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3 Best Bridesmaid Gift Baskets to Give Your Bridal Party

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Planning a wedding is a big task. But if you’re lucky, you have the best girlfriends by your side helpingBB2-Blog2_June2016 you through each step. Thank them for keeping you sane through the process (and life) with one of our bridesmaid gift baskets. With one of these, it’ll be a big day for them too!

Simple Pleasures of CoffeeBeing a bridesmaid can be tiring – so many decorations, so little time. Help your bridal party stay energized and thank them for their tireless work with this gift tower. We have everything you need to enjoy your cup of joe: a whimsical mug, some delicious coffee, a little something to nosh on, and a good book.
Cosmopolitan GiftIt’s finally the day you all have been waiting for – the bachelorette party! Giving your favorite girls one of these packages gives you a fun and yummy activity to do on your big night. Mix in your choice of alcohol with the delicious Cosmorita included, blend, and relax with the lovely ladies surrounding you.
Go for the Gold Gift TowerDon’t settle for an average gift for your bridal party – go for the gold! They’re your best friends and they’ve helped you through this process, so they deserve something nice and shiny. This gift tower includes a little bit of everything from sweets to treats to meats – all the great things your bridesmaids could hope for.
If one of these isn’t the perfect way to thank your friends, we have plenty more to choose from at!

3 Best Gift Baskets to Give a Freshman in College

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So someone you know and love just started college, and you want to surprise them with something delicious to help them get over some age-old homesickness. Chances are your college freshman is basking in some new-found freedoms so an unexpected visit from Mom and Dad may not be the best bet. Surprises that never go unwelcomed – no matter how old your undergrad gets – are college care package gift baskets. Give them a break from the food court with one of these packages – you’ll thank us (and they’ll thank you) later!

Late Night College Care PacBB1_Blog1_June2016kage – College is full of caffeine-fueled late night study sessions. You can help get your college freshman through some of his/her firsts with this tasty array of snacks! With yummy munchies, protein-packed peanuts, chocolatey goods (nothing wrong with a little sugar rush) and more, this package will be a necessity for their first months away from home.

Dorm Room Pizza KitTwo important words in every college freshman’s vocabulary are “pizza party.” Offering a slice of pizza is equivalent to extending a hand of friendship, so you can rest easy knowing your undergrad will have no issue making new friends in their dorm. They certainly won’t have an issue devouring this pizza either!.

College Survival Care PackageThis catch-all care package has everything the college standards: Ramen, popcorn, Easy Mac, Cup Noodles, and plenty more! Any craving your freshman has can be satisfied with one of the wide variety of items in the college survival care package.

There are even more goodies you can send along to your new college co-ed at Show them you care with one of our special treats that will leave them full and thankful for the wonderful adult in their life.