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Send a Little Love with a Back to School Gift Basket!

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Whether you’re sending your teen off to college, or your best friend is heading to a university many miles away, the back to school season is filled with even more emotions than overstuffed suitcases! It’s a time of excitement, pride and possibility. It’s a time of growth for you both. But there’s also a sense of loss at not being able to see each other as often, and fears of losing touch or growing apart. Just remember that the person going away to college is feeling all these things and more as well. They’re going to miss you too, and their fears are just as strong. But sometimes going away is the right thing to do, and while keeping in touch will be trickier, there are more ways to do it in this day and age than ever before! Let’s take a look at just a few…

Take advantage of Skype or a similar service. As wonderful as it is to talk to one another on the telephone, being able to see someone’s smile is priceless! A good phone call can warm the heart, but when you can actually see your loved one talking, reacting, and just being themselves, they suddenly don’t seem so far.

Text pictures of your day. You don’t have to send one another a steady stream of photos cataloging every place you go, but try to send one at least every few days. It could be as simple as a picture of a café with the message, “Wish you were here to have a latte with!” You never know when that’s exactly what the other person needed to cheer up or be reminded that you’re on their mind, too.

Send a card. For as amazing as the internet is in helping us stay in touch with each other, a personal, hand-written card is still a wonderful thing to give and receive. Set aside some time to really dedicate your attention to the card – you might be surprised by all the things you think to say when you aren’t distracted!

Send a Back to School Gift Basket. You had to know we’d get here eventually – we love gift baskets! But the thing is, most people do. We aren’t alone in our love! And sending a gift basket to your family member or friend will provide them with a little pampering and a reminder of how much you care. Want to send something they can share with their roommates? Consider one of our candy bouquets or cookie bouquets. Whether or not they actually share is up to them, but it’s at least an option!

Check Out Bisket Baskets in Trends & Tips Gift Basket Magazine

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We aren’t normally the type of people to pat ourselves on the back, but we wanted to share in our excitement for being included in Trends & Tips Gift Basket Magazine! We know there’s a lot of tough competition out there, bringing beautiful, oh-so-giftable baskets every day, and we work hard to ensure we’re at the top of our game, with every one of the gift baskets we offer being something you can be pleased and proud to give. And that’s what makes us so happy that not one – but two! – of our gift baskets were recently featured in Trends & Tips. Everyone loves a little recognition for doing what they love well, and we’re certainly no exception!

So…which two baskets were featured, you might ask? We were hoping you would! It was two of our favorite holiday baskets – one Christmas, one Halloween. Let’s take a peek at each…

Christmas Party Gift Basket – Give someone you love a tasty dinner and cookie dessert with this unique gift basket! Packed with a pizza kit, mozzarella cheese, Christmas tree pasta, roasted garlic cream sauce, an amazing assortment of cookies and more, this gift is great for families, or anyone who loves Italian delights and sugary sweets.

Happy Halloween Cookie Boo-quet – Cookie bouquets in general are one of my personal favorites, and this newer addition to our lineup is one of the coolest and cutest we offer. Available with 5, 7, 9 or 12 cookies, each cookie is carefully hand-decorated with bold, bright, eye-catching icing. These are as delicious as they are fun and festive, but be sure to take a picture before you dig in so you can remember them. Or, you can just look at their picture in Tips & Trends if you have a copy!

Thanks to Trends & Tips for featuring us – it really is an honor, and just plain fun to see our gift baskets in print!