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Care for a Spot of Tea?

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Teatime can be a great way to relax on the coldest of winter days. Besides being a ritual that invokes feelings of serenity, teatime possesses a culture all its own. Whether you prefer it to be social or personal, teatime can be just the thing you need to escape the winter doldrums.

Hosting teatime is easier than ever when you plan ahead. Start out by making cute invitations, then send them out to 5 to 7 of your closest friends. The more intimate you keep your group, the easier it’ll be to prepare snacks for.

Next, it’s time to plan the menu. Try looking at tea magazines or by visiting tearooms to get a glimpse of the type of fare that is typically served. Light sandwiches, salads, or soups are usually the norm, and of course there are always scones! Make sure you have plenty of scones or biscuits on hand for your tea party. In addition, remember to stock up on creams, butters, preserves, and other accoutrements. Finally, select your tea. Try to choose one that everyone in your party will like. Unsure? Try the staple: English Breakfast.

Now it’s time to host it! Decorate your dining area with delicate fabrics, colorful china, or even play dress up with feather boas and festive hats! This fun approach to tea time can make anyone feel young again!

Wishing to send some cheer to a faraway friend? offers fantastic Tea Gift Baskets that you can send to someone who is feeling the drain of Jack Frost, but can’t take part in your tea time. Filled with cheer and delicious treats, this basket is ideal for sending a smile to those far away.

Welcome Home Students!

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As final exams wrap up and students begin to return home, should you be thinking about ways to make the return festive? Throwing a “Welcome Home” celebration can be a great way to show your son or daughter that you’ve missed them during the school year, and that you’re proud of all of the hard work he or she has accomplished. Here are some great ideas on how to make your Welcome Home Party special:

There’s Nothing Better…
…than a home cooked meal. Your student will no doubt love the fact that you are welcoming him home with his favorite dish: your spaghetti. Cooking for our college student is a sweet and sincere way to welcome him back from a semester hard at study. In addition, your student will love the fact that this meal isn’t from the dining hall!

A Special Treat…
…makes all the difference. Surprising your student with a sweet treat can give her a boost, especially after the draining experience of final exams. The Candy Bouquets from make for a great welcome home present that your college student will just love. Comprised of yummy candies in a fun display that she’ll love, these bouquets look great set on a desk or on the kitchen table.

Make it a Party!
Celebrate your child’s homecoming by inviting over friends and family that he hasn’t seen in months! Not only will he appreciate the gesture, he’ll love the fact that he gets to reconnect with people he’s been so far away from for so long.

Thank Holiday Hospitality

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The holidays are a time for displaying warmth and hospitality to guests. Hospitality can take on many forms. From an extra glass of mulled wine to a warm fire, a special present to a festive dinner party, everyone can appreciate the heartwarming experience that results from taking part in holiday hospitality. If you’ve been the recipient of such holiday cheer, and want to send a special thank you, has Thank You Gifts and Gift Baskets than can send your message most sincerely.

Each of our gourmet gifts are designed to convey the message of thanks beautifully using gourmet food items, stunning presentation, and personalized handwritten note attached on to every basket. Go out of the ordinary this year and don’t just send a thank you card. Send a little hospitality back with these gift baskets from

Forget To Buy Them A Gift? It’s Okay – Just Blame It On Us!

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Forget to buy someone a gift? Don’t worry – the holidays are hectic, and it happens to everyone – there’s always that one person who presents you with a great gift who you just forgot to buy for. It wasn’t intentional and they mean a great deal to you, but it happens.

Have no fear, is here. All you need to do is order one of our Gourmet Gift Baskets and tell them the gift basket company simply didn’t ship it in time. After all, it is winter, and orders get delayed due to snow and ice, not to mention the high volume of holiday cards and gifts being shipped. Plus, a beautiful gift basket like only has is well worth the wait.

So don’t worry – just blame it on us, we won’t tell 😉

Happy Holidays From!

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From all of us at, Happy Holidays! We hope you’re having a great holiday season, and we’d just like to take a moment to thank you for your business – we love our customers, and we hope you’ll spread the word about how great our gift baskets are! We’re always updating our site and have beautiful Holiday Gift Baskets for just about every holiday out there, so be sure to choose for all your beautiful gifts for each holiday!

