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Care Packages to Cure Exam Weak Woes

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Your kids are away at college; things are quiet around the house. However, college campuses around the nation are gearing up for the most stressful week of every college student’s semester… finals week! Do you want to send your collegiate son or daughter a simple gift that says both “thinking of you” and “hang in there”? Consider sending a finals week care package from! Below are just a few of the amazing care packages that will help any student cope with the stress of finals week.

Coffee and Donuts Care Package: What college student doesn’t live off coffee all semester long? Not only will the delicious and aromatic coffee and donuts satisfy your student’s taste buds, but the sugar and caffeine is sure to keep them alert and in the study zone.

Party Animal Care Package: Give your little study bugs something to enjoy after finals with this fully loaded party animal care package. Stuffed with delicious candy and salty treats, your college kid will be poised and ready to celebrate!

Colorado Care Package: You don’t have to live in the Rocky Mountains to enjoy Colorado anywhere! This beautiful Colorado care package is stuffed with various treasures from the great state Bisket Baskets calls home. With delicious tea and coffee, this is the ultimate exam week relaxation kit.

Skittles Care Package: Your favorite student will be tasting the rainbow at the end of a stressful semester when you send them this Skittles care package for exam week. The delicious fruity flavor of Skittles is the perfect reminder that while they may feel overwhelmed, not everything is so bad after all!

Putting the ‘Fun’ in Fundraising with Gorgeous Gift Baskets!

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While there are certainly plenty of fundraisers held during the fall and winter months, as spring brings more people out of their homes for countless events, fundraising types and opportunities open up!  People often respond better to a donation request if they have the chance to win something in the process, and among the most popular options are attractive gift baskets.

When choosing gift baskets for your fundraiser, consider the average age of those who will attend, and what their interests might be. While many of our gift baskets have a universal appeal, something more tailored to your attendees might draw even more interest!

Know that an auction of sorts is the right path to take in reaching your fundraising goals, but aren’t sure which route to take? Consider the oh-so-popular silent auction…

Silent Auctions – A Little Work Brings a Big Reward!

While the best part of silent auctions is the generally large donations they bring in, they are also quite fun for the attendees. To set up your silent auction at your fundraising event, you’ll need just a few supplies, most if not all of which will already be at the location. Be sure to have enough tables to display the gift baskets attractively, a tablecloth to add to the polished appearance, a sheet of paper to place in front of each gift basket, and a few pens.

After you have set your tables up, display your gift baskets with enough space between them that 2 people can stand side-by-side when bidding on adjacent baskets. When someone finds a basket that interests them, they will add their name and the amount they are willing to bid to the paper in front of that basket. If someone has already placed a bid, their bid will have to be higher, and the interested person after them will have to bid even more yet! For baskets with wide appeal, such as coffee gift baskets and wine gift baskets, those bid amounts can climb quite high. It’s important to remember that people are primarily interested in making a donation to a cause they care about – having a chance at winning a great basket is just the icing on the cake. This means that they will typically bid much higher than the actual value of the basket.

If you want to keep bids anonymous, you can simply assign a bidding number to all attendees. They can then write down their bidding number and bid amount instead of including their name. As the silent auction draws to a close, let the guests know to get their final bids in! As these auctions usually run the majority of the fundraising event, many will be sure to stop mingling for a moment to raise their bid if need be. If two friends or colleagues both want the same basket, their playful competition to take home the prize can result in a big win for your fundraiser!

We’re Celebrating Spring with Great Gift Baskets on Sale!

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While we strive to keep our prices as low as possible year-round, we do like to offer up some attractive sale prices on select baskets whenever possible. And, it just so happens some of our most popular picks are on sale right now! We spread our sale across a variety of options so everyone can enjoy some savings. When browsing our site, keep an eye out for bolded sale prices. Or, check out the 3 favorites below to get started!

Get Well Cookie Gift Box – Regularly $44.99 – On Sale for $38.99! Have a friend or family member miles away that you’d love to give a reassuring hug to, but simply can’t make the trip? Send your ‘Get Well’ wishes the sweetest way possible with this cookie-packed gift. Each box is bursting with 7 ounces of white chocolate macadamia cookies, 7 ounces of oatmeal pecan cookies, and 3 adorable hand decorated gourmet cookies, one shaped like a doctor’s bag, one like a nurse, and one spelling out ‘Get Well’ amidst colorful sugar flowers.

Gourmet Gift Box – Regularly $36.99 – On Sale for $31.99! This supreme sampler makes a gorgeous gift for birthdays, anniversaries, to celebrate a new job, or just about any occasion. It is both attractive and tasty, with a diverse assortment of treats tucked inside. We fill each box with CaPeachio’s crackers, Wine Vineyard cheese spread, Dolcetto chocolate pastry, and 3 hand decorated cookies.

Dog Gift Basket – Regularly $39.99 – One Sale for $34.99! Know a precious pooch who is a bit under the weather, or could simply use a little pick-me-up? This adorable set comes complete with a stuffed ‘Chill Pill’ toy and generous bag of yummy Harry Barker treats (we haven’t actually tried them ourselves, but our dogs love them!) Baked in the USA, these all natural treats are perfect for dogs with sensitivities or allergies.