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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day for some means stress and worry while others seem to always know what to do.  Here are some thoughts on how to select the proper Valentine gift for your sweetheart and ideas on what to do on this day of love and romance.

New Couples:

You’ve just started to date someone new and here it is Valentine’s Day already, what do you do now?  You first should acknowledge the fact that yes, it’s Valentine’s Day.  You don’t need to go wild over a day that is slated for “love” if you’re really not “in love” but you probably still should acknowledge the day with her.  Here are a few thoughts and ideas to get you started.


Many times a simple “funny” Valentine card is nice, no mushy stuff just a mere acknowledgement of the holiday.  If you would like to give her a little more, they always have those small token boxes of chocolates.  Don’t go with the heart shaped ones yet if you’re not comfortable with that just a simple square or rectangle box of chocolates.  Perhaps you have already learned of her favorite sweet and if so you could always get a big box of those if you would like.  I personally love Twizzlers and it would be perfectly acceptable to receive those with a funny card from someone I just started to date.  There is nothing “love” about either item, just an acknowledgment of the date on the calendar.


This is an opportunity for you to keep it on the “DL” or to even push the envelope forward a tad.  Keep your  “date” activity lively.  Pick up some tickets to your local big league basketball or hockey team and if you’re not in the area for professional sports, grab a local college game or even a reservation at the local comedy club.  You’re among “people” not couples and therefore a great time can be had.  Not into sport watching, try your skills at perhaps a night at the roller skating rink or bowling.  Select an opportunity to be surrounded by groups of people and not be pressured by trying to be a “couple”.  Perhaps you want to step up the mood, feel free to start the night off by dinner at a local restaurant and head out to an evening of fun activity.  Before you know it you’ll be laughing and enjoying each other’s company and perhaps even sharing a few kisses before the evening ends.


You’ve been dating for months and for some it has actually turned into year(s).  For these couples we describe them as long term couples.  These groups of sweethearts probably have the most pressure on them for delivering the goods on Valentine’s Day; and by using the word “goods” some girls are expecting just that!  If you are feeling the urge by all means go forward and pop the question but if you’re not, don’t fall to the pressure of the moment.  Stick to plans that are comfortable with your relationship and add the element of romance.


In this relationship, it will be necessary to bring on the Valentine’s Day card, the bouquet of roses or flowers and yes don’t forget the Heart Shaped box of chocolates!  We’re talking long term relationship here and this is where you really need to acknowledge the holiday.    If you’re really into making this a perfect night, don’t forget the bottle of your favorite wine.


Make this date more than a quick dinner and a trip back home, think it over and choose a real restaurant; one that has a real waiter and cotton tablecloths!  Perhaps it’s both of your favorites or one that you love to go to but because of the cost you rarely do.  Make reservations early; then begin pouring over the movies coming to your local theater.  Do you like romance comedies, dramas or wide open action filled movies?  (She would most likely prefer the romance chick-flick types – sorry!)   If you’d like to go back home and relax a bit after dinner, be sure you bring along a couple of DVD’s to choose from so you can sit back, light the fireplace and enjoy that bottle of wine you so thoughtfully brought to her at the beginning of the date.


Many times the “punch” is gone and we tend to trivialize Valentine’s Day.  You are constantly running the kids here and there and just the thought of getting dressed up to go out to dinner and to fight the crowds just makes you dizzy.  This is the perfect time to make it an opportunity to spend time together and make it special.  Get a babysitter or drop the kids off at the grandparents because this night is just for you two.


This year guys Valentine’s Day is on Sunday which actually gives you every opportunity to get it right.  What DOES SHE WANT?  As a female, married and has kids…  I would LOVE a day for myself and preferably spent at the spa.  What a great gift!  Check out your local spas and pick-up a gift certificate or better yet book her an appointment.  We love massages, facials, pedicures, manicures any cures!  You can even present her your  Valentine Card early, make it romantic; make it funny we love them both and enclose inside your gift of a spa certificate or the time and place of her treatment.  If she’s not a go to the spa kind of girl, why not check out a beautiful Spa Gift Basket?  She can pamper herself at home with all the delicious treats to go with it.  We also love jewelry; a beautiful new necklace (it doesn’t need to be expensive) would be nice.  You can always be traditional as well with a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a bouquet of our favorite Valentine flowers.


After a luxurious day at the spa on Saturday, Sunday will be a breeze!  You can decide to spend the day with the kids and share Valentines all the way around or grab that sitter and head out on the town for a beautiful dinner and perhaps a trip to the theater or movies.  There should be lots of good “date movies” out there so decide early so you are sure to get a seat.  Not feeling the out on the town thing this year; that’s certainly not a problem either.  Pick up or go hunt up those all-time favorite chick-flicks that she’s bought over the years.  Just to name a few I know you own at least one of these favorites; Sleepless in Seattle, Casablanca,  Love Story, Titanic, When Harry met Sally, 50 First Dates, Ghost, An Affair to Remember or my favorite The Notebook.  Grab a warm blanket and snuggle together with a bottle of wine and enjoy your quiet evening together.

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