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Celebrate National Dog Week with Dog Gift Baskets and More!

Dog Gift Basket

The fourth week of September is National Dog Week and to celebrate, we have these 10 great ideas! Your dog deserves a little extra lovin’ and attention this month, and we have the perfect ways to give it. You can:

1.) Spend extra time going for walks with your pooch. Walking isn’t just great exercise for you both, but it’s also tons of fun!

2.) Make sure that you keep up with your dog’s regular vet appointments. We all know that things get busy and schedules get hectic, but you should never let your dog’s health fall by the wayside. Keep your dog happy and healthy!

3.) Try to spend at least a 1/2 hour every day playing with your dog. Break out the toys, wrestle, or play fetch in the yard – it’s all up to you!

4.) Give your pup an extra belly rub…or two…or five. You know he deserves it!

5.) Bake your pup some homemade dog treats. It’ll be a great weekend activity and most dog treat recipes are super simple and fast! Then, you’ll have something truly special and made with love to give to your pup during this special week.

6.) Get your dog groomed. He’ll look his best, feel his best, and it’s a way to give your dog a lil’ extra pampering!

7.) Give your dog a gift basket! At, we have a great selection of dog gift baskets that are perfect for gifting during National Dog Week. Choose the one that’s best for your dog!

8.) Have friends that love dogs just as much as you do? Then send a Pet and Owner Gift Basket from our selection too! It’s a great way to show you care while ensuring that every dog in your life gets a little extra lovin’.

9.) Get your dog a new toy or collar. A gift can always get two paws up from your pup!

10.) Cuddle with your dog! It’ll lift your mood while letting your dog know just how much you care. Plus, there’s nothing more perfect than puppy cuddles!

Do you have any other suggestions on how to celebrate National Dog Week? Let us know!

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