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Archive for August, 2013

A Gift Basket for Yourself? Why Not!

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Most of us have at some point experienced the conundrum of trying to stay focused on shopping for a gift and instead finding something we wanted for ourselves. I know it happens to me several times every year when I’m out Christmas shopping, and I always feel guilty coming home with presents for me! But hey – it’s only natural to find things we personally like when we’re browsing several sites or shopping in several stores. And if we happen to pick up something small here and there, chances are good we deserve it.

Despite my coming to terms with the fact that when I shop for friends’ and family members’ gifts I am likely to treat myself to something as well, I had never really considered buying myself a gift basket. Being surrounded by gift baskets every day, you might think we take home our favorites all the time, but we don’t! We do send our favorites as gifts fairly often, but I had never gifted myself with one. Until last Halloween, that is.

As I was going on and on about the cuteness of a Halloween cookie bouquet for what must have been the tenth time that week, a coworker simply asked, “Why don’t you get one for yourself?” It was a simple enough question, but it caught me off-guard. A gift basket for myself, I thought? It seemed so indulgent somehow! But the more cookie bouquets I put together that season, the more that particular one appealed to me. I loved it, and I wanted one of my own. So – I did it! I got myself a Halloween cookie bouquet. And I set it on my kitchen counter, and I admired it, and I ate it. And I can’t wait to do it again this year!

If you want something bad enough, sometimes you just have to go out and get it for yourself, whether it’s a degree, a new job, or a gift basket! I hope you’ll consider treating yourself to one of your favorites as well. It feels pretty great to get exactly what you wanted from someone special. 🙂

Back-To-School Gift Baskets Add Some Sweetness to a New Beginning

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No matter how many years pass, I still remember the excitement of deciding which outfit I would wear for the first day of school. Sure, there was some sadness that the lazy days of summer were over, but a new year in a new class coupled with seeing my friends every day helped whisk that sadness away!

The first day of school is exciting, though it can seem a bit scary at times. Having attended the same school district from Kindergarten through my senior year in high school, I didn’t realize exactly how scary until I went to college. Suddenly there were all these people I didn’t know, without a single familiar face in the crowd to ease my anxiety.

I had always been sympathetic toward new students and how alone they must feel, but feeling it for the first time myself I realized I hadn’t a clue. And to think – many of them were young children, and I was essentially an adult! In the coming days and weeks things got a lot less scary and a lot more awesome, but what helped me along the way was indulging in familiar things that reminded me of home and who I was.

What got me thinking about my first day of freshman year was a conversation with a friend the other day. She mentioned that she couldn’t believe her son was going off to college already, and that she and her husband would be driving him there this weekend to get settled in. I couldn’t believe how quickly those 18 years had passed, or how quickly the summer had passed, for that matter! But one thing I know for sure is that once she’s back I’ll be asking for her son’s dorm address so I can send him a little something I know he loves – Skittles! I’m confident the Skittle-licious candy bouquet will bring a smile to his face, and hope that by the time it arrives, he’ll have made some new friends to share it with.

Is someone special in your life heading to school soon? Consider a back-to-school gift basket to celebrate their dedication while offering some candy or cookie comfort! Whether they’re a college freshman, high school freshman, or getting on that bus for the first time to head off to Kindergarten, a sweet treat makes for an even sweeter surprise. 🙂