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Trusting Man’s Best Friend With Friendly Visits

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We’ve been posting recently on some of our favorite Colorado dog services – we’re all about our pets and of course our wonderful state of Colorado, so we wanted to take some time to highlight another Colorado pet facility we recently came across! Friendly Visits pet-sits in the North Metro Denver area of Colorado, and offers great services including regular vacation visits, with each visit being about 30 minutes and including a walk/playtime, feeding, fresh water, any needed medications, and litter box cleaning! They also offer daily walk/potty break services, and even overnight stay services in your home, so your pet can rest comfortably where he’s most familiar.

Pets love the comfort of home, and Friendly Visit”s experienced team offers professional, caring services for your pet. They’ve worked with dogs, cats, fish, even reptiles! Take a look at their Referrals section to see what their clients are saying! We hope you’ll head on over to their site and say hello!

Celebrate Spring!

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Warm weather, birds chirping, and sunshine are here!  It’s finally spring and that means that it’s time to send a little extra warmth to those you love. After all, it has been a long and dark winter. When you want to show some one

Here is our top five Spring and Summer Gift Basket picks for sharing something special – and springy! – with those you love.

1.) The Tea Garden Gift Basket: This Spring Gift Basket is perfect for welcoming the season in style. Filled with different flavored teas, biscotti, rich chocolates, and beautiful mugs, this gift is sure to be perfect on the patio or out in the garden when someone you love is enjoying the sunshine.

2.) It’s Your Sunny Day Floral Bouquet: Send a little sunshine and a smile when you gift someone you love with this beautiful, bright, and fragrant floral display. Roses, carnations, lilies, and more make this fresh floral bouquet a breath of fresh air that truly celebrates the best of the season.

3.) Caramel Apples Fruit Gift Basket: This yummy gift basket from features crisp, delicious apples, caramel dipping sauce, roasted peanuts, and more to enjoy on a picnic in the park in the warm weather. Simply divine!

4.) Sunshine Care Package: You’ve never seen a Spring Gift Basket this good! Filled with raspberry dip mix, crunchy popcorn, yummy cookies, chocolates, and so much more, this gift basket from is sure to bring a smile. Perfect for sending to college students as a Spring Break or Easter Break treat!

5.) Bee Cookie Bouquet: Hand decorated butter crème cookies make up this fun and festive cookie bouquet that’s perfect for welcoming spring. This gift features a lovely flower and bumble bee theme that’s a cheery way to celebrate all of this sunshine – oh yes, and it’s delicious too!

Taking a few minutes and a few dollars to select a great gift can dramatically brighten anyone’s day, and it really goes a long way in showing how much you care. So go ahead – gift someone you care about with something cheery and in line with the season by shopping the selection at

Introducing Mile High Mutts, Doggie Day Care

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We love everything about the state of Colorado – we have towering mountains, beautiful hiking trails, bustling cities, and now, Mile High Mutts! Mile High Mutts is located in Denver, CO, and offers dog daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, and even more services – check out their Denver Dog Services to see all they offer. They have an 8,000 square foot facility, with a 20,000 square foot lot. Their facility even has swimming pools, tons of fun dog toys, jungle gym equipment, and of course the wonderful people who make up Mile High Mutts!

It’s hard enough leaving your cute pooch when you go on vacation or a business trip, but you’ll have such a better peace of mind knowing your canine companion is in the talented and very caring hands of the Mile High Mutts Staff. They’re a lovely bunch, and by the many happy dogs they care for each year, they certainly have a happy future in front of them. We wish them only the best of luck in their business, and if you’re searching for Denver dog boarding, Mile High Mutts is sure to impress!

How did the bunny and eggs make it into Easter?

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How did the Easter Bunny and all those Easter eggs make it into the Easter picture? This was really an interesting question because we all know that rabbits don’t lay eggs! For this we needed to do a bit of research just so that you can answer all those tough questions from your youngster.

The very beginning of the Easter Bunny goes back to Germany in the early 1600’s as that is when the first writings began that talked of this mysterious bunny. Germans among many other nationalities made their pilgrimage to America in the 1700’s and like others brought their beliefs and traditions with them. The Germans settled in large numbers in what is now known as the Pennsylvania Dutch Country and the German children all believed that if they were good a magical rabbit (Osterhase) would leave them a nest filled with beautiful colored eggs on Easter morning. This magical rabbit was very similar to the stories of Kriist Kindle (Kris Kringle) where good boys and girls were given gifts on the night before the holiday.

As with any tradition, the beginning of that tradition usually begins because of a celebration or the need of a celebration. In this particular case both the Church and the season blends together to combine both the celebration of Christ and the resurrection and the celebration of new life with spring’s arrival. These two very different occasions actually cross paths and have merely blended over history.

According to the Catholic Church, the 40 days prior to Easter is known as Lent and during this time of Lent back in the 600’s Pope Gregory the Great forbade the consumption of eggs. Therefore upon Easter day, eggs were again able to be consumed and it made for a special treat. European cultures have expanded on the egg theme where they began to color the eggs in vibrant colors and gave them as gifts.

The children however made nests out of their brightly colored bonnets and hats so that the magical rabbit (Easter Bunny) would lay the eggs inside if they were good girls and boys. Then as time passes the Easter Basket was designed to hold these precious eggs and the legend continues as the Easter Bunny now hides the Easter eggs for good children to find.

