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Happy Friday the 13th, Everyone!

I’m not quite sure what it traces back to, but I’ve always been a fan of Friday the 13th. Long before I saw the horror film series – which I do enjoy, incidentally! – I just never could wrap my head around why so many people feared this day/date combination. I turned to Wikipedia for a little more information, and was surprised to read, “One theory states that it is a modern amalgamation of two older superstitions: that thirteen is an unlucky number and that Friday is an unlucky day.” I had heard the first part before, but never heard of Friday as being an unlucky day. In fact, most people I know love it! I guess times have changed on that one.

The Wikipedia entry does contain a lot of great facts and back story, so I definitely recommend giving it a read. But I’m not about to start fearing Friday the 13th after all these years of thinking it’s actually pretty neat. In fact, I’m going to celebrate this particular Friday the 13th by hunting around on our site for things I love that have a ‘13’ somewhere in them. And here I go…

  • Our Bridesmaid Spa Gift Basket includes a 13 oz. peppermint foot soak! 13 oz. of soothing refreshment that feels like very good luck, indeed.

Whether you’re a fan of Friday the 13th like I am, or it’s always struck you as a bit of a spooky day, I hope the rest of it goes smoothly for you. I also hope you have a great weekend!

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