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Behind the Scenes at Bisket Baskets

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in a company?  You can always view our gifts we offer online but never know how that particular product came to be.  Well let’s take a peek at how we select the great products that you will find in our gift baskets.   

Throughout the year there are many trade shows that travel across our country and promote everything from new gourmet foods to containers, china, stationary and so much more.  These trade shows are great for gathering new ideas so we send some staff members to select trade shows to find new products.  They love to taste new products and if it is a hit with them they bring home samples for our staff.  Upon their arrival back to the office, they have suitcases filled with goodies and are ready to sit down and just about explode with their new found products.  We then hold a meeting to explore all they found and then set up another meeting with the entire staff. 

This second meeting is all about tasting the new products.  We literally mix, stir, bake up these new products and give them the once over by our entire staff.  We eat, talk, compare notes and when we finally have everyone’s input, we make a decision of which product best fits the criteria we need then purchase those favorites and bring them in so we may begin using them in our designs.  Our products really are taste tested and approved by our staff here at

One of our greatest finds was the Wine Glace’.  Not a personal fan of wine I was hesitant to even try the product.  At the trade show this item was poured into small bathroom size paper cups so reluctantly I selected a cup with not much in it and drank it.  WOW!  That was not like any wine I had had in the past.  I spoke in length with their staff and learned exactly what this product was and was immediately impressed.  I believe I drank three cups full before I left that day and returned the following day for another sample!  This product was a huge success for us as it is a staple item in our wine themed gift baskets.  Once we sell a gift with this item in it; the recipient usually returns looking for more and we are happy to accommodate them by adding it to our Gourmet Foods page.  This item went on to win the prestigious “Best New Drink at National Gourmet Food Show” in both 2005 and 2006.

Presently this week we are working on new Easter Gift Basket Designs.  Fluffy rabbits, chocolates and the pastel Easter baskets are all around our design studio.  If you’re looking to start doing your Easter shopping early, come on over and check out our Easter Gift Baskets.  We have new gifts arriving online almost every day!  We even include the family dog as we have Easter Baskets for pets .

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