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Archive for March, 2009

Easter Gift Baskets: They’re Not Just for Kids!

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The giving of Easter baskets is a long-standing tradition. As children, many of us remember getting up on Easter morning and diving into a treasure trove of treats, spoiling our appetites before the day had even begun. Now, as adults, we know that it’s foolish to have chocolate for breakfast, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t indulge in it once in a while. After all, the spirit of a child persists in each one of us, so we owe it to him or her!

At, we have Easter gift baskets to satisfy your sweet tooth and commemorate the approaching holiday. Let’s be honest: everybody likes candy, so no one will turn down a basket full of it! Each of our baskets is a warm statement of love and good will, and you don’t have to be a kid to reap the benefits. They’re a great way to show someone that you care, so stop by and send one today!

Great Gifts for Pets!

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The amount of love we can have for pets is truly astonishing. Regardless of what ill fate befalls us, these faithful companions are always close by, giving us friends to whom we can constantly turn for comfort. When our affection runs this deep in human relationships, we often respond with gifts to show our appreciation, so why not do the same for our pets? At, we offer a variety of gift packages that will have your loyal friend loving you more than ever!


First, if you’re a dog owner, spoil your pooch with our new Pawsitively Gourmutt gift basket. This great assortment of tasty treats is exactly what your dog needs to break the monotony of pebbled food in his or her diet. If your pup is feeling under the weather, try our Sick as a Dog package and you’ll have all of the means to make him or her healthy again. For cats, we recommend the best-selling Crazy Cat gift basket, whose treats are as gourmet as it gets when it comes to feline cuisine. Finally, don’t forget the Happy Birthday Surprise, which is the perfect way to inject some flavor into your cat’s big day.

Pets enrich our lives in unexplainable ways, and it doesn’t hurt to return the favor once in awhile. So, give them the royal treatment by stopping by today!

Send Encouragement to Someone You Know

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A tough economic climate has friends and family showing their concern in many different ways. People agree that it can be hard to decide how to show that your thoughts are with loved ones, friends and neighbors especially when they are in a time of need. In effort to find something meaningful, people around the nation are searching for encouraging gifts that can send the sentiment needed to brighten and liven the spirit. These gifts of encouragement are meant to provide some comfort to a family who may have suffered a job loss, a pay cut, or other similar hardship that could leave the family feeling disheartened. But where can one find the perfect gift of sympathy or encouragement?

A Time to Heal Gift Basket offers Encouragement and Sympathy Gift Baskets that allow for you to send a little warmth and kindness to someone you know. A gift basket is one way of providing a thoughtful gesture that is both useful and well received in times of duress and stress. The gift baskets from are specially designed to be not only beautiful, but thoughtful too. Filled to the brim with comforting foods and treats, the Sympathy Gift Baskets from are the ideal way to show someone that you’ve been thinking of them even during these toughest of times.

Don’t Wait for a Special Occasion; Just Give a Gift!

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Tea Gift Basket

It is an unfortunate misconception that one needs to wait for a special occasion to give someone a gift. Every once in a while, your loved ones just need to be reminded how much they mean to you, regardless of the time of year. Sure, birthdays and Christmastime are excellent windows for doing so, but the best gifts are those bought out of genuine appreciation, not obligation.

Fortunately, at, we have a variety of gifts to help you out. Looking for something to give your wife? Try our Especially for Her basket, complete with watermelon candy and various snack mixes. Is your husband a tea lover? Give him one of our Cup of Tea gift baskets and he’ll be thanking you for weeks. Looking for the perfect gift for your child? Every kid loves candy, so spoil him or her with a Custom Candy Bouquet and they’ll love you forever.

Just remember that when you give a gift, the time of year is inconsequential. Free yourself from the myth that claims otherwise, and just give a gift!