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Is Your Canine Sick As A Dog? Here’s How To Give Your Dog His Medicine!

Ever heard the expression “sick as a dog”? Dogs will eat and get into just about anything, resulting in a sick pooch here and there! Just like you, your dog may feel a little blue from time to time, and if you notice a change in your pet’s behavior or appearance, such as your dog feeling sluggish or having skin irritations, a visit to the vet is certainly due. Your vet will likely prescribe your dog medication in a tablet or pill form, and well, your dog may not exactly love taking that pill! We’ve been around dogs our whole lives and were one of the first companies to debut Pet Gift Baskets filled with healthy treats to lift the spirits of sick pets, and we’re here to give you our tried and true pet medicine experience!

Step 1: It’s important to first calm your dog. We suggest working in pairs, with one person giving your dog medication, and the other calmly stroking your dog’s coat throughout the process. Be sure to have your dog sit.

Step 2: Using two fingers, hold your dog’s mouth from above his upper lip.

Step 3: Tilt your dog’s head back. Unfortunately, your dog’s lower jaw usually does not open enough to just stick the pill in your dog’s mouth at this point.

Step 4: Your dog will want to close his mouth, so take care to fold your dog’s upper lip over his teeth. This way, if he should bite down, he’ll be biting his lip, and not your fingers!

Step 5: Securely hold your dog’s lower jaw with your thumb and finger and open your dog’s mouth, using another finger to drop the pill as far back inside your dog’s mouth as possible.

Step 6: Close your dog’s mouth and gently blow on your dog’s nose to encourage him to swallow the pillow.

Step 7: Once your dog has swallowed, be sure to reward your dog for a job well done! The healthy and delectable treats in our Dog Gift Baskets are perfect for rewarding Fido for working with you to get him on the path to good health once again.

Giving your dog medication isn’t the easiest process, but it does get easier as your pooch gets more comfortable with it. Many of our dog gift baskets come with Greenies Pill Pockets Treats inside – they come in several different dog-friendly flavors, and you simply stick your dog’s tablets inside them. The Pill Pocket treat tastes delicious to your pup, so he just woofs it down like any other treat!

Have a sick pooch of your own, or have a friend, family member, or client with an under-the-weather canine?  Dogs are just like members of our families, so sending a dog gift basket, such as our Back On Your Paws Dog Gift Basket, or one of our Pet Lover Gift Baskets that includes goodies for both pet and owner, is a great way to show that you care about them and what means so much to them – their dog.

What are your tried and true tips for giving your dog his medication?

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