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Gifting A Little Bit of Everything, by Aine Norris

We’re so pleased to have connected with Aine Norris and her blog, We love her eclectic, bright spirit, and are glad to have her guest posting with us today! She’s a writer currently hanging her hat in Richmond, VA. Specializing in copywriting, themed-writing, and all things vintage, Aine can usually be found with her nose in a book or scribbling ideas on napkins, cereal boxes, or any other flat surface unfortunate enough to be in her path when an idea strikes. Follow her on Twitter via @a1ne or catch up on

A Little Bit of Everything, by Aine Morris

It’s that time again: Your anniversary. His birthday. Her birthday. Your hard-to-please best friend’s birthday. Your college roommate’s bridal shower. No matter the occasion itseems as though August is chock-full of reasons to buy gifts. These gifts can be stressful on the dutiful giver as they ponder the implied meaning, the cost, the likelihood of it standing out amongst others, and before you know it the entire idea of gift-giving is overwhelming and you end up sliding a small, white-enveloped gift card onto the present table.

Wouldn’t it be more effective, and dare we say fun, to create a gift for your special occasion, pay for it, and be done? That’s where a Gift Basket comes in. Gift baskets are an easy way to create and customize the perfect gift in a short amount of time with your particular budget in mind.

Gift baskets are like the buffet of the present world; a smattering of things custom pickedwith one person’s enjoyment and appreciation in mind. They’re especially convenient for those…ahem…hard to please friends and family members who have and have seen it all. Customize a basket with gourmet goodies, candy, wine, and more all on Bisket Baskets. There are even options for dog and cat lovers and, let’s face it, we all know one of those!

Don’t get stuck in the downward spiral of gift cards or expensive trinkets. This time around skip the headache and the severe dent in your wallet. Build a basket and you’ll not only stand out from the crowd of other gifts; you’ll also give them something they’ll truly appreciate and won’t consider re-gifting.

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