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How did the bunny and eggs make it into Easter?

How did the Easter Bunny and all those Easter eggs make it into the Easter picture? This was really an interesting question because we all know that rabbits don’t lay eggs! For this we needed to do a bit of research just so that you can answer all those tough questions from your youngster.

The very beginning of the Easter Bunny goes back to Germany in the early 1600’s as that is when the first writings began that talked of this mysterious bunny. Germans among many other nationalities made their pilgrimage to America in the 1700’s and like others brought their beliefs and traditions with them. The Germans settled in large numbers in what is now known as the Pennsylvania Dutch Country and the German children all believed that if they were good a magical rabbit (Osterhase) would leave them a nest filled with beautiful colored eggs on Easter morning. This magical rabbit was very similar to the stories of Kriist Kindle (Kris Kringle) where good boys and girls were given gifts on the night before the holiday.

As with any tradition, the beginning of that tradition usually begins because of a celebration or the need of a celebration. In this particular case both the Church and the season blends together to combine both the celebration of Christ and the resurrection and the celebration of new life with spring’s arrival. These two very different occasions actually cross paths and have merely blended over history.

According to the Catholic Church, the 40 days prior to Easter is known as Lent and during this time of Lent back in the 600’s Pope Gregory the Great forbade the consumption of eggs. Therefore upon Easter day, eggs were again able to be consumed and it made for a special treat. European cultures have expanded on the egg theme where they began to color the eggs in vibrant colors and gave them as gifts.

The children however made nests out of their brightly colored bonnets and hats so that the magical rabbit (Easter Bunny) would lay the eggs inside if they were good girls and boys. Then as time passes the Easter Basket was designed to hold these precious eggs and the legend continues as the Easter Bunny now hides the Easter eggs for good children to find.

The symbolic bunny along with the chick was chosen to represent this holiday. Once again reverting back to a reason to celebrate, spring was in the air; a changing of seasons and the renewal of life. With both rabbits and birds being prolific breeders they represented symbols of fertility.

Today, children and adults love to share Easter Bunny stories along with their views and beliefs of Christianity and the tradition still continues. It’s always interesting to learn just what triggered a specific holiday but when you have Christian values combined with an Easter Bunny somehow it appeared that something went terribly wrong! In actuality the two occasions blended into one and our Easter holiday now combines both Christian beliefs along with secular traditions.

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