The symbolic bunny along with the chick was chosen to represent this holiday. Once again reverting back to a reason to celebrate, spring was in the air; a changing of seasons and the renewal of life. With both rabbits and birds being prolific breeders they represented symbols of fertility.

Today, children and adults love to share Easter Bunny stories along with their views and beliefs of Christianity and the tradition still continues. It’s always interesting to learn just what triggered a specific holiday but when you have Christian values combined with an Easter Bunny somehow it appeared that something went terribly wrong! In actuality the two occasions blended into one and our Easter holiday now combines both Christian beliefs along with secular traditions.

To help in celebrating Easter with your family and friends, be sure to stop by our retail website where you can find Easter Gift Baskets for kids of all ages! We’ve come a long way since those edible Easter Bunnies that were made of pastry and sugar back in the 1800’s to some fabulous Easter Baskets filled with Reese’s candy or Ghirardelli Easter Baskets or even a dog Easter Basket! Shop early and we can deliver in time for Easter.

Spring Into Easter With A Gourmet Easter Basket

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Easter is just a few weeks away and if you want to be sure that you’re prepared to delight your family and friends on Easter morning, then you’ve got to start shopping for the supplies to make your Easter baskets now.  But chances are, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have time right now with all of the hustle and bustle of spring. You need an easier way to get things ready for the holiday while at the same time, ensuring that you can give something sweet and thoughtful to those you love on Easter. Not to worry, has you covered. is the perfect way to save time and money when it comes to Easter shopping. With us, there’s no stressing over finding the perfect gift or having to search through a big box store to find everything you need. You don’t have to fight for a parking space to shop with us either.

Just take some time and with the click of a computer mouse, you’ll be ready for Easter morning with beautiful gourmet Easter baskets filled up with tons of delicious goodies. You won’t have to put them together the night before this year, thank goodness! Our Gourmet Easter Baskets come fully assembled and ready to be gifted from the moment they arrive at your door.

Did we mention our Easter baskets are also really affordable? Instead of having to pick up tons of individual items, a basket, and trimmings (all of which can be expensive), a Gourmet Easter Basket from solves all of your stress and hassle, without putting too much of a dent in your wallet.

Easy ordering, affordable prices, and a wide gourmet Easter basket selection that’s always beautiful – what’s not to love? Get your Gourmet Easter Basket just in time for the holiday today at!

Behind the Scenes at Bisket Baskets

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Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in a company?  You can always view our gifts we offer online but never know how that particular product came to be.  Well let’s take a peek at how we select the great products that you will find in our gift baskets.   

Throughout the year there are many trade shows that travel across our country and promote everything from new gourmet foods to containers, china, stationary and so much more.  These trade shows are great for gathering new ideas so we send some staff members to select trade shows to find new products.  They love to taste new products and if it is a hit with them they bring home samples for our staff.  Upon their arrival back to the office, they have suitcases filled with goodies and are ready to sit down and just about explode with their new found products.  We then hold a meeting to explore all they found and then set up another meeting with the entire staff. 

This second meeting is all about tasting the new products.  We literally mix, stir, bake up these new products and give them the once over by our entire staff.  We eat, talk, compare notes and when we finally have everyone’s input, we make a decision of which product best fits the criteria we need then purchase those favorites and bring them in so we may begin using them in our designs.  Our products really are taste tested and approved by our staff here at

One of our greatest finds was the Wine Glace’.  Not a personal fan of wine I was hesitant to even try the product.  At the trade show this item was poured into small bathroom size paper cups so reluctantly I selected a cup with not much in it and drank it.  WOW!  That was not like any wine I had had in the past.  I spoke in length with their staff and learned exactly what this product was and was immediately impressed.  I believe I drank three cups full before I left that day and returned the following day for another sample!  This product was a huge success for us as it is a staple item in our wine themed gift baskets.  Once we sell a gift with this item in it; the recipient usually returns looking for more and we are happy to accommodate them by adding it to our Gourmet Foods page.  This item went on to win the prestigious “Best New Drink at National Gourmet Food Show” in both 2005 and 2006.

Presently this week we are working on new Easter Gift Basket Designs.  Fluffy rabbits, chocolates and the pastel Easter baskets are all around our design studio.  If you’re looking to start doing your Easter shopping early, come on over and check out our Easter Gift Baskets.  We have new gifts arriving online almost every day!  We even include the family dog as we have Easter Baskets for pets .

First Class Dog Training With Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel!

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Ted Hoff is the talented face behind, the Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel’s website! We’re so pleased to find so many experienced dog trainers and dog boarders in our wonderful state of Colorado, and we’re here to share them with you. After all, we got started crafting pet gift baskets, so we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to help pets lead wonderful lives!

The Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel has been thriving for the last 20 years, hosting dogs from all over the world, even New Zealand and Venezuela! Ted specializes in hunting dogs, but also has a wealth of experience in all all types of dog obedience and behavior training. The ranch is located on 322 acres of land, with open fields, ponds, and beautiful views of the West Elk Mountains. It’s truly a breathtaking place for both you and your dog, and an environment that can help your dog’s training succeed even more!