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Archive for June, 2014

Dog Gift Baskets: Because The Love They Give Has No Limits

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If you’re a regular reader of the Bisket Baskets blog – which we hope you are! – you’ve likely noticed that we write about our dog gift baskets quite a bit. The reason for that is a simple one: I am the one who writes the posts most often, and I am the quintessential ‘dog person’ through and through.

There are few things about dogs I don’t adore. I love their expressive eyes, I love their wagging tails, I love how affectionate they are, I love the way they look when they excitedly run through a park. And those sounds they make when they want a bite of your food so badly? While some people find them annoying, they endear dogs to me even further. If it was socially acceptable to make those sounds when I saw something I wanted, I’m sure I would!

I’ve loved dogs as long as I can remember, and just when I think it’s impossible to love them more than I already do, I somehow find a way. I’m that lady who stops every single person walking their dog that crosses my path to ask if I can pet him or her. I’m that lady who follows countless dog-centered pages on social media sites just so I see pictures of pooches every time I log on. I’m that lady whose dog is her phone screensaver, computer screensaver, and whose picture is most prominently displayed on her desk. I’m a crazy dog lady, and I’m OK with that! Because as much as I love people, there is no denying the friendship you form with your dog is one-of-a-kind. I’ve had other pets in my life, and as much as I loved them all, I never felt that dog connection.

It likely comes as no surprise that I spoil my dog a bit. But honestly – he spoils me even more! If I accidentally wake him up when he’s having a snooze, he doesn’t get mad at me. He makes sure everything is OK before going back to bed. If I’m having a stressful day or I’m just not feeling well, he’s always ready to be a goof and make me smile, or to keep me company on the couch. If I get caught up at work, he doesn’t get mad that I’m home late. He’s too happy to see me to waste time on a grudge. And it’s for these reasons and many more that I make sure he gets the toys, treats, and dog gift baskets that he so deserves. Dogs have taught me that even on a freezing cold winter day, you have to see the sun for the clouds and play in the snow! The least I can do for the amazing animals that have made and continue to make my life so much better is give them treats. 🙂

A Treat in the Heat: Spectacular Summer Gift Baskets!

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After months that felt like years of seeing snowstorms on the nightly weather forecast, most of us are finally getting used to the idea that we won’t have to trudge outside an hour before work to shovel out our cars. At least not for a few months, anyway! I have finally tucked away my sweaters, the shovel and rock salt are in the garage, and I’ve been wearing maxi dresses that feel less like clothes and more like a flag of freedom. I can feel the breeze on my skin, and instead of instantly drying out my skin upon contact, it’s refreshing! As someone who has always been an autumn person, I’m embracing this weather with an appreciation I didn’t even know I had in me. I was cold for so, so, so long, and it feels so, so, so amazing to be warm!

With this new weather comes a new lineup of foods as well. My cravings for heavy chowders and casseroles have been packed away with my winter clothes as I enjoy salads, smoothies, fresh fruit and other light fare. But my taste for more substantial eats hasn’t waned completely; I’m just leaning more toward typical summer goodness like ice cream and burgers.

If someone you know is celebrating a summer birthday, or you’ve been invited for a cookout and want to bring along something extra special, consider a summer gift basket that was designed with the season in mind. has created some fantastic summer gift baskets, with our ice cream gift baskets and BBQ gift baskets being especially popular choices. With the change in seasons your clothes change, your mood changes, your activities change, and so forth. So why not mix up your gifts a little as well and embrace summer for all she has to offer! While I don’t dislike winter as much as many people, I do have to admit that I’d rather have a cheeseburger and sundae on the deck than be huddled up in a blanket sipping soup. Which reminds me – I can put away my throw blankets, too!