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Food and Wine Pairings With Holiday Wine Gift Baskets

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The holiday shopping season tends to come earlier and earlier each year, and although we relish the summer sunshine and beautiful colors of Autumn, we just love all those impromptu holiday get-togethers that seem to crop up during the holiday season. The average person attends about three of these during the holidays – whether they’re dinner with family, dinner parties with friends, or more free-form holiday parties. You’ll likely want to bring a gift for the host or hostess with you, and Holiday Wine Gift Baskets and a bottle of wine are perfect – no need to waste precious time wrapping it or braving the mall crowds. Instead, simply order a few holiday wine gift baskets from us early in the holiday season, and you’ll be stocked up for all the holiday soirees you’ll be attending.

Our holiday wine gift baskets come equipped with all the scrumptious gourmet goodies that pair well with wine – cheeses, meats, chocolates, and more. Simply pick up your favorite bottle of wine, and a great touch is to pair it with the main dish or appetizers your host or hostess is serving. Here are some wine and food pairing ideas to make wine shopping a walk in the park vineyard:

Salads, Vegetables, and Fish

You’ll want to pair the light (but so delicious!) flavors inside salads, veggies, and fish – particularly if they’re done with a lemon-based sauce, with a more delicate wine. Go for a Reisling or a Sauvignon Blanc – these white wines expertly pair with seafood dishes.

Poultry, Bird, Veal, Pork

These are hearty meats, and you want a wine that can rise to the occasion. These are dishes typically prepared with butter and cream sauces, and earthy wines like a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, or Sangiovese couple well with them. The Sangiovese tends to really hit it out of the park if tomatoes are also featured in the dish.


The taste of a tender grilled cut of beef just seems to deliciously fulfill the cravings of every one of your taste buds, doesn’t it? You need a full-bodied wine to match this taste, and a Zinfandel or Syrah (Shiraz) fits the bill. Try to save some room for dessert!


We can go the whole summer and Fall without craving dessert, but when the temperatures get frosty and the holiday magic is upon us, dessert switches from being an option to a must-have. Desserts are fun and sweet, so look for a wine with these qualities – fruity wines, chocolate wine, and sherry. Look for a wine that’s one level sweeter than the dessert being served.

Make your holiday get-togethers nothing but fun this year – holiday wine gift baskets make for a beautiful host or hostess gift, and allow you to pick out your favorite bottle of wine to accompany the wine gift basket. Your host will love how thoughtful you were in pairing the vino with the dishes being served!

78 Days And Counting – The Christmas Countdown Is On!

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It feels like just yesterday we were taking our dogs for a walk in the hot Colorado sun here at Bisket Baskets, and all of a sudden it’s just about two and a half months till Christmas! We’re not sure where the time went, but we do know that it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for our friends and family members. Budgets are understandably tighter than ever, but it’s still important to select a gift that is meaningful and so beautiful. After all, it’s one thing to spend money on a gift, and quite another to spend money on a gift that’s absolutely beautiful. After 13 years of being in the Christmas Gift Baskets industry, we consider ourselves to be in that second category! Let’s take a look inside some of our most popular holiday gift baskets.

Family Christmas Gift Baskets

Think of your own family – everyone just about has a different “favorite” when it comes to the foods they like, so giving just one food gift can miss the mark. Instead, family Christmas gift baskets include all kinds of gourmet goodies, and there truly is something for everyone inside. Some of our favorite family Christmas gift baskets include our Thank You At The Holidays Christmas Gift Basket, Holiday Gold Gift Tower filled with six cookie varieties, ‘Tis The Season Holiday Gift Basket, and our luxe Seasons Greetings Christmas Gift Basket.

Holiday Wine Gift Baskets

A glass of wine with family and friends on a chilly night is a wonderful way to relax, and wine gift baskets include all the complements so you can have an absolutely perfect, stress-free night. We unfortunately can’t risk shipping wine to you and seeing it arrive broken, so we’ve kept our holiday wine gift baskets jam-packed and priced reasonably so you can easily pair them with your own favorite bottle of wine! Here’s some of our best selling vino gift baskets: Wine Country Holiday Wine Gift Basket, Holiday Chateau Wine Gift Basket, and our so exquisite Wine and Cheese Holiday Wine Gift Basket.

Christmas Food Gift Baskets

Eating out every night just isn’t feasible for most of us, but having a great gourmet dinner in our homes can be just as fun as going out to eat. This Christmas, give the gift of an appetizer, dinner, and dessert with our Christmas food gift baskets! These so scrumptious holiday food gift baskets include dinner foods like pasta baked with roasted garlic cream sauce, rainbow angel hair pasta with olive oil, delicious pizza kit, mozzarella cheese bars, and so much more. Gift our Christmas Pantry Food Gift Basket, Christmas Party Food Gift Basket, and our dog and owner friendly Holiday Pizza Pals Dog and Owner Dog Gift Basket.

Chocolate Christmas Gift Baskets

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Well, if you’re treating a family to a holiday gift basket, not all kids exactly love dark chocolate, but the adults certainly do! Gift chocolate Christmas gift baskets that include all kinds of delicious chocolate varieties for all the family members, such as our Ghirardelli Chocolate Christmas Gift Basket, M&M’s Christmas Chocolate Gift Basket, and our so sweet Holiday Chocolatier Gift Basket.

We taste test all the goodies inside our Holiday Gift Baskets, and we pride ourselves in beautiful gift basket presentation options and design. You’ll know that you’re sending a gift that is truly worth the investment – the mark of an excellent holiday gift.