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Staying Up On Your Canine News With Doggy Blurb

We all lead very busy lives, and it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of dog-related news as much as we’d like. Doggy Blurb takes care of that – this very engaging dog and pet blog posts several times each day on dog events happening online and across the U.S. They also frequently post on important canine-related news stories that will surely spark some convo at the office watercooler, and are great to link to in your own blog posts!

Doggy Blurb does an excellent job of educating us on what’s going on in the dog world, a “dog newspaper” of sorts, and oh do we love it! Congrats Doggy Blurb on creating a space for us to read canine news, share our thoughts with other readers, and learn about events where we can meet other dog owners.

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