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It’s Time for Back to School Gifts

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We all have those special people in our lives that are heading either out for the first time or returning to the big college scene.  We offer a variety of COLLEGE CARE PACKAGES that are welcomed with open arms to our kids and students across the country.  We have fun Care Packages that are filled with REESE’S and others filled with assortments of snacks like M&M’s and even some slightly more “meal” worthy like our PIZZA & MUNCHIES CARE PACKAGE where we include a pizza mix (you already know that will be about as healthy as it gets until they come home at the holidays)!  Need one with a pizza pan too?  We’ve got that as well with our DORM ROOM PIZZA KIT.

Back to School - College Care Packages - wordpress

Don’t sweat the small stuff family, sending a COLLEGE CARE PACKAGES are always a welcomed, appreciated but mostly it’s all about being devoured!  We’ve been shipping to colleges and universities all across the country for years and years and we’ve got what kids love.

Dog Christmas Gift Baskets Your Pooch will Love!

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There’s no doubt we love our pets and find any special occasion to treat them.  Luckily for our canine best friends, Christmas will be here in a few short months! Show your dog you love them with a dog Christmas gift basket from  Here are some Christmas gift baskets that your pooch is guaranteed to love.

dog christmas gift baskets

Dog Holiday Wishes Gift Basket – Bisket Baskets dog holiday basket is filled with an assortment of healthy and gourmet biscuits.  This holiday gift basket is wrapped and designed inside a cute green and red paw print container.  This gift will be sure to have your dog’s tail waggin’ for more!

Reindeer Games Dog Gift – We guarantee your dog will have hours of fun playing with his new plush Reindeer Dog Toy.  Also in this basket are delicious Harry Barker biscuits for when he is done playing.  This is a great gift for any special dog in your life.

Heirloom Bone Stocking – Our handmade heirloom stocking is filled to the top with fun and tasty surprises for your pooch to enjoy from Santa.  You can choose to have the stocking filled or unfilled so you can put your dog’s favorite things inside.

See something your dog will like?  Visit us today for more dog Christmas gift baskets at!

Grab the best Birthday Gift Basket for your Guy

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Everyone knows you give great presents. The next time someone’s special day pops up on your calendar, make sure you don’t disappoint. Leave the boring, predictable gifts to his other friends and opt for the unexpected. If you’ve never considered birthday gift baskets for men, our amazing selection of gourmet foods, candy and other treats will surprise you.

If your recipient has a sweet tooth, our candy birthday gift baskets for men are the perfect choice. Classic candy bars, packs of Skittles and other all-time favorites will take him back to a sweeter time. If his candy cravings are more on the sophisticated side, our Ghirardelli Chocolate Candy Bouquet will be a sweet surprise. The Everybody Loves Cupcakes basket says it all; it’s one of our many can’t-miss dessert birthday gift baskets for men.

Sometimes busy guys don’t have time to stop and make a proper meal. That’s when our Gourmet Pizza Making Kit, Farmhouse Breakfast Gift, Barbeque Time! kit and other meal-based birthday gift baskets for men come in handy. Save the day on hectic weeknights or help him make a great impression with all the ingredients for a special meal. The wine lover on your list will appreciate our Grand Vineyard Collection and other wine-centered birthday gift baskets for men, while the Champagne & Caviar Luxury Hamper has all the makings for a romantic picnic.

Cookie Gift Baskets Come with Smiles Attached

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Admit it: Cookies are your guilty pleasure. Sweet, delicious, even decadent — who can resist the delectable enticement of cookies? Regardless of which cookies are anyone’s personal favorites, the very thought of them is often enough to elicit a smile from even the most curmudgeonly person. It’s the reason we created cookie gift baskets. Filled with cookies, more cookies and only cookies, they are the ideal gift for every occasion and even for those “just because” times when there is no special occasion. The gift that always fits; it’s also the one that no one returns! Perhaps that’s because it’s the gift that everyone loves.


Whether you’re looking for a sweet hostess gift to offer your mother-in-law, a cheery get-well item to brighten your grandmother’s day or a fun way to let your mom know that you’re thinking of her, a basket filled with flower-shaped cookies, for instance, is sure to do it.


Thank your wonderful neighbor who willingly picked your kids up when you were sick. Congratulate your best friend on her promotion, and encourage your friend who broke his leg. A gift box or basket of white chocolate macadamia or oatmeal pecan cookies has a charming way of conveying precisely what you mean.


