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The Holiday Shopping Guide: Your Month-to-Month Shopping Helper

Prices are moving on the up and up and if you’re looking to save money, now is the time to start planning your holiday shopping strategy. Remember – you can’t hold off the holiday season just because you need to save more money to spend on your gift budget. If you really want to get gifts for everyone without breaking the bank, it’s time to start planning and shopping now. Here are a few tips from on how to save this holiday season without having to participate in the usual holiday rush.

September: Planning is Everything
During the month of September, use some extra time researching gift ideas for different friends and family members. Make a quick list of who exactly you need to buy for and a few traits for gifts that they may like. Then, head to your computer and start searching. Browse around online and get an idea of what gifts may be perfect for someone on your list and about how much they cost. With a rough idea of price, you should be easily able to plan out exactly how much money you need to set aside for this year’s gifting season. Also, don’t forget to stop by and check out our selection of Holiday Gift Baskets. Who knows? You might just be able to get all of your shopping this year done at 🙂

October: Lock in Those Gift Ideas
Now is the time to get serious about gifting. During the month of October, you’ll work to prevent any expensive impulse buys by finalizing your gift ideas for friends and loved ones. Also by this time, you should have quite a bit of your holiday shopping budget saved up so that once December rolls around, you’ll be well prepared for spending. By the end of October, you should also look for the best prices on some of your gift ideas. Finally, start making some purchases that you are absolutely sure you want to make. If you saw something that you love or that you know someone special will appreciate, get it now before it sells out!

November: Start Buying!
Okay, now is the time to start buying. During the month of November, it’ll be best for you to find the best price and get that purchase completed so that you’ll have plenty of time to relax between now and the holiday season. Shop along the lines of your budget and that list you made back in September, but also make some room for last minute purchases. Leave a good amount of cash set aside for last minute gifts so that you won’t be caught in the holiday rush if you do need to get something extra. Also, it may not be a bad idea to have some last minute gift ideas prepared so that it’ll be easy to order once you know that you need them. Don’t forget to check out between now and November for some great Holiday Gift Baskets for everyone on your shopping list!
December: Don’t Forget the Last Minute Gifts!
Remember those last minute gifts? Well, December is the month to get them! At, we have a great selection of Last Minute Holiday Gift Baskets that are perfect for giving during the holiday season when you’re strapped for both time and money. Be sure to bookmark our site for any last-minute gifting emergencies so that once the holidays are here, you won’t be scrambling to complete all of your gifting!

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