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The Why Isn’t Always Important!

We have become a people dependent on ‘good reasons’ for doing things. We want to know ‘why’ perhaps now more than ever, and in many cases, that is a very good thing! When it comes to the foods we eat, for example, we are more informed about what we should eat and why it’s good for us than we’ve ever been. However, always looking for a solid reason to do something ourselves, or in wondering why something was done, can also be a bit exhausting.

Just a few days ago I couldn’t stop singing Christmas songs. I was singing them around the house, around the office, in the car – pretty much everywhere I went! Why was I singing them? I have absolutely no idea, to be honest. But everyone around me kept asking, and it was starting to take the fun out of it!

If you go to the mechanic and he tells you that your car needs $5,000 worth of work, by all means ask him why. If your computer requires a technician take a look at it, ask her exactly what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. If you wake up tomorrow to find your neighbors camping in your backyard, I think you’re more than justified to ask them why they’re doing that. But before you go questioning everything that happens, whether it’s a silly video someone posted online or someone at work singing Christmas songs in March, ask yourself if it might not be more fun for everyone involved to not question it and just enjoy it.

One of the best things about cutting back on ‘why’ is that it’s replaced in your brain by an unspoken ‘why not?’ Driving home from the gym and notice a new store you’ve never seen before? Might as well stop – why not? Suddenly feel compelled to reorganize your bathroom or bedroom, or paint the walls a totally offbeat color? Go for it – why not?! See a fun gift basket or beautiful floral bouquet you know a friend would love, but it’s not her birthday, or her anniversary, or a holiday? Send it along, anyway. ‘Just because’ can be two of the most beautiful words when they’re attached to a gift from the heart, and they don’t leave any room for ‘why’!

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