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Top 5 Woof-tastic Gifts For Dog Lovers

We all have the friends who treat their pets as their children – you know, where Baxter has an actual seat at the dinner table and a whole other twin bed just for him. If you are pondering what to get them for this holiday season, we are here to the gifting rescue to give you our top 5 gifts for the dog lover in your life. Perhaps you’d even like to treat the pup with one of our dog gift baskets?  Of course! Check out our top 5 gift picks that make great matches with your dog gift basket:

Dog Gift Baskets

1. Personalized Dog & Owner Photo Frame – for the owner’s favorite pic of their pooch and themselves, decorate a frame and add both of their names on it.
2. Pet & Owner Stockings – Buy two stockings and fill one with treats and toys for Fido and the other with a cute gift for their owner!
3. Treats for Owner and Pup – Bake some homemade cookies for the owner and then make or purchase decorated cookies for their pooch! Both will be appreciative of your hard work and thoughtfulness! Hint: Many of our dog gift baskets feature dog-friendly “cookies” and treats.
4. Treat Mix – Give your dog-loving friend a dog treat mix for them to bake their own creations for their pup! You can find items like this in our dog gift baskets!
5. Personalized Dog Lover Mug – get a plain white mug and a sharpie. Decorate the mug with a saying or drawings then bake the mug in the oven for 30 min at 350 degrees Allow to cool completely before washing or using! Also, please tell the pet lover these are hand wash only!

We hope this helps when deciding what to get for the pooch lover on your holiday gift list. We know both dog and owner will be putting two paws (er, thumbs) up for dog gift baskets from!

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