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Remedy Low Morale with Corporate Gift Baskets

Hi, this is Nick here. When I was a sophomore in college, I worked as a janitor in a truck repair shop/parts sales warehouse. I didn’t mind the work, paying for books, gas, rent, food, and school supplies wasn’t easy when you could only work 20 hours a week when school was in.When classes let out for winter break, that only meant one thing for me – my availability to work was wide open.  So I worked almost every day I could, shoveling snow, constantly mopping wet floors, and salting the sidewalks.  It wasn’t too pleasant.

I had already been made aware I’d be working Christmas Eve, but it didn’t bother me too much because I would still have time to make the two hour drive to my parent’s house just in time for dinner.  But, like Bob Cratchit in a Christmas Carol, I would find that my general manager had other plans for me.  I was told three days before Christmas Eve they needed me to stay later to clean and lock-up.  Now as much as I wanted to quit right then and there, I needed the extra cash I made that week to pay rent and bills for December.  So I agreed, then called my parents to tell them I wouldn’t be making dinner.

After three days of fuming over the fact I needed to work late, I walked into work on Christmas Eve.  Before I could even punch the clock, I was asked into the general manager’s office.  He thanked me for agreeing to stay late that night.  In gratitude, he gave me a small gift basket with candy, snacks, and a card in which said my hard-work was much appreciated.  It perked me up to say the least.

That single act revitalized my enthusiasm for my job.  I actually stayed at that job until I graduated.  Today, I’m in the almost same shoes as my old general manager.  I manage a team of software technicians who I’ve grown quite close to.  To show my appreciation for their hard work, I give them a gift basket for Holidays, to thank them for a staying late to finish-up a project of importance, or just to boost their spirits.  It’s a good way to keep your employees happy and we all know that happy workers are hard workers.


Corporate Gift Baskets

If you want to reward your employee’s hard work or celebrate a special event in your office, get Corporate Gift Baskets.  You will see more smiles on a Monday if you have treats!

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