Have a wonderful, safe and enjoyable holiday season!

Free Shipping over $75 and 5% Off Gift Baskets!

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With less than 10 days until Christmas, it’s time to get that holiday shopping finished! Relax – is here to help! We’ve been seeing the holiday orders roll in and have heard from many a delighted customer about how much they love their gourmet gift basket. Finish your holiday shopping all in one spot with beautiful and affordable Holiday Gift Baskets that are sure to impress the recipient, and Christmas Pet Gift Baskets for our furry best friends, and the people who love them!

Why spend hours fighting the mall crowds and horrendous traffic when you can browse our easy-to-use site and find great deals on the perfect presents – and get free shipping…and 5% with coupon code “SantaSavings”.

“Wrap up” your holiday shopping with – our gifts come beautifully packaged so you don’t even have to worry about gift wrapping!

Gift Solutions For The “Hard-To-Buy-For’s”

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We were reading an article from our friends at where Mateo Gutierrez, their Social Marketing Director, noted “Offline is really going online! We were both surprised and pleased to see that our users were sticking around longer, turning more pages and just generally shopping more thoughtfully on our site during this economic recession.”

That got us thinking – all of us at know that unique gift baskets make great presents that are sure to impress the recipient. But what about those “hard-to-buy-for’s” on your gift list, who seem to have everything? We brainstormed and came up with some great gift ideas for our “hard-to-buy-for” friends, and wanted to help out the online world’s stumped gift buyers. Check out our brand new press release at “ Reports Holiday Gift Ideas For The ‘Hard-To-Buy-For’s’ On Gift Lists Worldwide”.

We’re always here to help with gift ideas, feel free to leave a comment about your gift dilemma, and we’ll rack our brains to find that wonderful gift for you!

Pet Gift Baskets For Pet Lovers and Their Families!

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Pets are part of our families – we come home from work to see how happy little Rover is to see us and to unwind by gently petting Mister Whiskers. When it comes to holiday gifts, we need to remember the pets in our lives on Christmas day, too! Just imagine how excited your pooch will be when you unwrap cute dog treats just for him.

But don’t just settle for dog treats – get the dog owner a present, too! At, we have tons of Pet & Owner Gift Baskets that combine tasty pet treats and delicious goodies for the pet owner too! How fun would it be to receive a jam-packed gift basket like the Best Buddies Gift Basket, with all these great gifts inside:

For the Pet Owner:

  • Ghirardelli Assorted Chocolates
  • Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate w/Caramel Filling
  • Brent & Sam’s Gourmet Cookies
  • Themed Snack Mi
  • Seasonal Drink Selection
  • Perky Pup Blue Mug
  • Beautiful Handled Basket
  • Hand Written Gift Message attached directly on gift
  • For The Dog:

    • Dapper Dog Gourmet Blue Dog Bakery Biscuits
    • Bisket Baskets Gourmutt Biskets Tin Tie Bag
    • Mega Bite Peanut 8” Bone
    • Hand Iced Gourmet Biscuit


    Embrace Your Sweet Tooth with Southwest Candy and Sweet Services!

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    At BisketBaskets, we love to applaud our fellow gift and candy sites and bloggers for a job well done! Carly, an awesome candy blogger over at has been posting about oh-so-tasty holiday candy, like candy canes, peppermints, Andes Christmas creme de menthe, and so much to make our mouths water!

    Her Candy Blog has candy nutrition facts – some of our favorite candy isn’t as bad on our waistline as we thought! Candy always makes our day brighter, so check out her blog to find the perfect bulk candy to add that perfect special touch to your holiday part and holiday gifts.

    Bulk Candy

    But not only can you read about candy, West Coast shoppers can buy bulk candy from her West Coast site,, and East Coast shoppers can find their perfect sweets at the sister site,! Bulk candy is great for parties and including with your gifts, and is a lot cheaper than going to your local store and just buying a ton of candy. We’ve personally talked with Carly and we know that your order will exceed your expectations!

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with tasty Christmas Candy from and