If you want to see joy, give a cookie gift basket to that helpful co-worker or to the one celebrating a milestone birthday. Cookies have that kind of power!

For every occasion and every person, cookie gift baskets are the joy-filled, smile-producing gift.

Ring in the New Year with a Holiday Vineyard Themed Gift

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Ring in the New Year with our Holiday Vineyard Themed Gift Basket!

Celebrating the past year’s accomplishments, little moments, and small victories is all a part of ringing in the New Year! Why not do it with a Holiday Vineyard themed gift basket? At Bisket Baskets and more, we have everything you need to entertain your guests and bring in the next year the right way!

This gift basket has exactly what you need to wine and dine your guests. With an assortment of cheese and wine biscuits, you’ll have your guests enjoying the ball dropping at midnight, the rejoicing, and the food as well!

Did we mention that this magnificent basket comes with our Wine Glacé? This powdered mix can be mixed with whatever wine you’re serving at your party (we suggest sweet wine) and turn it into a Wine-a-Rita of sorts! This fun concoction was voted Best New Drink winner at the National Gourmet Food show two years in a row! Talk about a fun way to celebrate!

Want to shop our awesome gift basket selection or take a peep at our Holiday Vineyard Wine themed gift basket? Shop with us today at!

Having A Dog Question? Ask!

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We’re all about dogs here at BisketBaskets – they’re our best four-legged friends, and we just couldn’t imagine growing up without dogs in our lives! We recently came across Our Dog Blog, where dog owners can ask questions and post answers to common questions to help out the dog community on all those canine questions bubbling up in your mind! We actually posted our own question and answer at “What Should I Know Before Adopting A Dog From A Shelter?” based on our tried and true experience. We hope you’ll head on over to and help out by asking a question or posing your own question and answer!

Time to Turn Your Clocks Back 1 Hour

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It’s that time of year again when we get to realize our dreams come true.  No we didn’t win the lottery, become Queen of a beautiful tropical island and that was totally a dream where George Clooney asked you to marry him!  We get to sleep in without hitting the snooze button for a full hour!  It all comes to an end at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 7th 2010 and we move our clocks back and get to experience a one-time, one hour Groundhog Day just like in the movies!  You can relive that hour, you can do it once; then do it all over again just for fun but most of us will sleep right through it and just enjoy the extra hour of sleep come morning.

On this unique day every year we are reminded not only to move our clocks back one hour but to also replace the batteries in our smoke detectors, change the baking soda in your fridge and start to think about the upcoming holiday season.  Okay, so perhaps I just tossed that one in there but the truth is… you should be!  Christmas is only a mere … 49 days away and counting and if you count the holiday gifting season, that starts in only 23 days. has been designing holiday gift baskets for 11 years and we are confident we can provide just the perfect gift for your loved one or corporate clients.  We are taking corporate holiday orders already so if you’re ready to discuss holiday gifting please email us (info at BisketBaskets dot com) and we will set up a time to discuss your business needs.  If you wish to shop early for your personal and corporate holiday gifts, we do offer the buy now/ship later option on our website.  Let us know if we can be of service to you this holiday season.

Why should your company be sending corporate gift baskets?

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Looking for that missing piece of the puzzle for your company?  You’re doing everything right, customer service is good, the product is good, marketing is good, the employees are good; but something is just missing.  Perhaps it’s something you haven’t given much thought to as you never felt there to be a need.  Maybe it’s time to change things up just a bit and begin to send a clear signal to your clients that you appreciate their continued patronage throughout the year.

No matter your company size there are a multiple of reasons why you should be sending gift baskets to your important clients.  In good economy and in bad, it is important to have your company name on the minds of your clients at all times and sending them a gift for any number of occasions can make this happen for you.  It has been said that it takes more money to gain a new client than it takes to keep an existing one happy.  Make your name be the first they think to call when they need your type of service by sending them a gift periodically to remind them that you appreciate their business.  Your investment can be returned in ways you could never imagine!  Here’s one of our clients story about his success in using for his Corporate Appreciation Gifts; his missing puzzle piece for his business.

