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Time To Start Thinking About Homemade Halloween Costumes and Halloween Gift Baskets

Halloween is a magical time filled with ghouls and goblins walking hand in hand with princesses and superheroes, and all of us here at love to exude our spooktacular Halloween spirit! We feel Halloween is a holiday that should be shared, and we created our Halloween Gift Baskets so you can send some boo-tiful Halloween wishes across the miles – or the block! Dressing your kids – and your four-legged kids, up for Halloween is an absolute must, and we have some fun homemade Halloween costume ideas for you – Halloween is right around the corner, so start planning! We just know your relatives will want a photo of these costumes, so be sure to send one along with our so cute Halloween Party Gift Basket, too.

Halloween Gift Baskets

For Your Kids:

  • Fabulous 1950’s Waitress: This is perfect for a little girl. Dress her up in one of her pastel pink, yellow, or blue dresses. Take one of your small white aprons and tie it around her. Have a white cloth napkin? Fold it in a triangular shape and pin it to the front of her hair. Have her wear white socks and saddle shoes, and create a small paper nametag for her. Have her carry a large plastic dish or serving tray!
  • Spa Queen: Isn’t it so relaxing to spend a day at the spa? Dress your little girl up in a white robe and slippers, and paint her nails in a bright shade. Have her wrap her hair up in a white towel and carry a hand mirror. Put light blue facepaint on her face to look like a face mask.
  • Fisherman: This is a fun costume for little boys! Dress him up in a yellow poncho, rain hat, and rain boots. Purchase a plastic fish or make one from felt. Have him carry a tackle box in his other hand.
  • Road Trip: Prefer a more unique costume for your little boy? Take an ordinary pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt, and stick yellow masking tape throughout it to resemble the lines on a road. Use glue to affix light-weight plastic cars and trucks throughout the “road”. Create highway signs out of thick paper and affix them to the sweats. Life is a highway!

For Your Four-Legged Kids:

  • Superhero Puppy Power: Does Fido always seem like he has this superdog power to put a smile on your face? Visit your local craft store and pick up material to make a “cape” for Fido. Paint your dog’s first initial on it a la a Superman cape, and tuck it under your dog’s collar to secure it.
  • Fido Goes West: This is a very simple dog Halloween costume – all you need to do is tie a bandana gently around your dog’s neck, and pick up a dog-appropriate cowboy hat at your local pet store. He’ll be hitting the saloon in no time!
  • Pirate Puppy: Like the Superhero costume, make a black cape for your dog and affix it under your dog’s collar. Then, simply visit your local pet or Halloween store to pick up a pirate hat that is dog-friendly, too! Arrrh, matey!

Halloween is a memorable holiday – what other day can you dress up like your favorite Superhero, and dress your kids and pets up in so fun costumes, too? Share in the Halloween spirit by sending Halloween Gift Baskets to your friends and family, and be sure to send or email photos of your kids and four-legged kids, too – we know there will be quite the fun photos out there! Happy (early) Halloween!

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