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Oreo Cookie Bouquets are a Great Way to Brighten You Camper’s Care Packages

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Whether your child is a first-time camper, a summer camp veteran, or even a part of the camp staff, receiving a care package at mail call will always add to what is probably already a fun day! Care packages are a great way to send a little love while your child is away, and also gives your child a wonderful way to share some goodies with their cabin mates or camp friends. Here’s an idea for building the perfect camp care package:

Cookie Bouquet Centerpiece: Start building your care package around a centerpiece, such as a cookie bouquets. An Oreo cookie bouquet is a great option because it looks fun and contains yummy treats, but the cookies are sealed in packages that can be stored safely away from the temptation of insects and other critters until your camper is ready to enjoy them.

Reading Materials: Quick-read comic books like Archie comics will give your child something entertaining to look at during rest periods or before bed, and once they are finished with it, they can trade another camper for a comic book they haven’t read yet! Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean they shouldn’t keep their reading skills sharp, either.

Puzzles and Games: Small puzzles or handheld (non-electronic!) games will give your camper something amusing to play with during rainy days or downtime between activities.

Toiletries: Your camper’s toiletry supplies might run low over the course of the summer, or a cabin mate might be in need of something. Small items like travel toothpaste and deodorant, hair ties, packets of sunscreen, and bug spray are always a good idea.

These are just a few ideas to pair with a cookie bouquet to create the perfect care package for your camper! Get creative with the packing materials or box décor and they’ll have a great time receiving, opening, and using their package.