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4th Of July Summer Gift Baskets – Be the Life of the Party!

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If you’re one of many observers of Independence Day, the 4th of July, then there’s a great chance you’ll be attending an annual barbecue. Whether attending an outdoor bash at a friend’s home or an annual family festivity, there’s no better way to say ‘thanks for being a great host’ than with summer gift baskets from! Bringing a gift to an invited party is a unique, gracious and respectful gesture for the party’s host as well as the other guests.

With a large selection of appropriate and thoughtful summer gifts baskets available from, finding the perfect one doesn’t have to be a chore. If you’re attending a 4th of July party this season, consider bringing one of the following summer gift baskets for the hosts, or even to share amongst all the guests:

Ice Cream Fun Basket: Nothing says ‘summer barbecue’ like a delicious, cold and creamy dish of ice cream. This basket includes all the fixings for the ultimate Independence Day sundae, including sprinkles, candy toppings and a melamine tray. Ice Cream is not included!

California’s Finest Wine Basket: Enjoy a glass of fine wine and the delectable flavor of rich Ghirardelli chocolate with this fine wine basket. This is a basket to enjoy after the little ones have gone to bed! This amazing gift basket includes your choice of wine trio, Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares and sun dried tomato cheese straws!

Bouquet of Flowers Cookie Gift: Not quite a basket, but the perfect gift to really add a splash of color to any 4th of July party. What’s more enjoyable than a bouquet of colorful flowers? How about flowers made of delicious cookies!

Christmas Gift Baskets – There’s No Time Like the ‘Present’ to Find Your Faves!

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Ahhh, summer! The sun is shining well into the evening, the warm breezes are blowing through at night, laundry is drying on the line, and the cold days of winter couldn’t seem further away. With all that in mind, it might seem strange to be thinking about Christmas shopping, especially when there are amusement parks to visit, pools to swim in, and ice cream to eat. But – it’s all those things and more that make summer the ideal time to get a jump start on your holiday planning!

As we all know too well, for all the wonder and merriment the holiday season brings, it can also be an extremely hectic and stressful time. The days are shorter than ever, the weather can make getting around (or even out of the house!) next to impossible, and there are more things to do than most of us can get a grip on. We still have all our usual chores and work to tend to, but added to the list are cooking, baking, gift shopping, shoveling, and more. While you can’t exactly get ahead on some of those things, the shopping is an area where you most certainly can!

Take advantage of the relaxing days ahead by devoting a bit of time to Christmas planning now. Don’t give up a minute of lazily lounging poolside – just take your laptop, smartphone or tablet outside with you and browse around online to get started on your holiday shopping list. Of course, we think our selection of grand Christmas gift baskets is among the best places to start, with options for everyone from your boss to your favorite pet lover! And don’t be afraid to stop at planning your Christmas gifts. You can also start looking for cookie recipes, decorating ideas, party ideas and more. By the time everyone else is in a holiday panic, you’ll have your gifts wrapped or sent, decorations planned or up, and food pantry stocked with all the necessary dinner and baking essentials! Think of it as a gift to yourself. 🙂