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Tips To Keep Baxter Barking Happily Away As The Temps Heat Up!

We’re based in Parker, Colorado, where the winters are quite chilly and the summers are pretty sweltering. We’ve grown up with dogs our entire lives, and have even rescued a few of our own. The summer is a fantastic time for both dogs and their owners, but we know firsthand how vital it is to keep an eye on your dog’s health in the summertime. So while we’re crafting our signature dog gift baskets, we’re also out there making sure Baxter isn’t too hot in that summer heat. Here are just a few tips to make summer fun for both you and your dog:

  • Take note of how long your dog is outside. If you’re lucky enough to have a yard your dog can safely run around in, it’s nice to let your dog outside in the summer and just let him or her enjoy the warm weather and exercise! Yet, most dogs have trouble calling it quits, even if they’re panting and breathing hard in the hot weather. Limit your dog’s running time to fifteen minute increments.
  • Lifeguard on duty. Most dogs love to swim in the summertime and are natural swimmers, but any dog can get scared in suddenly deep waters or be taken with a wave or the current of a river. Pet stores do sell life jackets for dogs, and it’s vital that you only allow your dog to swim in shallow, calm water. Preventative safety and supervision is key to happy canine swimming.

  • Keep the water bowl filled! Fido can’t exactly tell you when he needs water, so it’s our duty as loving dog owners to ensure his water bowl always has H20 in it. If you’re traveling and bringing him along, be sure to pack a water bottle and portable bowl to bring along with you.
  • Hot cars, stuffy houses, and dogs don’t mix. Just as you know not to leave your dog in a hot car for any amount of time, the same goes for your home in the summertime. If you leave Baxter home while you’re at work, imagine how hot your house can get as the sun beats her rays down on it. You wouldn’t be comfortable in it, and neither will your dog. Position fans around your home, and turn your air conditioner’s energy saver function on to keep your pooch cool!
  • Keep critters out of your dog’s fur. We all know how important it is to search our dog’s coat for fleas and ticks every time our dog comes in from outside, but there’s also the risk of beetles, spiders, and flies. Sure, they may not harm your dog like a flea or tick can, but having a critter in your coat doesn’t exactly feel great for your dog, and you certainly don’t want bugs inside your home. Take a few minutes to “pet” (examine) your dog when he or she comes in from outside.
  • The way to a hostess’s heart is through her dog. The holidays feel like the busiest time of the year, but summer is a close second. You’re going to cookouts and parties almost every weekend, and you want to bring something more interesting than another dip or dessert. Good dogs deserve healthy treats, so gift the host or hostess with dog gift baskets for their pooch! They’re filled with healthy goodies and toys for Fido, making his summer a fun one, and gifting the hostess with a very memorable gift.

The sunny days and blue skies make the summer season a favorite for us, especially out here in beautiful Colorado. By keeping an eye on the amount of time Baxter is outside, and following summer dog care tips, we can make sure we’ll have a summer that’s filled with only sun and laughter! Feel free to share your own summer dog care tips by leaving a comment!

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