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Let People Know Where Their Donated Money Will Go!

The simple fact is, people are being asked for donations now more than ever. We are called on the phone, asked at cash registers, contacted via email, and shown compelling commercials on the television. It can be financially impossible to support every cause we believe in, but most of us are still very charitable people who want to help the best we can, as long as we know where the money is going.

Will you be hosting a raffle this spring? We wish you the very best! And if we can offer one tidbit of advice, we encourage you to simply let people know where their money will go. You don’t have to get super specific – a general overview should suffice! If buying raffle tickets benefits a school sports team, supplying them with money for new equipment or uniforms, put that right on your flyer beneath the picture. Is your raffle money going toward a new air conditioner or carpeting for the church? Let people know! We truly believe there is more good in this world than is often noticed, and that people simply want to know what they are putting their money toward before they do it. And, of course, having an awesome raffle prize is an incentive as well!

Many of our gift baskets and cookie bouquets are ideal for spring raffles. They are eye-catching, colorful, packed with tempting treats, and have near universal appeal. We hope you’ll consider including one or two in your next raffle, and wish you the best of luck in surpassing your goals!

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