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Archive for August, 2009

Celebrating National Dog Day With the Polka Dot Pup Blog

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Happy National Dog Day! Celebrate with the Polka Dot Pup Blog, another of our our favorite dog blogs! The blog, with creative posts written by Becca Plummer, is centered around her lovely 4 year old Labrador Retriever, Vixen. The blog is a great resource for dog owners, and features posts on everything from national dog events to dog pool party ideas!

Check out their post, “Celebrating National Dog Day” to learn more about this always exciting annual event! There’s so many dogs out there that need our help, and today especially highlights the need to focus our attention on dog rescue.

We’re big fans of Becca’s post, “Doggie Pool Party”. This fun post explains how to host an entertaining, safe pool party for our canine friends. We know a dog pool party isn’t exactly easy to host, so Becca’s tips can definitely help!

Be sure to read Becca’s great posts at the Polka Dot Pup blog, and tell Vixen we said hi!

Celebrate National Picnic Month!

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Caramel Apple Gift Basket

Back to school season is here and as you prepare to treat your kids to one last outing, consider taking them on a fun family picnic! August is National Picnic Month and this week is the perfect time to get in one last family trip before the school year starts, but don’t worry, you won’t have to go far to enjoy the fun!

Family picnics can be a great way to enjoy some quality time with your kids before they start to worry about soccer practice, homework, and class schedules. All it takes is just a few hours of free time, a comfy blanket, and the perfect picnic basket filled with tons of delicious treats. Whether it’s Mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, some fresh apples, or Dad’s famous ham sandwich, your picnic basket has to be filled with yummy goodness to enjoy.

Ready to take to your local park for a day out? Try packing up the car with some blankets, a board game or two, and a tasty Caramel Apples Basket from While it may not have all the fixings for a great picnic, it can be the perfect way to end your perfect day. Filled with apples, caramel dip, honey toasted peanuts, and a fruit medley, this picnic basket from is sure to delight your family on the last picnic of the summer. So get out already and enjoy it before it’s too late!

Start Grilling Before It’s Too Late!

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BBQ Gift Basket

As the end of August draws closer, it’s time to start thinking about when you’re going to host your next barbecue…before it’s too late! Once the weather turns chilly and the kids head back to school, it’s going to be a lot harder to enjoy some quality time with your BBQ. Make some time while the weather is still beautiful and host at least one more family barbecue. Complete with ribs, chops, steaks, or whatever you love to serve up during these great get-togethers, your BBQ is sure to be a hit as well as a great way to end the season. Ready to get started? Why not serve up an even better BBQ by trying out some of the great sauces and grilling accessories in this fabulous Grilling Gift Basket from Filled to the brim with great seasoning and snacks, including rib rub, chuck wagon seasoning, cookies, beef summer sausage, cheddar cheese, coffee, and barbecue sauce, this gift basket from is the perfect way to complete your end of the summer barbecue. So go ahead, call your friends, invite over the neighbors, and fire up the grill – this is going to be a great end to the summer!

Introducing the Big Paw Designs Blog

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We love and pamper our dogs here at Bisket Baskets! Our dogs are part of our families, and we strive to always ensure our canine friends are healthy and very happy. We’re always looking for fun dog supplies, and Big Paw Designs has quite the collection! We love their Dog Collar Charms, the “Power Tail” charm definitely describes our dogs! They also make great charms for humans, too, they’re very pretty.

Big Paw Designs

I think it would be hard to find a dog owner who doesn’t have photos of their pets all around, and having adorable Pet Picture Frames is a must! Their pretty frames come with graphics of dog bones, fish icons, and hearts.

Big Paw Designs

Not only is their online store awesome, but they have a Dog Blog, too! The Big Paw blog has posts on dog health issues and dog awareness.

Calling All Dog Lovers! You’re Welcome Here

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Want to talk dog? Then you need to visit the Welcome Dog Lovers blog! The blog is renowned for it’s excellent coverage of dog health issues and dog care. After all, we want our canine friends to be healthy for life, and Welcome Dog Lovers is here to help us understand our dog’s health, mental state, and ways to keep our dogs happy!

You’ll definitely want to check out all their posts, and we especially love “Dogs Color Vision: Can Dogs See Colors”, where Welcome Dog Lovers sheds some light on the real story behind whether dogs can see colors! “Identify Your Dog’s Emotions – Dogs Have Emotions and Feelings” is another great post that helps dog owners identify when their pooches need a little extra love.

We encourage you to take a visit to Welcome Dog Lovers – you’ll surely be impressed by their extensive canine knowledge and advice!

Introducing The Houston Dog Blog

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If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you probably know how much we love our dogs, and of course reading dog blogs! One of our new favorites is Houston Dog Blog, a Houston-based canine blog that you absolutely must see! This great blog is filled with news on Houston-related dog events that are undoubtedly a great time for dog owners to mingle. Plus, the blog is dedicated to helping dogs find homes and raising awareness for dog rescue organizations, a cause we supremely support.

We love the blog’s mascot, Isabella, their very cute pooch! Check her out in “Isabella Makin’ the Rounds!” and the adorable photo of Isabella in “Assistant on Break!”.

We applaud Houston Dog Blog for helping both Houston readers and the online world understand that dogs need our care and respect, and working to help more dogs find a loving home. Be sure to read Houston Dog Blog and take up the cause of helping our canine friends!

Candy Gift Baskets Make It Easy to Go Back To School

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Candy Bouquet

As you and your child prepare for the next semester – and next move in day – remember that you can make his or her first week back at college even better. By sending your son or daughter back to the dorms with a Candy Gift Basket or Candy Bouquet, you can give your student a chance to really get into the spirit of the back to school season.

Besides being a yummy treat that anyone can enjoy, the Candy Gift Baskets or Candy Bouquets from encourage your student to engage his roommates and floor mates by sharing in a back-to-school treat. After all, no one could eat all of that delicious candy by themselves! Encourage your student to invite over a few friends and get socializing around your candy gift. It’s the perfect ice breaker!

In addition to being a great conversation starter, the candy gifts from also allow for you to motivate your student and to share a little something extra as he or she leaves home to return to a world of studying, homework, and tons of classes. Give something sweet to your student. Try gifting him or her with one of the candy baskets or bouquets from

Send Your Wedding Wishes

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Wedding season is still in full swing and as we approach August, more and more wedding guests are starting to scramble to find the perfect gift. As you skim through catalogs and shop through stores, remember that you can always ask the special couple about a registry, which could really help you along in your search for the right gift. Most couples tend to register at various department stores so that wedding guests can avoid duplicating gifts, so be sure to ask around before you start to scramble. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to check off that wedding gift in just a few minutes by logging on and checking the online registry!

Wedding Wishes Cookie Bouquet

However, if you want to go beyond the registry and give the bride and groom something they can really enjoy, be sure to check out the Wedding Wishes Cookie Bouquet from This gorgeous and totally edible wedding gift features a stunning display of individually wrapped butter crème cookies that are hand decorated by our icing artists. As a special touch, you can also include a custom cookie message that wishes the bride and groom well. Trust us- they’ll just love this yummy and delectable treat!