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BisketBaskets and More. Delivering Award Winning Gift Baskets Worldwide since 1999’s Lamb and Barley Stew

This posts marks the start of a regular feature on our blog: Our Favorite Recipes! We’re contacting some of our favorite food bloggers and asking them for a recipe to highlight on our blog.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Michele from the Cooking With Michele blog.  Michele resides in the wonderful state of Colorado as well, in Denver to be exact, and has been cooking since age 5 in her Easy Bake Oven! Since then, she’s been a part of 10 different cooking schools, and is quite the talented chef. She selected her Lamb and Barley Stew recipe to share with our readers!

You can view the Lamb and Barley Stew recipe in its entirety, and it’s definitely BisketBaskets approved! It looks absolutely delectable, and you can assured we’ll be trying it out in our own kitchens soon, too. Let us know how you liked it, and be sure to try Michele’s other delicious recipes!

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