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Memorial Day – May 31, 2010

Many of us Americans view this day as the welcoming of summer.  A truly welcomed weekend especially after the long winter months many of us experience.  Falling at the tail end of May each year, we are experiencing the rebirth of our land as the grass greens, flowers bloom and our trees become full of leaves again.  As we look forward to this enjoyable time we spend together with family and friends over gatherings in backyards or parks across the country, don’t forget to stop and take a breath.  Remember those around you who are in reverence to the real meaning of this glorious weekend; a true celebration of our nation’s heroes.

Originally called Decoration Day back in 1866 in Waterloo NY a druggist (Henry Welles) wanted to honor those who died in the Civil War.  Union Army Brig. Gen. John Murray both a customer and friend joined together to lead Waterloo in its first observance of Decoration Day.  To honor the fallen soldiers, flags were lowered to half-mast and a parade route included three local cemeteries so respects could be paid.  By 1868 President Ulysses S. Grant was presiding over a similar ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery and the pressure was on to claim May 30th as a national holiday.  After World War 1 in 1954, Decoration Day was now including not only Civil War’s fallen heroes but World War 1 fallen heroes as well.  In 1971 Congress renamed the day to Memorial Day and changed the date from May 30th to the last Monday in May therefore offering the American worker another 3-day holiday weekend.

We at wish to extend our most sincere appreciation to all our members of service.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the service you provide to us to keep us safe here at home and abroad.  Your unselfish act of patriotism knows no boundaries and we thank you for serving our great country.

Let Freedom Ring!

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