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Introducing Shylo Country Club For Dogs

We know it’s not easy leaving your dog at home while you go away on vacation or a business trip. Sure, you can have a friend or family member check in regularly, but your dog is alone for the rest of the day, and dogs are of course very social creatures. The Shylo Country Club for Dogs created a place for dogs to have fun while you’re having fun on vacation, too!

Located in Aurora, Colorado, the same great state we’re proud to live in, Shylo Country Club For Dogs boasts impressive Facilities, with 12 different play yards, including two separate play areas with one just for puppies and one just for the senior dogs. They even have a swimming pool for dogs! Your dog will be spending much of his or her time playing outside, rather than cooped up inside in a kennel. They feature a great array of Dog Boarding Services, and we hope you’ll check them out! It’s so refreshing to see such a novel approach to dog boarding!

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