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Throw A Doggone Great Birthday Party

Is your dog’s birthday coming up? Throw him or her a fantastic surprise party! Send out invites to all of your dog’s friends (and your friends too) about a month before the date. Invite obedience classmates, play date partners, or the neighbor’s pooch. After you’ve sent out invitations, it’s time to get the decorations. Visit your local party supply store for doggie d├ęcor that is sure to delight both pets and owners.

While you’re out, pick up some treats and dog toys as a great party favor for your pup’s guests. On the day of the party, get someone to take your pooch out for a park play date or for a long walk. Pick up a doggie birthday cake from a local bakery (and one for humans) or bake your own using a recipe from a doggie cook book or one off the net.

Have your guest show up prior to your dog’s return and then, surprise! Your guests will love this cute party idea and they’ll especially appreciate the opportunity for their pooches to socialize. Don’t forget about gifts! Doggie Surprise Party Gifts are a great touch to add to your dog’s birthday.

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