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Get Your Skin Ready for Summer with Our Spa Gift Basket!

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As we put a very long winter behind us, the toll it took is evident almost everywhere we look. Roads are riddled with potholes, our homes and vehicles have suffered wear-and-tear, and for many of us, our parched skin is begging for some attention. Luckily, there are even more signs that spring has sprung, with beautiful blooms blossoming, the sun shining bright and long, and boots being tucked away in favor of some light and lovely sandals. So what’s a lady to do when the time has come to stow away the sweaters and break out the skirts, shorts and flip flops? Give her skin some serious pampering! And for some of the best products to do just that, look no further than our luxurious Tranquil Bath & Body Spa Gift Basket.

If your skin is craving some TLC, you’ll find everything you need to get your skin ready to be bared inside this basket. Freshen up your skin with sweet pea scented soap and shower gel, and indulge after your bath with a lotion in the same intoxicating scent. As for extra rough bits like elbows? Break out the rich, creamy sweet pea body butter and send sandpaper skin packing! Your feet will surely need some special attention of their own, and the included foot brush, foot soak, and thick foot cream are up to the challenge of softening your soles. All that pampering can be pretty relaxing, and a rejuvenating nap may be in order. That’s when it’s time to slip on the satin eye mask and let the greatest beauty product of all – sleep! – work its own wonders.

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone special, we’re confident you’ll love these and other skin makeover must-haves inside our spa gift basket!

Celebrating the Dog Days of Summer with a Dog Gift Basket!

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Summer is here, folks. Well – almost! But compared to the oh-so-cold winter, spring is feeling a lot like summer. And as much as we enjoy these opportunities to relax outdoors, feeling the sun on our faces and the warm winds blow through, if there’s anything I’ve learned watching my own dog and the neighbors’ dogs, it’s that they blow my love of summer out of the water.

To be fair, this is my dog’s first spring. He’s heading toward 9 months old, and hasn’t felt warm weather for most of his young life. As a smaller breed, winter was especially tricky. There was no climbing snow banks or hiking through the woods, though he did do his best to frolic when there was just a dusting. But in these past few warmer weeks, he has experienced the freedom and fun that a sunny backyard has to offer. He can run, jump, roll around, and bound to and fro with wild abandon. And as much as he loves every second of it, he’s falling asleep a lot earlier at night! That’s why I’ve been giving him extra treats to make our relaxing time extra special.

As much fun as my little guy is having, he’s also pretty tuckered out by the time we’re done playing in the yard. Spring and summer definitely offer more opportunity for doggy good times, but when you’re covered in fur they can also be exhausting. I’m taking extra care to be sure my pup is drinking enough, and making coming inside not only something he has to do after a couple hours outside, but also something he wants to do. How to lure in a pup who still wants to play even when he’s clearly ready for some snoozing? With treats, of course! And for the best, most tail wag-worthy treats, browse our dog gift baskets collection.

Not only do super special treats help me encourage my little fella to come inside and relax, but sometimes I give him a few pieces before we go outside as well. Once he gets running around it’s hard to get him to sit, stay, or give paw, so I’ve made it a ritual to work on some light training before heading out. As a puppy, even playtime can be hard work, and a yummy reward for being so good at living life to the fullest makes a doggy’s day even better.

Father’s Day Gift Baskets Every Great Dad Deserves!

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Whether you’re looking for a great Father’s Day gift for your own dad, your husband, or even a brother or uncle whose proud parenting skills have always impressed you, you’ve likely already discovered that a lot of stores are putting out the same displays. Common gift suggestions for dads include tools, lawn equipment, ties, socks and grill accessories. Even if these things interest your dad, chances are good he’s already received them enough times to not need a new one of any of the above!

Also – most of the above gift ideas aren’t really something special just for him. Even if he’s happy to have a new gardening rake, is that really a gift that lets him know you love him and want to spoil him a bit on his day? We can’t speak for every dad out there, of course. But we do think that quite a few of them would much rather receive one of our Father’s Day gift baskets than a new wrench!

Is your dad a candy fan? Consider one of our many candy bouquets. There’s even a chip bouquet in the mix if he’s more of a salty snack kind of guy. Next time he settles in to watch his favorite show, the news or the game, he’ll really get to dig in! Another popular choice for dads is our Around the World Beer Gift Basket. Filled with your choice of International beers or American IPAs, as well as yummy bar snacks like beer nuts and Virginia peanuts, this gift set is just about guaranteed to be received with a bigger smile than a pair of socks!

Our Gift Baskets Get a 4.0 in Great Gifts for Grads!

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Whether someone special in your life has recently graduated college or will be graduating from high school in coming weeks, chances are good that you’ve been trying to think of a fun and useful gift to honor the occasion. While graduation itself may last just a few hours, countless hours, days, weeks and years went into earning that diploma, and presents are most definitely in order! Whatever your budget, whatever your grad’s tastes, you’ll find something fabulous to send their way in the extensive selection of gift baskets at Here are a few of our top picks…

Gourmet Treats Gift Baskets: After 4 years or more of eating cafeteria food, snack machine offerings, day old pizza and that infamous soup of college kids, it’s time for some treats that actually taste good! Our gourmet gift basket offers up a fine selection of flavorful fanciness, including cashew roca, smoked salmon, and chocolate truffle cookies. Mmm…graduation is good!

Drinks on the Beach Gift Basket: One of our latest additions, the Drinks on the Beach basket makes a great gift for recent grads who want to have a few friends over to kick back and relax! In addition to snacks, cookies, a colorful towel and a charming serving tray you’ll find the stars of the show – Cosmorita mix and Senorita frozen drink mix. While you might not be able to budget for sending her and her besties to Cancun for a week, you can give her some of the supplies she’ll need to bring a beachy vibe to her apartment!