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Archive for May, 2012

4 Reasons To Gift In The Summertime

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From the spooktacular costumes of Halloween to the pastel hues of Easter, we get accustomed to enjoying just about one major holiday each month for a few months. Yet, once the grilled delights of Father’s Day pass us by, we’re faced with a summertime that has few “gifting” occasions. We think it’s so much fun to gift the special people in our lives, as each and every time we give a gift, we just seem to receive a gift of smiles on our faces and warmth in our hearts in return. Whether you’d like to say thank you or send a gift “just because”, we have some fun reasons to gift while you’re enjoying those delicious summertime temperatures!

Positive Life Change

Have a person in mind that you’d love to send a gift to? Think about the positive life changes they may have successfully managed this year – perhaps an engagement, wedding, new child, new job, new home, etc. Gift them a toast to their happiness with one of our Wine Gift Baskets, and include a message with your gift congratulating them on their life milestone!

Needs a Perk Up

Many of us need a bit of a “perk up” from time to time. Have a person in your life who’s down in the dumps? Put a smile on his or her face by showing how much you care – send a Blooms Cookie Bouquet that is not only delicious, but looks so wonderful, too!

Say Thank You

There’s so many reasons to say thank you to the people we care about, but the days go by fast and it’s often hard to find the time to appropriately say thank you. Set aside 10 minutes to make a list of the people you’d like to thank for making a positive impact on your life, and choose beautiful Thank You Gift Baskets to send to them. You can include a personal message with each, so be sure to say thank you for being in your life.

Admit You’re Happy Month

August is “Admit You’re Happy Month”, and we think “paying it forward” by sending a gift of happiness is the best way to celebrate “Admit You’re Happy Month.” Perfect gifts to celebrate Admit You’re Happy Month include Floral Bouquets, Candy Bouquets, Cookie Bouquets, and more. After all, sending a slice of happiness will make you happy, too!

Brides and Bridesmaids – Show Each Other Love With Bridesmaid Gift Baskets!

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Wedding planning stirs up a mix of emotions – there’s times of stress during wedding planning (oh no, the place cards are incorrect?!) and also times of great joy. But even more prevalent is the firm undercurrent of love and appreciation between not only the couple-to-be, but between the bride and her bridesmaids. Brides typically choose bridesmaids based on the friends they feel closest with, and her bridesmaids do their best to support the bride in her wedding decisions and even help lighten some of the load of wedding planning. It’s important for both brides and bridesmaids to “give back” to each other in appreciation and friendship, and we have some great ideas for you!

Bridesmaid Gift Baskets

Brides, gift your bridesmaids:

  • We know you’re already busy and have barely a free minute to shop for a gift! We’ve worked with many a bride in choosing gifts from our Bridesmaid Gift Baskets collection, and have only heard “oohs and ahhs” in return! They’re filled with all those girly-delights that bridesmaids will just adore, and packaged beautifully to put an instant smile on their faces!
  • Remember having sleepovers with the girls when you were a kid? Do it again! Grab some pizza, a unique martini creation if you’re all over 21, a few rom-coms, and have a fun and relaxing girl’s night in.
  • Gift them spa gift certificates – to be used after the wedding! It can be hard to really stop and enjoy yourself before the wedding, so gifting a spa gift certificate to be used after the wedding is a neat way to say thank you and help the girls relax.

Bridesmaids, gift your bride:

  • Make it a group gift. With the other bridesmaids, choose a specific room in the bride’s home, such as her bathroom. Choose various items for that room that each of you will buy, and together gift her all she needs for that room!
  • Our Bridesmaids Gift Baskets section may imply these gifts are for bridesmaids, but bridesmaids can also get together and purchase one or a few bridesmaid gift baskets for the bride, too! Our Bridesmaids Spa Gift is perfect for the honeymoon, as is our Go For The Gold Gift Tower for the bride and groom to munch on after the wedding reception.
  • Are they honeymooning at a resort or specific vacation spot? Call the hotel concierge and see if you and the bridesmaids can surprise the newlyweds with a couples massage, scuba dive, or swanky night out!

It’s so important to take a few minutes for brides and bridesmaids to show appreciation for each other and say thank you for always being there. Bridesmaid Gift Baskets are a very pretty (and quick!) gift, and you can always pair it with a smaller, more personal gift. Happy wedding planning!