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Fending Off the Blues During Cold and Flu Season

Get Well Soon Gift BasketsDo you remember those cold snowy days when you were stuck in bed with nothing but a bowl of hot soup, a cup of tea, and the doctor’s orders to get some rest? No matter how busy you may get, it’s still important to take care of yourself in a time of illness. With flu and cold season already upon us, remember that it pays to take the extra time to send some cheer to the special people in your life who may be under the weather. Believe it or not, boosting someone’s mood could speed up their recovery! To send a thoughtful gift, find out if your friend is taking visitors. If so, showing up at their door with a House Call Gift Basket can brighten up his day instantly. Or, if you need to send a long distance care package, consider sending a jar of Chicken Soup Mix for her to enjoy while she gets back to her old self again. Being sick isn’t any fun, but you can make it just a little bit easier by sending someone you care about a delightful Get Well Gift from! Remember, to keep yourself safe from the flu, wash your hands frequently, boost your Vitamin C, get plenty of rest, and as always, stay warm out there!

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