gifts, so be sure to ask around before you start to scramble. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to check off that wedding gift in just a few minutes by logging on and checking the online registry!

Wedding Wishes Cookie Bouquet

However, if you want to go beyond the registry and give the bride and groom something they can really enjoy, be sure to check out the Wedding Wishes Cookie Bouquet from This gorgeous and totally edible wedding gift features a stunning display of individually wrapped butter crème cookies that are hand decorated by our icing artists. As a special touch, you can also include a custom cookie message that wishes the bride and groom well. Trust us- they’ll just love this yummy and delectable treat!

Why Send Flowers, When You Can Send A Bouquet of Cookies?

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Sure, a bouquet of roses looks beautiful and the gesture is always appreciated, but after about a week, they’re not always looking so pretty. A bouquet of delicious cookies on the other hand is just mmm and is a gift to delight both your senses and your stomach! This Valentine’s Day, check out the Red Roses Cookie Bouquet. You’ll be presenting your sweetheart with a deliciously sweet gift that looks breathtaking, too. We create each cookie by hand, ensuring it’s designed to look like a perfect red rose, and is about 3-5 inches in height (quite the cookie!). Enjoy, and remember, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!

Red Rose Cookie Bouquet Whips Up Tasty Gourmet Food Recipes

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We just wanted to say hello to our gourmet cooking friends at! Sure, there are nights when we need to whip up a quick, simple meal, but for those meals where we really want to impress our family and friends with, then the recipes at are a must for you!

Rotini Recipes prides itself in explaining the particular ingredients and methodology behind each recipe. They bring back the art of cooking and make dinnertime less about saving time, and more about creating healthy, great-tasting dishes. After all, if a dish takes fifteen minutes longer to prepare but is much more tastier and filling, isn’t it worth taking the time to really add unique, fresh flavor to your dish?

They have tons of gourmet recipes for Appetizers, Baking and Desserts, Beverages, Condiments, Entrees, Salads and Dressings, Sandwiches, Side Dishes, and Soups.

Shrimp Shui Mai Reipes

Their Sweet and Spicy Ginger Shrimp Shui Mai is one of our favorite dishes!

Check out their sister site, Our lives are quite busy these days, so is our own personal shopper, picking out tons of unique products and gadgets, like these adorable Neapolitan Soaps.

Neapolitan Soaps

From all of us at We Love and their delicious Gourmet Recipes!

Care for a Spot of Tea?

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Teatime can be a great way to relax on the coldest of winter days. Besides being a ritual that invokes feelings of serenity, teatime possesses a culture all its own. Whether you prefer it to be social or personal, teatime can be just the thing you need to escape the winter doldrums.

Hosting teatime is easier than ever when you plan ahead. Start out by making cute invitations, then send them out to 5 to 7 of your closest friends. The more intimate you keep your group, the easier it’ll be to prepare snacks for.

Next, it’s time to plan the menu. Try looking at tea magazines or by visiting tearooms to get a glimpse of the type of fare that is typically served. Light sandwiches, salads, or soups are usually the norm, and of course there are always scones! Make sure you have plenty of scones or biscuits on hand for your tea party. In addition, remember to stock up on creams, butters, preserves, and other accoutrements. Finally, select your tea. Try to choose one that everyone in your party will like. Unsure? Try the staple: English Breakfast.

Now it’s time to host it! Decorate your dining area with delicate fabrics, colorful china, or even play dress up with feather boas and festive hats! This fun approach to tea time can make anyone feel young again!

Wishing to send some cheer to a faraway friend? offers fantastic Tea Gift Baskets that you can send to someone who is feeling the drain of Jack Frost, but can’t take part in your tea time. Filled with cheer and delicious treats, this basket is ideal for sending a smile to those far away.

Visit Us At Ning!

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At, we’re always looking for new ways to share our gift giving experience with you! Check us out over at at – we have tons of great photos, links to jam-packed gift baskets, as well as a forum for you to speak up!

Head on over to Ning!

Say It Beautifully with Gift Baskets

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Kindness makes the world go round. If there’s someone you’d like to thank for doing something for you that meant so much, say it in a way that is unique, thoughtful, and memorable. Here are three great ways to say thank you to someone special in your life:

1.Write a Letter
Letters can be a personal expression of sincere gratitude. Show someone you care by sitting down and writing them a letter. Invest in some elegant stationary or a thank you card for an extra special touch. Be sure you spend time concentrating on your message. Receiving a letter is one of life’s simple joys, especially in a time where people can be so disconnected. Say “Thank You” and write a letter to someone you love.

2.Send a Gift Basket
Sending a gift basket that says “You’re Appreciated” can be a great way to express how much that person means to you. has a great selection of gift baskets that show how much their kindness meant. Filled with gourmet goodies, these baskets are perfect to let someone know that you’re thankful.

3.Treat Them To Dinner
Repay the favor by taking your guest out to dinner. Choose a restaurant that has their favorite type of food, or one that they’ve been dying to try. This new experience will be even more memorable if it has a bit of adventure. Try something new, whether it’s a featured wine or a specialty dish. Make sure to treat them to something special!

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