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Archive for February, 2012

Getting To Know Ghirardelli Easter Baskets

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It’s hard to believe Easter is just a bunny hop away, but we’ve already been hard at work creating Easter Gift Baskets for our loyal customers. We’ve noticed that our Ghirardelli Easter Basket has been one of most popular Easter gift baskets for the last few Easter seasons, and we thought we’d take some time to shed the spotlight on the company that is Ghirardelli – the makers of absolutely fine chocolates.

Ghirardelli Easter Basket

Rich In Chocolate, Rich In Tradition

Ghirardelli was incorporated in 1852 and is still in business today – that’s a whole lot longer than most businesses these days! They’re proud to be able to say that they control the entire chocolate manufacturing process for their chocolates, meaning that they are able to ensure their chocolate is as exquisite as Ghirardelli requires it to be. Ghirardelli is a company with high standards, and they make sure their chocolate reflects this.

Variety Is The Spice Of…Chocolate?

We love to hear from our customers, and one of the common feedback themes from our Ghirardelli Easter Basket customers is how they love the different Ghirardelli chocolate varieties in it. We include different varieties in each Ghirardelli Easter Basket, but you can rest assured knowing that each will include four 3.5 oz Ghirardelli chocolate bars, two .53 oz Ghirardelli assorted chocolates, and 2 oz. Ghirardelli double chocolate caffe. Ghirardelli has found a niche for itself in developing different varieties of chocolate, such as their LUXE MILK™ Hazelnut, LUXE MILK™ Toffee, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel Filling, Dark Chocolate with Orange, and so much more.

We take pride in each and every Easter gift basket that we create, and we always want to make sure the goodies inside them reflect this commitment to quality. Ghirardelli has the same high standards we do, and together we’re proud to offer our Ghirardelli Easter Basket!

Three Dog Lovers Gift Ideas To Guarantee Smiles And Tail Wags!

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We (and our dogs!) couldn’t agree more with the quote, attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, “Dogs are miracles with paws.” If you have a dog yourself, or a friend, family member, or colleague or client has a dog, they likely have photos of their darling dog around, or mention Baxter in conversation. When it comes time to gift shopping, even if it’s a simple thank you gift, you’re going to be thinking hard about their interests. If their dog pops into your mind, well, you’ve got it made!

Think: Dog Gift Baskets

We know you’re short on time, and running out to the mall, selecting the right gift, going home, wrapping it, and writing a card out doesn’t exactly fit into your schedule well. That’s why we’re here – we were one of the first companies to create and offer Dog Gift Baskets, and we’ve only enhanced our Baxter-approved gift baskets since then. It’s a cute way to show the dog’s owner that you appreciate them – and are listening to them, too!

Dog Gift Baskets

Think: Dog Photo Frame

Visit your local gift store and pick up a dog-themed photo frame. If you can find a photo of the dog owner with their dog, perhaps on Facebook, print it out, place it in the frame, and wrap the frame in tissue paper. No need to fret if you don’t have a photo – the dog-themed photo frame is certainly thoughtful too, and they’ll appreciate that you have paid attention to their interests!

Think: Dog and Owner Spa Day

Are you able to splurge a bit more? Think of this gift as a “two-parter” – a spa gift certificate for the dog owner, and a gift certificate for Baxter to a local dog grooming spa. It’s a cute way to help both dog owner and dog relax and enjoy some pampering!

One of the keys to successful gifting is choosing a gift that really means something to the recipient – a gift that embraces their interests or reflects their personality. If they’re over the moon about their pooch, a Dog Gift Basket is a great way to show them you’re paying attention and care about what they care about, too!