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Welcome Home Students!

As final exams wrap up and students begin to return home, should you be thinking about ways to make the return festive? Throwing a “Welcome Home” celebration can be a great way to show your son or daughter that you’ve missed them during the school year, and that you’re proud of all of the hard work he or she has accomplished. Here are some great ideas on how to make your Welcome Home Party special:

There’s Nothing Better…
…than a home cooked meal. Your student will no doubt love the fact that you are welcoming him home with his favorite dish: your spaghetti. Cooking for our college student is a sweet and sincere way to welcome him back from a semester hard at study. In addition, your student will love the fact that this meal isn’t from the dining hall!

A Special Treat…
…makes all the difference. Surprising your student with a sweet treat can give her a boost, especially after the draining experience of final exams. The Candy Bouquets from make for a great welcome home present that your college student will just love. Comprised of yummy candies in a fun display that she’ll love, these bouquets look great set on a desk or on the kitchen table.

Make it a Party!
Celebrate your child’s homecoming by inviting over friends and family that he hasn’t seen in months! Not only will he appreciate the gesture, he’ll love the fact that he gets to reconnect with people he’s been so far away from for so long.

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