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Welcome Your Guests With Wedding Gift Baskets For Out Of Town Guests

We can’t help but chuckle a bit over the anonymous quote, “Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.” We know you love your family and your friends-who-feel-like-family, and you’re glad you’re inviting them to your wedding. If they live out of town, you want to welcome them in and show how excited you are. Thoughtful gifts, like Wedding Gift Baskets For Out Of Town Guests, welcome them in with style and get your guests even more excited for your wedding and glad they could make the trip! Here’s some great ways to welcome those special out of town guests to your wedding:

Personalized welcome card – Doesn’t it always feel special to receive a hand-written letter or card? Ask the hotel to place a personalized “welcome” card in each of the hotel rooms for your wedding. Simply choose a blank greeting card and fill it with a message welcoming your guests to the wedding, thanking them for making the trip, and showing your excitement for the wedding festivities ahead.

Photo Memories – We love that warm, sentimental feeling we get when we just so happen to come across a photo of the friends and family we love. Look for photos of your out of town guests, and once you find a photo for each guest room, simply tape it to a blank piece of paper and write a thoughtful message, such as “We love you, thank you for sharing in our day!” on each. Then, place in each guest room.

Delicious bottle of wine – Visit a local winery or liquor store and look for small, affordable bottles of wine – perhaps 750 ml bottles at around $10 each, and include one bottle in each of your own of town guest rooms. Tie a ribbon around the stem in your wedding colors to add a personalized touch to your gift of wine.

Wedding Gift BasketsWedding gift baskets for out of town guests are another beautiful way to thank your guests for spending hours in the car or plane to be a part of your magical day. Select a wedding gift basket for each out of town guest room, such as our Ghirardelli Chocolate & Cookie Tower, to give them some so scrumptious sweets and treats to nosh on before your wedding and after all that dancing at your reception!

You’re on the verge of having a spectacular wedding surrounded by the friends and family who mean the world to you. Show your out of town wedding guests just how excited you are for them to be at your wedding with meaningful accents, such as welcome cards and a bottle of wine, as well as wedding gift baskets, in their room. They will be so touched that you thought of them, only adding to the warmth and splendor of your wedding day.

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