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Plan a Spa Day For Mom This Mother’s Day!

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Oh, there’s just something so tranquil and wonderful about going to the spa. It’s a great way to unwind – the soothing music, calming spa services, and that beautifully soft bathrobe that is just so cozy! Planning an at-home spa day for Mom this Mother’s Day will be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of family life, and will show her how much you care about her. Here’s our tips for a spa day worthy of the finest spas!

Cozy Bathrobe + Slippers

One of the key elements to unwinding is feeling comfortable. Visit a local department store and choose a so-soft bathrobe and slippers. Wake her up and gift her with both of these in a beautifully wrapped box, along with a card explaining the suite of spa services at her fingertips for the day.

Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

In addition to gifting her with a plush bathrobe and slippers, gift her with a Mother’s Day gift basket when she wakes up on Mother’s Day! Choose delights including our Amazing Daisies Floral Bouquet to brighten her smile, and our Tranquil Spa Mother’s Day Gift Basket to get her so excited for her at-home spa day.

Set The Scene

Next, dim the lights slightly and play soft, soothing music, just like you would relax to at a spa. Decide on the spa services she’ll be partaking in – simple but so welcome services include a relaxing bubble bath, pedicure, manicure, facial, and massage. Visit a spa or beauty store in your area to purchase an at-home facial kit for Mom to do herself. For a pedicure and manicure, gift Mom with all the essentials and several nail colors, and if there’s any daughters in the house, ask them to give Mom the manicure and pedicure. Ask Dad to give Mom a massage, and voila! A wonderful spa day is planned for Mom to unwind and relax to. Just be sure there is a spa “host” to take her “to and fro” each service!

Top It Off

The best way to end a spa day? With a sip of California wine from our California Wine Experience Mother’s Day Gift Basket, and a bite to eat – think grilled salmon, steak, or a delicious chicken dish, with a side of brown rice and asparagus.

Are you planning a spa day for Mom? What kind of spa “services” are you including in the day?

Make An Effort To Go Organic This Earth Day

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We couldn’t be more excited for Earth Day, on April 22nd, this year! We’re based in picturesque Parker, Colorado, and although living in a location surrounded by beautiful mountains makes it a little easier to appreciate Mother Nature, we’ve been long supporters of Earth Day initiatives. In fact, we made a commitment to ourselves that in the 13 years we’ve been in business, we would make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible – after all, even simple commitments, like recycling paper goods, can result in a big impact on our environment over time. We’ve also put a focus on including Organic Gift Baskets on our website, filled with organic products to help you stay healthy and enjoy these gourmet goodies and products the way nature intended.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of our much-loved organic gift baskets:

  • Picnic Basket with Cider: Filled with sumptuous assorted fruits and cheeses, this organic gift basket boasts Theo Organic Mint Dark Chocolate and Theo Organic Orange Dark Chocolate.
  • Dog Pound Gift Basket: Dogs should be healthy, too! Treat a pooch (and show a dog owner you care) with the Zukes Superfood Organic Dog Biscuits and Organic Banana Sweet Potato Dog Treats in this dog gift basket.
  • Monkey Business Baby Gift Basket: Encourage an organic lifestyle from the very start for the new baby in your life! Created by Kara Nessian, this super cute gift basket is made from 100% Organic Cotton products.

Thinking about integrating more organic products into your life? Earth Day is the perfect way to kick this lifestyle change off! Besides choosing organic gift baskets, here’s a few easy ways to think organic:

  • Milk: A recent study done by the United States Department of Agriculture found that pesticides existed in about 30% of regular milk. Don’t chance it – switch to organic milk.
  • Peanut Butter: Do you pack a PB&J sandwich for your child? More than 99% of peanut farmers use fungicide in their crop treatment – something you certainly don’t want in your child’s lunch box!
  • Apples: Pesticides run rampant in apple production, and as they’re a very popular fruit and juice, skip the risk of pesticides and go for organic apples.

We’d love to hear from you – leave a comment on how you plan to add more organic products into your everyday lifestyle!