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Archive for February, 2014

Get Well Gift Cookie Bouquets Send a Smile on a Cloudy Day

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It’s an unfortunate fact that during this time of year, many of us are going to be forced to endure some manner of illness or minor injury. Working in an office setting, school, or any other confined space typically results in one person catching something and inadvertently passing it along to everyone else. Similarly, shoveling mountains of snow more often than anyone would like leaves backs and shoulders feeling less than awesome! That said, I thankfully don’t get sick as often as I did when I was younger and worked in a retail environment. Being a cashier during cold and flu season was not fun at all, with every other customer sniffling, sneezing, or looking as though they could benefit from some medicine and a nap.

The simple fact is, unless you don’t leave your house at all, chances are good that you’re going to battle a bug or two that will throw the brakes on your busy schedule and demand some rest and relaxation. And as much as that is not a fun thing to tackle, it’s oh-so-much better if you’ve got something sweet to eat. That something sweet is exactly what our delicious Get Well cookie bouquets offer! If you’re feeling less than swell yourself, treat yourself to some Get Well cookies. Know someone who is spending more time curled up on the couch than their cat does? A Get Well cookie bouquet will be a welcome ray of sunshine for them as well. Cookies may not be the cure for all the woes in the world, but they certainly help!