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Celebrating the Dog Days of Summer with a Dog Gift Basket!

Summer is here, folks. Well – almost! But compared to the oh-so-cold winter, spring is feeling a lot like summer. And as much as we enjoy these opportunities to relax outdoors, feeling the sun on our faces and the warm winds blow through, if there’s anything I’ve learned watching my own dog and the neighbors’ dogs, it’s that they blow my love of summer out of the water.

To be fair, this is my dog’s first spring. He’s heading toward 9 months old, and hasn’t felt warm weather for most of his young life. As a smaller breed, winter was especially tricky. There was no climbing snow banks or hiking through the woods, though he did do his best to frolic when there was just a dusting. But in these past few warmer weeks, he has experienced the freedom and fun that a sunny backyard has to offer. He can run, jump, roll around, and bound to and fro with wild abandon. And as much as he loves every second of it, he’s falling asleep a lot earlier at night! That’s why I’ve been giving him extra treats to make our relaxing time extra special.

As much fun as my little guy is having, he’s also pretty tuckered out by the time we’re done playing in the yard. Spring and summer definitely offer more opportunity for doggy good times, but when you’re covered in fur they can also be exhausting. I’m taking extra care to be sure my pup is drinking enough, and making coming inside not only something he has to do after a couple hours outside, but also something he wants to do. How to lure in a pup who still wants to play even when he’s clearly ready for some snoozing? With treats, of course! And for the best, most tail wag-worthy treats, browse our dog gift baskets collection.

Not only do super special treats help me encourage my little fella to come inside and relax, but sometimes I give him a few pieces before we go outside as well. Once he gets running around it’s hard to get him to sit, stay, or give paw, so I’ve made it a ritual to work on some light training before heading out. As a puppy, even playtime can be hard work, and a yummy reward for being so good at living life to the fullest makes a doggy’s day even better.

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