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Birthday Gift Ideas

There is just something “special” about celebrating a birthday.  As a youngster it was the anticipation of gifts, in high school it was all about the party on Friday night, in college we started to mark the occasion with weeklong festivities and in adult life it really isn’t about the cake in the break room, it’s time spent with great friends and family; okay maybe a little about the cake!  Then as seniors; it’s about the gathering of family and the sharing of great stories and time spent together.

At we’re all about sending great birthday gifts.  We have birthday gift ideas for all ages and will share those with you in the end but first here is a little breakdown to guide you thru some ideas that may help.

Toddlers: Toddlers love push and pull toys, strollers, wagons things of this nature.  Little girls enjoy getting their first kitchen set with all those fun plastic foods and kitchen utensils.  Boys love those big cars and dump trucks that make all that noise.  Other ideas include thinking toys like puzzles and books, coloring books and crayons, ball to kick around outside or even a splash pool and sandbox for summer fun.

Kids: Kids are easy to please, color books, Barbie and accessories, My Little Pony are some favorites for girls while boys enjoy playing with their favorite cartoon characters like Spiderman toys.  Finding toys that enhance the learning experience while playing are always a hit with the parents.

Sweet 16: Her first milestone birthday.  This year it’s all about the party (sorry Mom and Dad).  So much at school is centered on “who” you are and this party is the biggest event in her life.  This birthday usually brings forth her first real “adult like” gifts such as a good piece of jewelry like a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings.  That first piece of real gold that says you’ve come of age!  (PS Save that car for college graduation!)

Adults: Adult birthday parties are much more fun when there is a theme involved.  If you’re heading to a party be sure to check out the theme and find something that is appropriately matched.  For instance if the guest of honor is turning 50, and the theme is over the hill, go find one of those cute walking canes with the mirror and horn on it as a gag gift or wrap up a box of Metamucil!  Normally adult birthday parties are don’t bring a gift, but the majority of those gifts that do arrive; are gag gifts!

Seniors: Seniors love puzzles, books (large print if needed), those personalized colorings by the grandchildren, crossword puzzle books, new family picture, a selection of their favorite teas or coffee; but most of all they love company!  Be sure if you are living local that you stop by for a visit as nothing beats a face to face visit with the ones you love.  Stay long enough to play a game or two of scrabble with them; time invested with our seniors is always a cherished moment.

If the above birthday gift ideas are not up to what you were thinking, or you don’t want to shop and ship a gift, is up to the task of providing a more personal and customized gift just for you.  We have some fantastic cookie gifts for those turning Sweet 16,  or Over the Hill at 40 or 50, a wide selection of floral gifts to be delivered to their door like the Ultimate Birthday Bundle that has a teddy bear, chocolates, mylar balloon and a floral birthday cake!  Be sure to check out our entire Birthday collection online as we have something for everyone.

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