Having a successful automotive business for over 20 years; we still had this one account that we had been trying to gain for many years; you know the kind, the one you dream about.  I would contact them, talk with them but still couldn’t nail down client.  Finally after years, I gave up trying to land this account as they just couldn’t be swayed to give us a chance to earn their trust.  Meanwhile, I contacted for several of their Corporate Gift Baskets for my business and had them delivered to me directly so that I could properly thank my clients by delivering them in person; something that I enjoy doing.  Bisket Baskets designed and delivered awesome gifts and I began to ring doorbells around town delivering.  One client answered her door and was very excited to receive such a beautiful gift that she wanted to leave it all intact for her dinner party that night so everyone could see it.  With her many thank-yous I left her home with a smile on my face; totally unprepared for what was about to happen the next day.  Saturday morning I arrived at my office to the phone ringing and I answered it to find my hard sought after client of my dreams calling me.  Many times you never know what turned a new client your direction but this time it was evident; it was!  My new client was at that dinner party and saw the appreciation gift I had hand delivered to my client.  After she was told the story of the gift she realized that I was the person she wanted to do business with and called me bright and early on that Saturday morning to let me know we had their business.  If I wasn’t diligent in sending appreciation gifts to my clients, I never would have gained my dream client!

Bisket Baskets was very happy to assist our above client with his corporate gift giving needs.  He has maintained his dream client and continues to send appreciation baskets throughout the year and not just at the holidays.  He has learned that your company gains more recognition by being the only gift on the table instead of one of many.  We encourage this off-season gifting trend as well as saying Thank you is perfect anytime of the year! offers a wide variety of corporate gifts ranging in price from $24.99 to $269.99.  Should you need an even more impressive gift we would be happy to assist you with those needs as well.  How can we help get your corporate gifting needs on track with our Corporate Appreciation gifts?

Saying Thanks with a Thank You Gift!

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From taking that trip in a lifetime to visiting family and friends our summer vacations are always events to look forward to.  When we visit and stay with friends and family it’s always appropriate to thank them for their hospitality.  Doing this can always be an enjoyable occasion as it can be done as shared time together or a gift to arrive after your departure. 

Saying thank you as a shared time together can be as simple as treating your host family out to dinner at a nice restaurant in their neighborhood or nearby.  By enjoying their company in these final hours of your vacation it is great to relive your experiences with them and to say thank you for putting you and your family up for the stay.  To say thank you with a gift you can make your selection prior to your vacation and have the thank you gift shipped to deliver after you leave or place your order when you arrive home.  A beautiful gift basket thanking for their hospitality is always acceptable very much appreciated.  The toughest part of thanking is deciding what kind of gift to send!

With we offer beautiful gourmet thank you gift baskets, candy gifts and cookie gifts that are suitable for the whole family, plus we even have pet lover gifts which have treats for both the owner and the pet!  Let help you send your thank you gifts this summer!

Some of our clients’ favorites this year are:

Barbeque Grill Master Gourmet Gift Basket , M & M Madness Candy Bouquet, Life’s a Beach and our Two Good Gourmet Dog & Owner Gift.  How will you be saying thank you?  Let help!

Graduation Gifts

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Each milestone of graduation in our lives is marked in celebration whether it be a large gathering or just a few family members gathered in your honor.  A time of celebration and rejoicing is required to acknowledge the hard work done to reach this next level.  Unfortunately there may be times we simply cannot make these festive occasions so sending your thoughts and best wishes is easy with a graduation gift from

We offer an assortment of gifts that are perfect for each graduation in one’s life.  For our youngsters graduating Nursery School we have our Sunshine Surprise Gift for Kids; from Kindergarten to 1st Grade they love cookies and sweets so how about Dinomite Cookie Gift Bouquet for him or Kitty Cookie Bouquet for her.  Graduation to Middle school/Junior high try one of our candy bouquets for a huge hit and when they graduate from high school, we have a graduation cookie bouquet complete with mortarboard or a candy bouquet with their favorite candies like Reese’s or M&M’s.  When graduating from college almost anything goes!  We have beautiful gourmet gift baskets for her or gifts for him, cookie bouquets, candy bouquets or candy baskets and even beautiful floral arrangements delivered right to their door.  So many choices to choose from and you can shop online 24/7.  With ground shipping as low as $9.99 there is no need to break the bank and we’ve got you covered for all those out of state graduation gifts you need to purchase.  So stop on by and give us a visit and check out our gifts for your graduation gifting needs.

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